Chapter 5 - (Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

D005 – Resemblance (John’s POV)

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” How’s the taste, John? ”

[TN: Original text is ” How’s the seasoning? “]

On the day off which I grudgingly took, I returned to the capital and was eating lunch in a restaurant that I frequented during my school days. A slim guy who entered the restaurant started making his way straight towards me. I saw him out of the corner of my eye but as I was too engrossing in my meal, he came and sat at my table before I finally noticed.

” Delicious as always, Zirco. ” [TN : Original is Jiruko]

I looked at Zirco for a moment as I answered before returning my attention back to my lunch. As I thought, the food here was awesome. My attitude might be considered rude but hey, I knew this guy since the school days. Knowing his temper, he wouldn’t mind.

It was due to his help that I managed to become the tutor for the Beryl Family. Despite being on friendly terms with a scholar like me, Zirco was actually the leader of the intelligence corps within the Black Knights that answered directly to the King. His job scope was to investigate information or to provide his expertise and I helped sometimes. As a colleague and friend, he was the one closest to me.

I should express my gratitude towards him but due to being raised in a problematic family, I just could not honestly thank him even at this age. [TN : 2nd tsundere found.]

Every time I opened my mouth, I just ended up hesitating. I knew this was a bad habit of mine but I just could not break it.

” But I think John is too good to be wasted as a tutor… ”

Thinking about this as he poked his sweet ‘Jelly’, Zirco crossed his arms.

It was not in Zirco’s nature to use flattery. Most scholars would be honored by this but…. Involuntarily, laughter slipped out from my mouth. Zirco looked at me, shocked.

” This is rare for someone who had a smiling poker face, what’s up? ”

” Ah, nothing. It’s just that I found something a lot more interesting than researching. I am very contented right now. ”

I said, smiling as I always did as Zirco goggled at me. My comment caused me to think back to that day. Yep, that day when I first met Will.

It was fate that I was able to attend William-Beryl’s Debut/Birthday party. I could never forget that day. This genius, at 3 years old, putting aside how well done his debut speech was, had a well-featured face that was like an angel, making me wanting to teach this gifted child. [TN: John, get!] It was like the happiness of finding a perfect plant, you would want to plant it and refine it further.

But, that day. I finally understood after meeting Will.

How blessed I was to meet with this small, yet big-in-sprite person.

I was to wait in the drawing room when I arrived at the Beryl house. For an interview that was held by Gion-Beryl, Will’s father. [TN: So the = sign between the names it’s not only Will but the entire Beryl family.] Based on how I interacted, it would determine if I could be officially hired as Will’s tutor. Not to brag but I had made breakthroughs in research exceeding even court-appointed scholars and had confidence in the knowledge I possessed. Though the part of me was a little disappointed that I was accepted only after using those points to sell myself.

And I was allowed into Will’s room.

I disgraced myself by being a little out of it after using my all in the interview, my face was stiff and moreover, due to nervousness, used a formal tone with Will. However, Will did not seem to mind. Even though I tended to have a rather ill-natured looking face if I did not take care of my expression due to my upturned eyes. [TN: So John have a RBF.]

Will had the same charisma as was like in the party, no, even more than that. The intelligent eyes stared straight at me, the cute bow he did when he greeted…

Will was really the best.

[TN: I repeat, this is not BL. Nor is John a shota-con.]

” You’re making a weird face John. ”

Oops. I might be involuntarily grinning as I was lost in my thoughts and was retorted by Zirco with a sullen face. It proved how happy I felt about that pleasant day. [TN: Once again, not BL.]

And soon after entering Will’s room, we started introducing ourselves. On top of understanding my intention in my question, he managed to give a perfect answer…choosing to call me John-sensei surprised me.

[TN: John was trying to test if Will knew about his history about him abandoning his family name.]

After which began a trial lesson to gauge Will’s level of knowledge… was what I meant to do but besides knowing how to read and write, Will’s math was perfect.

He threw my expectations right out of the window. The mathematical questions were actually at level of a court-appointed scholar and yet Will solved it easily.

What a great talent. So great that a chill was creeping up my back. I meant, a 3 years old could effortlessly solve mathematical questions that a court-appointed scholar on the road to doing research was still studying.

And due to that, we had ample of time left.

I smiled a little bitterly, telling Will that there was nothing else to do. Will then, brimming with curiosity just like how children are, wanted to ask me some questions.

Right now, I might be looking back fondly to that day but at that time, I was disappointed at Will. In the end, like everyone else, he was looking at me through my ‘family’ and not at me directly. I knew that I was the one who pushed my expectations onto him and he was not to be blamed..

” Well then, I wanna know more about John-sensei! ”

I was sure that Will had heard about my situation from Gion-sama and was going to ask questions about that. However, all the questions that he asked were really all about ‘me’.

[TN: In the manga, Will as asking if John had a girlfriend and such.]

I couldn’t help but laughed. I saw, this person understood. This came as a shock to the me who had hung out with Nobles for a long time. Ah, what I was thinking about. Why I would think that a 3 years old understood me just like that. But I did think that. And then, without thinking, I asked.

” Are you not going to ask? ”

A horrible sentence without any subject. Without mind-reading abilities, just by that alone no one would understand what I was asking. However, Will replied.

” There is no need to ask, isn’t it? John-sensei is John-sensei. ”

That answer saw through my feelings of hatred about my family splendidly. Ah, but what if it was not Will who said that? I would think they were simply saying that, just to pretend that they understood me.

But Will’s eyes were transparent. With a tint of darkness. Like how he knew exactly how I felt. It was like looking into a mirror.

I thanked god for the luck to be able to meet with this person.

Even though it couldn’t be. Reason was telling me it couldn’t be that Will understood my feelings at his age but my heart and instinct were telling me the opposite.

And thus, I felt like I had found a close friend.

Thinking back on this encounter with my student a few months ago, I found myself biting on my lips unconsciously. I relaxed.

” Zirco, thank you. Really. ”

And the words that I definitely wouldn’t say came out of my mouth. I laughed.

” Jo..John is honestly saying his thanks…!! The world much be ending soon… ”

[TN: Original is that Lance / Spear is falling.]

I would pretend that I did not heard what Zirco muttered under his breath as I enjoy my sweet ‘Jelly’.