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As they spoked, Shi Qingluo realised that Mother Xiao was kind-hearted and wasn’t a fuzzy person. She was easy to get along with.

Her daughter, Xiao Baili was shy, docile and hardworking.

Although Xiao Erlang was only eight years old, he was very sensible.

He was on the opposite end of the spectrum when compared to an eight-year-old modern brat.

Shi Qingluo was born with a silver spoon. Both of her parents were successful in their own businesses.

They gave her the best education and were generous in her pocket money. However, they did not spend much time with her.

That was why she had developed a strong personality since she was young.

If she had a stern mother-in-law or sister-in-law, she probably wouldn’t be able to get along with them.

The Xiao family was doing quite well. She could protect them and they would have someone to rely on.

She just didn’t know what the unconscious Scholar Xiao was like.

From the words of gossip and Xiao Erlang, he should be someone who was protective and responsible.

Otherwise, he would have followed his rich father to the capital.

He would not have broken off ties to stay with his poor mother and take care of his younger siblings.

She thought for a moment and said, “When I was in the Taoist temple, my master discovered a medicine to reduce fever.”

“If you are comfortable with it, I can take a look at Scholar Xiao and try to feed him.”

After the conversation just now, Mother Xiao also knew that Shi Qingluo was from the neighbouring village. She had lived with that old priest in the Taoist temple since she was young and had almost been married to the Shi family as a funeral offering.

Although she was kind-hearted, her intuition was very accurate.

She could feel that Shi Qingluo had good intentions.

She must be quite capable in order to make the Shi family break off the engagement willingly.

Moreover, the doctor had come to see his eldest son in the morning and told her to be mentally prepared. If his high fever did not subside, he might not be able to wake up, and would not be able to live for long.

Now that Shi Qingluo had the fever medication from the old immortal, she had a sense of hope, as if she was grabbing hold of the last straw.

“I believe you. I believe you, Miss. I beg you to take a look at Dalang (eldest son). If his fever subsides and he wakes up, I’ll be your slave to repay you.”

As she spoke, she wanted to kneel down to Shi Qingluo. It was clear that she was willing to do anything for her son, and she had a motherly heart.

Shi Qingluo hurriedly stopped her. “There’s no need to be a slave. Let me take a look first.”

Even though she had the intention of marrying in, she would not consider it if Dalang was not a match for her or if he was too ugly.

After all, even though she was eager to get rid of the Shi family so that she could start her own business, she still had her own requirements and was definitely interested in handsome guys.

As she followed Mother Xiao into the room, she looked at the person on the bed with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

The person on the bed had his eyes tightly shut. He was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old youth.

His skin was fair and his facial features were upright and good-looking. He was very handsome.

His face was slightly red from the burn, adding a bit of colour to his fair skin.

His appearance was right on the dot in Shi Qingluo’s aesthetic checklist.

Judging from his height, he wasn’t short. Other than being a little thin, he was a beautiful youth.

Shi Qingluo did not expect Xiao Dalang to be so good-looking.

She reached out and touched his forehead. It was boiling hot, probably more than 39 degrees Celsius.

“His fever is really bad. We can’t let it continue like this.”

She reached back and continued to say to Mother Xiao, “My medicine should be useful for him. Do you guys want to try it?”

Mother Xiao nodded without hesitation. “We want to try it.”

They had nothing to lose now. Their son was about to be burned to death, and they did not have the money to get more medicine. They might as well take a gamble.

Shi Qingluo nodded. “Alright, go and pour half a bowl of warm water for him. I’ll give him the medicine.”

Mother Xiao immediately got her daughter to fetch the water.

Shi Qingluo took out some fever medication from her sleeve, which actually came from that space.

Mother Xiao had gone out to change her clothes just now, so she thought that Shi Qingluo took out the medicine while changing her clothes.

Now, Xiao Dalang was already unconscious and could not swallow it. When the water was ready, Shi Qingluo crushed the medicine into powder and dissolved it in the water.

Then, she let Mother Xiao feed Xiao Dalang. After all, this was in ancient times.

She still had to be careful when she was physically close to the opposite gender.

After feeding the medicine, Mother Xiao and her daughter anticipated some good news.

Shi Qingluo left a few anti-inflammatory and fever pills for Mother Xiao, so that she could feed him anti-inflammatory pills some time later.

If he had a fever again, he would feed him another dose of fever medicine. If he didn’t have a fever, then she shouldn’t feed him with fever medicine anymore.

Mother Xiao thanked her profusely.

Shi Qingluo remembered that she still had to catch fish before the sky darkens.

It just so happened that the washed clothes were still hanging in the yard, so she bade farewell to them and went to catch fish.

When Xiao Erlang heard that she wanted to catch fish, he couldn’t help but want to follow her.

Just now, his sister, Xiao Baili, helped him massage his leg, and it no longer hurt.

Shi Qingluo liked this child very much, so she brought him along.

Since Shi Qingluo was going too, Mother Xiao also agreed.

When they reached the riverside, Shi Qingluo picked up a sharp branch and rolled up her pants to walk in the river.

After a while, she caught a few fish.

Xiao Erlang’s eyes were especially bright when he saw this. As he helped to catch the fish, he said excitedly, “Sister, you are so awesome.”

Shi Qingluo smiled confidently and said, “Of course!”

After catching five fishes, the two of them carried the wooden bucket back to the Xiao family.

At this moment, they saw a carriage parked at their house’ entrance.

Just as the two of them walked to the entrance of the courtyard, they heard Mother Xiao’s mournful cries from inside.

“No, please don’t take Baili away. She won’t marry.”

This was Xiao Baili’s cry. “Eldest aunt, I won’t marry. Please let me off.”

A sharp and harsh voice said, “Tsk, you don’t know what’s good for you. The Wu family is wealthy in the county. It’s Baili’s fortune to be able to marry into their family.”

“She’s a member of our Xiao family. If our old lady wants her to marry, she has to. It’s useless for a slut like you to stop her.”

Then, Mother Xiao’s voice was filled with despair and anger. “Ah, I’ll fight it out with you.”

The moment Shi Qingluo and Xiao Erlang pushed open the courtyard door, they saw Mother Xiao bumping into a buff woman.

This buff woman and another middle-aged woman were dragging Xiao Baoli, each on one side.

There were a few people standing in the courtyard.

Coincidentally, Shi Qingluo also knew that this old granny from the Wu family had almost taken her away previously.

At the same time, she was also speechless. Could this be fate?

She had broken off the engagement and did not marry into the Wu family to be buried with them.

Now, the burden landed on Xiao family’s younger sister who was being forcefully captured…

Mother Xiao knocked the buff woman down, but she also fell to the ground.

“You B * TCH, you’ve got a lot of guts. I’ll teach you a lesson.”

The buff woman’s expression was extremely unsightly. She got up from the ground and pounced over.

Riding on Mother Xiao, she was about to start a fight.

However, before she could raise her hand and land it on Mother Xiao’s face, someone grabbed her arm from behind.

She turned around and saw that it was an unfamiliar little girl. She knew from her appearance that she was a village girl.

Thus, she frowned and said fiercely, “Who are you? Mind your own business, or else I’ll beat you up as well.”

When Mother Xiao saw Shi Qingluo appear and even took the initiative to pull Mdm Wang back, she was instantly extremely nervous.

Her sister-in-law was a famous shrew in the village. She scolded and beat people up very harshly.

Mother Xiao did not want to implicate this little girl.

Thus, she hurriedly looked at Xiao Baili’s eldest aunt, Mdm Wang and said, “She’s just passing by. If you want to beat me up, you may. It’s none of her business.”

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