As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. As for Lin Fan’s scallion pancakes, the peak in the number of customers usually occurred at 7-8 am in the morning and 4-5 pm in the afternoon.

For the whole night, Lin Fan couldn’t sleep as he was too excited.

How could one expect Lin Fan to sleep properly when he had been given such a gift from Heaven? If he had a rocket, he would have flown to the moon and sung a song.

With the experience accumulated from yesterday afternoon, Lin Fan prepared quite a number of ingredients; sufficient to make two hundred scallion pancakes.

He hummed in joy as he took a shower and pushed his cart towards the usual location.

My life is finally taking a turn for the better! Lin Fan thought to himself ecstatically.

“Lin Fan, you must be in a good mood to be humming since you left your house,” said Aunt Wang who greeted Lin Fan.

“Aunt Wang, you’re getting prettier by the day,” Lin Fan replied as he was still happily thinking of living a luxurious life in the future.

“Did you strike the lottery? Why are you so sweet today?” Aunt Wang said as she smiled at Lin Fan. She was already in her fifties. To receive such a compliment from a young chap made her day.

“Yeah, I guess you can say that,” Lin Fan couldn’t hide his excitement as he continued to push his cart.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Red Star Primary School…

When Lin Fan arrived at his location, he saw an unusually large crowd of people.

“Damn, that’s weird. In the past, there weren’t so many parents sending their kids to school. Furthermore, these people look too young to be parents.”

Lin Fan was confused at this sight but he continued to push his cart towards his location. It was then he realized that his position had been taken over by an old man.

F*ck, the old hag really meant what she said yesterday. They really took my place.Lin Fan was infuriated. Isn’t this bullying?!

“He’s here, he’s here; the little boss is here.”

“He sells the scallion pancakes that I dreamt about the whole night ever since I ate one yesterday.”

“Me too, they tasted so good. After I ate those scallion pancakes, the other things that I ate tasted like trash.”

“Little Boss, why are you so slow? If you had come any later, we would have starved to death!”

Lin Fan was stunned as a group of people surrounded him. Then, an old man flashed a $100 bill in front of Lin Fan’s face.

“Little Boss, just take my money and make as many scallion pancakes as hundred dollars can buy. If I don’t eat them today, I won’t be able to go to work.”

“And me! I want ten pieces!”

“I want five.”

“I want three.”

It was the first time Lin Fan was surrounded by a large group of passionate customers. At this point, Lin Fan became a little emotional. He wanted to cry.Who says you can’t make it big in life from making scallion pancakes? Aren’t these people waiting impatiently for me to set up my stall? Lin Fan thought to himself.

“Everyone, don’t be impatient. Let me push my cart over to the other side!” Lin Fan exclaimed, trying to settle the crowd down.

“I need a scallion pancake! I’m rushing for time!”

People continued to pester him for pancakes.

Lin Fan was shocked at the sight of this. Could he be dreaming? Wasn’t it just a scallion pancake? Did they have to be so impatient?

“Guys, be careful. Don’t topple my ingredients,” Lin Fan anxiously said.

“Did you hear that? Be more cautious! If the ingredients are to be toppled over, none of us will get to taste any pancakes. I’m as anxious as you are! But please relax!” said a big-sized man.

“Slow and steady, don’t be impatient! Listen to me. One, two, three…relax, relax…”

With the enormous and chaotic crowd, it didn’t even look like Lin Fan was selling scallion pancakes.

“Little Boss, what are you waiting for? Can you hurry up? Everyone’s waiting for you!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Lin Fan didn’t have time to react properly. If he hadn’t experienced this situation personally today, he would have never believed it if somebody told him about it.

The owners of the stalls in the vicinity were all dumbfounded by what they had witnessed. It was the first time they had seen a scallion pancake seller receive such an overwhelming response.

Those parents who were sending their kids to school were also stunned by this sight. They shook their heads and thought that these people were crazy. They wanted to report the situation to the principal.

“Wife, what’s going on?” asked the middle-aged man who was selling fermented beancurd; the one that had taken over Lin Fan’s position.

“It’s fake; it must be fake. Anyway, you’ve already taken over his place, work harder! These idiots trying to compete with me for business should take a look at themselves first!”

“Hey, no worries. This place is mine. I’ll return to my stall first. We should try to poach some of his customers,” the middle-aged man said as he laughed despicably.

Lin Fan took a glance at the stall beside him and the old hag.

The old hag stared fiercely at Lin Fan, with a clear intention to show him that she wasn’t going to ask her husband to move.

“Little Boss, I came here first. Just use my $100 bill and give me as many scallion pancakes I can buy!” the rugged looking man said.

“I’m second! Please queue up properly. Let’s not fight over each other’s places.”

Although the people queuing behind them were getting impatient, they still formed an organized queue which stretched over ten meters long.

These people had bought the scallion pancakes from Lin Fan yesterday and couldn’t forget the taste which had lingered in their mouths ever since they took their first bite.

Everything they had eaten afterward had no taste at all. They only wanted one thing: the scallion pancakes. Hence, they rushed over in the morning just to buy the scallion pancakes. However, Lin Fan hadn’t set up his stall yet. The people decided to stay put and wait.

It was an addiction, it must have been an addiction. A day without the scallion pancakes caused them to feel uncomfortable.

This was the effect of making the Godly scallion pancakes, which clearly exhibited the immense power of the magical encyclopedia.

Lin Fan had just started to prepare the scallion pancakes when a voice suddenly boomed, “This is my place, what right do you have to take it away from me?!”

“Little Boss, I’m begging you, please just make a scallion pancake for me. I can’t last any longer without it…” the rugged old man begged Lin Fan.

“I’m sorry, but I have to clarify things here.” Lin Fan said as he waved the fermented beancurd seller aside.

The man selling the fermented beancurd furrowed his brows and asked, “Why? Is your name stated clearly here? Does this plot of land belong to you? If you can produce evidence to prove that this piece of land belongs to you, I will leave right away.”

“F*ck, isn’t he wasting our time?! Brothers, let’s move this fermented beancurd stall away. It’s preventing us from getting our scallion pancakes. If we don’t get it, we’re going to die!”

Under the lead of the rugged looking man, a group of men shifted the fermented beancurd stall far away.

“What are you doing?!” the middle-aged man shouted.

“What do you mean what are we doing?” the men stared and shouted in anger. They were getting impatient while waiting to have their scallion pancakes and did not want anything to prevent them from buying the coveted scallion pancakes.

Their intense and fearsome looks frightened the middle-aged man.

Then, Lin Fan joyously returned to his stall and exclaimed, “Sorry for the wait, the scallion pancakes are coming soon, just wait for a little while longer.”

As the saying goes, “The only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It was a saying that Lin Fan firmly believed in.

It seemed that Lin Fan was able to capture the stomachs of these old men.