Chapter 4 - A Valiant Life

Chapter 4: Here Comes the Pretty Ladies

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“What exactly is this?”

Lin Fan sat there in a daze. Every time he closed his eyes, he could feel the pressure of the heavy and thick magazine in his mind.


Maybe the Alien God had seen him in such a miserable situation and rewarded him with a precious gift.

He had read a lot of novels before and this situation didn’t scare him.

Lin Fan had to admit that his method of preparing the scallion pancakes had changed. The smell had improved but he didn’t know how it would taste.

There was another important task at hand.

A small amount of reputation? But how small is considered a ‘small amount’?

His brain wandered for a while before he recovered from his daze.

“Why are you stoning? You should get the most number of customers within this half hour, you can’t possibly be thinking of just selling one pancake a day right?” Fraud Tian realized that this chap was acting weirder than usual. It was as if he had lost his soul.


Lin Fan stared into space for a moment. He then looked at Fraud Tian and casually said, “It’s okay, it’s not the first time. I am experimenting. If I can get this right, it would be fantastic.”

Indeed, Lin Fan was studying the magical encyclopedia in his head. This contained both the evil and the good and if he was able to get both sides right, he would be destined for greater things.


At this moment, the middle-aged lady from the stall beside his slammed Lin Fan’s stall counter. “You must change your stall location tomorrow,” she said with a disdainful and condescending tone.

“What is it? What makes you think you have a say in my stall’s location?” Lin Fan said as he looked at her, feeling a little uncomfortable from the look in her eyes. He thought to himself, “She must be looking down on me.”

“You can’t do sh*t in this location. You don’t even have a customer. When my husband comes to sell fermented beancurd tomorrow, he’ll take over your position,” the middle-aged lady said. She thought Lin Fan was a quiet, young chap who was easy to bully. He had such a great location and everyone wanted to fight for it. This served as a great opportunity for her to take over it and chase him away.

“What does your husband selling fermented beancurd have to do with me? He doesn’t have the right to just take over me. You think I’ll leave just like that upon your request?” Lin Fan replied.

“Why are you so stubborn? You’re so young, why must you take up this job? Can’t you do something else? Your cooking isn’t even that good. My son is younger than you and he’s earning 4-5k just by working in a factory,” the middle-aged lady replied with an air of pride and scorn.

“You old hag, are you trying to bully my people?”

At this moment, Fraud Tian rose and shouted. People around the area looked over to see what the commotion was about. The lady saw that this fraud had risen and a crowd had formed around them. Even so, she wasn’t afraid as she said, “What has this got to do with you, fraud?”

“Who are you calling fraud? I, Tian, shall teach you a lesson. Watch what you say or it may cause someone to die.” Fraud Tian mercilessly replied.

“Who do you think you’re cursing?”

“Obviously I’m cursing you. If you’re not happy, let’s have a battle. I will make sure I thrash you.” Tian replied, along with some hand gestures as if he could start a fight with her immediately.

“Where’s he? Make me a scallion pancake.”

The lady wanted to argue further but she saw that a customer had approached her stall. She stared fiercely at Lin Fan. Then, she hurried to her stall and said, “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

“Can’t you be a little firmer? This old hag thinks you’re a pushover. You have to be like me. Stand firm!” Tian said to Lin Fan.

“Let me tell you, if this woman had really wanted to start a fight with me, I would have used my formidable skills against her. Do you believe me?”

“Yes, I do.” Lin Fan said as he smiled and nodded. Although he bickered frequently with this Diviner Tian, they had a good relationship.

“That’s good. Now, where did these angels come from?” Diviner Tian said as he looked ahead and stared.

“Angels?” Lin Fan said with a confused look. He looked in the same direction and was shocked. It really was what Tian had said. A bunch of beautiful women. There were at least ten of them and all of them had impressive figures and pretty faces. The crowd that surrounded them were also stunned by the beauty of these women.

At this moment, one of the pretty women pointed towards Lin Fan.

“That’s him!”

“It’s that stall.”

The other women then rushed towards Lin Fan’s stall.

“I’m first!”

“No, I’m first, don’t fight with me over it.”

“I am the first customer of this handsome man.”

The surrounding crowd was dumbfounded. They could not understand what was going on.

They looked towards the direction the women were pointing at and saw a normal stall with a good-looking man. However, his looks were far from that of a model.

Could it be that these girls had a fetish for men that sell scallion pancakes?

At this moment, Diviner Tian forcefully grabbed Lin Fan’s hand and said, “What the hell did you do? These beautiful women seem to be charging towards you.”

“I…” Lin Fan didn’t know what to say.

If it was only one beautiful lady rushing towards him, Lin Fan would have been excited. However, there were at least ten of them charging towards him. He was frightened at the sight of them.

Lin Fan was afraid of his small figure being crushed by these women.

“Damn, I never knew you could attract so many girls. Looks like I chose the right place. If you can’t handle them, please remember that I’m always here to help.”

“It’s the first time I’m experiencing this.”

Fraud Tian was drooling at the sight of these beautiful women.

“I’m first, I’m first!”

A crowd of women had surrounded Lin Fan’s small booth. The woman who managed to reach first was literally jumping with joy. The people walking by would have thought that the group of women was insane.

“What are you guys doing?” Lin Fan said nervously at the sight of these beautiful ladies. The scent of their perfume made things worse for Lin Fan.

For a virgin like Lin Fan, this moment caused him to be extremely nervous and excited.

“Quick, give me 10 scallion pancakes!” The first woman exclaimed.

“What? 10?! You mean one right? There are so many of us behind you.”

“That’s right, Zi Yun, only one for you.”

“Fine then, give me a scallion pancake. I want all the toppings available.”

Lin Fan was still in a daze. He couldn’t recover in time and he still didn’t understand what was going on.

He refocused himself by looking at one of the women in the crowd.

“Could it be because of the bag of scallion pancake that I sold a while ago?” Lin Fan thought to himself.

“Handsome, give me one first. I’ll show you what I have later.” the first customer urged Lin Fan.

“Alright, I’m sorry for the delay, I’ll prepare it now.” Lin Fan was only thinking about the magical encyclopedia and the Godly scallion pancakes.

Could it really be what I’m thinking?

Fraud Tian saw what was happening and exclaimed, “Ladies, why not come here and let me carry out some free palm reading for you?”

What disappointed Tian was that these ladies did not even bother to look at him. Perhaps I’m too old for this…

The crowd of charming women attracted the attention of the people in the vicinity. Everyone was wondering what was going on.

The middle-aged lady beside Lin Fan saw the crowd and quickly shouted, “Ladies, it’s crowded there. It’s empty here and you can get your scallion pancakes faster.”

“Ours taste better and have more toppings. His skills are incomparable to ours.”

The owners of the surrounding stalls followed suit, hoping that they would be able to attract some of the customers but the ladies only cared about Lin Fan’s stall.

One of the ladies said that the scallion pancakes made by Lin Fan tasted better than those made by them. All of them were left speechless.

“Wow, he handles the scallion pancakes so professionally as if it is a work of art. I can’t wait!”

Lin Fan was brilliant at preparing the scallion pancakes. It was like a performance as he kneaded the dough into thin layers and cut them using a small knife. Everything was organized and kept in perfect shape

“There is a technique to making these scallion pancakes. First, you have to ensure that the dough is soft. Then, add a little bit of salt into the flour and sprinkle some water before you knead the dough,” Lin Fan said to the ladies as he read the instructions from the first page of the encyclopedia in his mind.

“Oh, so there are actually such techniques you have to apply when making these scallion pancakes? I have to try it when I get back home. For the rest of my life, I only want to eat the scallion pancakes that you make.” the lady said.

Lin Fan blushed awkwardly as he heard what the lady said.

“Ding! Encyclopedic Points +1 from explaining the scallion pancake preparation techniques.”

Encyclopedic Points +1? What the heck is that?


Forget it, I should focus on making the pancakes first. I’ll figure it out when I get back home.