Soaking in warm water, Merlin closed his eyes. He was not trying to sleep but was feeling the change of his body quietly.

“Higher strength. My body feels relaxed, but my limbs are sore as if I have done intense sports. Are these the effects of that strange posture?”

Merlin tightened his fist while his veins engorged under the skin. He could sense that his strength had increased, though not obvious. The sweat earlier was as if he had done some intense sports but Merlin knew very clearly that he was simply maintaining the strange posture of the relief sculpture.

Overall, that pose seemed to develop Merlin’s body in a good way although the background of the relief sculpture was not exactly known. However, since there was this incredible effect, there was no reason for Merlin to discontinue the practice.

Merlin soaked for a bit in the bathtub to rid himself of the sweat odor. Then, he got up and dressed. When he saw the relief sculpture on the table, Merlin thought about it for a while as he caressed the pattern on the relief sculpture.

Merlin had that posture etched in his mind, so this relief sculpture no longer served any purpose. He then hid it under his bed and proceeded downstairs.

In front of the dining table, Macy was holding her jaw with her left hand while her right hand randomly drawing on the table out of boredom. The butler was standing at a side. When he saw Merlin, he bowed a little and said respectfully, “Young Master Merlin, dinner is ready.”

“Alright, sorry for waiting.”

Merlin was elated so he had a good appetite. After getting a large portion of grilled gigot and a glass of milk, he quickly rid the chill off him. He felt warm throughout and extremely comfortable.

Merlin opened his cashmere coat a little and leaned on the chair. With his squinting eyes, he could see snowflakes floating about in the sky outside.

“It’s so cold. I wonder how father is doing now.”

Macy had finished her meal as well. She looked at the snow outside and said with worries.

Old Wilson went to his land to collect tax, and it usually took three to five days. It was about time that Old Wilson came back.

“Doom, doom, doom.”

Suddenly, urgent knocking sounds came from the main door. Merlin and Macy looked over to the door quickly. Who would come to the castle at this late hour?

The butler opened the door quickly and a gush of chilly wind immediately flew into the house. Amongst the freezing breeze, Merlin’s expression changed. He smelled a thick bloody scent in the wind.

“General Prat? What is the matter?”

The butler yelled in surprise. The person standing outside of the door was the general of guards beside Old Wilson.

Upon hearing the butler’s exclamation, memory about Prat immediately jumped into Merlin’s mind. Prat led all knights in the castle and within the Wilson family’s land. Except for Old Wilson, he had the most power and influence in the land. He was Old Wilson’s right-hand man, so even Merlin had to call him uncle.

“Uncle Prat, why are you back? Did father come back early as well?”

Macy quickly stood up and asked excitedly.

Prat followed Old Wilson to his land to collect tax. Since Prat was back now, Old Wilson should be back as well.

However, Prat shook his head slightly and spoke in a low voice, “Sir Baron is not back yet.”

The people’s heart jumped to their throat. Could it be something happened to Old Wilson?

“It’s cold outside. Come inside and talk.”

The butler quickly let Prat in and shut the door tight. Immediately, the chilly wind stopped, and the house warmed up again.

Merlin now had a good look at Prat. Prat was tall and strong with a silvery white armor on him. His auburn short hair was ruffled and was sprinkled with white snow.

However, Prat’s white armor was stained with fresh blood. There were even a few openings on his huge sword. He had obviously gone through some intense fight.

“Uncle Prat, what is wrong with you? Where is father?”

Prat smiled. “Hehe, Sir Baron is, of course, safe. But during our journey to the land, we met a small group of thieves. That’s all. Sir Baron commanded us to rid of these thieves. Sir Baron worries that they may come back and threaten the land, so he let me rush back to bring one hundred heavy-armored knights from the castle!”

Merlin relaxed a little. Thieves were not a small matter but Old Wilson returned from the battlefield. He was already used to killing and battling. He had better ideas to deal with these thieves.

Moreover, Old Wilson had trained a troop of heavy-armored knights, totaling to one hundred and fifty of them. They could be known as the strongest force in the castle.

“Uncle Prat, the castle is still very quiet now. It shouldn’t need so many heavy-armored knights for protection. You should bring all one hundred and fifty heavy-armored knights away to ensure the safety of father and the land.”

Prat hesitated a little and finally nodded. “Alright. Let’s do as Young Master Merlin said. I will bring all one hundred and fifty heavy-armored knights. Rest assured, Young Master Merlin. Those thieves are nothing to worry about. Back when I was following Sir Baron, I have cut down countless of those easterners. These thieves can’t even compare to that.”

Prat said as he laughed, apparently confident about himself. He was also one of the soldiers following Old Wilson back then. He had experienced the cruel war against the easterners. After that, Old Wilson was given noble title by the kingdom and he brought Prat back.

As compared to Old Wilson, Prat was more of a standard soldier: Battle-oriented, loyal and decisive but also cruel and bloodthirsty. In the castle, many servants were afraid of General Prat.

“Uncle Prat, you haven’t eaten anything, right? You had a rough journey in this cold weather. There’s still half of the grilled mutton. Come and have some.”

Prat did not hesitate at all. He had rushed over in the snow for one day and one night. He was indeed starving, so he grabbed the grilled mutton on the table and gobbled it down. However, Prat did not take much time resting. He soon gathered one hundred and fifty heavy-armored knights in the castle and went on their journey.

Merlin’s frown did not disappear as he watched the knights leaving the castle. He asked the butler, “Blackwater City has always been safe. Why would there be thieves all of a sudden? Also, look at Uncle Prat. These thieves are not weak. Or else, father wouldn’t let Uncle Prat bring the heavy-armored knights.”

The butler looked at Merlin and said hesitantly, “Blackwater City used to be safe but for some reasons lately, these thieves have been going around. They have attacked a few towns near Blackwater City. The knights of Defense Troop have been dispatched numerous times but they never found those thieves. But rest assured, Young Master. Sir Baron has one hundred and fifty knights. Along with the knights in his land, there should be no problem dealing with these thieves.”

Merlin nodded lightly. With Old Wilson there, surely the land would be alright.