Chapter 3 - After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's Treasure

Chapter 3: Fight evil with greater evil, fight violence with greater violence

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However, it wasn’t urgent to think about her marriage now.

Shi Qingluo silently chanted, “Come out.”.

Very soon, a small space appeared in her mind.

This mystical space had suddenly appeared after she saved others in the modern era. She could not enter it, but she could take things out.

The space wasn’t big, only about three to four square metres square, with a spring water lake in it.

She had tried the spring water. It could not cure diseases or be used for reincarnation, but it could strengthen one’s body and prevent sickness.

It was the most effective on plants. It would not speed up their growth, but as long as they were watered with it, they would not die, and would taste better.

She was an agricultural expert in the modern era, so this efficacious spring water came in handy.

She looked at them again. All kinds of seeds and saplings that she had placed in the space previously were still there.

In a corner, she saw a batch of various cold, anti-inflammatory, and fever-lowering medicines that she had specially bought knowing that she had to work overtime for a few months back-to-back in the laboratory.

A fever could kill a person in ancient times as the medical field was still undeveloped. With these medicines, it was somewhat equivalent to life insurance.

In addition to these seeds and medicines, there was also a “time travel encyclopaedia” in this space.

There was a period of time when time travel and rebirth dramas were popular. Her cousin went to consolidate a “time travel encyclopaedia” and gave her a copy.

She told her to take a good look at it. It would come in handy when she really travelled through time.

This encyclopaedia consolidated the cooking methods of various delicacies.

It summarised the manufacturing process of condiments such as brewing soy sauce, vinegar, wine, etc.

There were also all kinds of formulas for skin care products, cosmetics, soap, and so on.

There was also a step-by-step procedure to make cement, iron, steel too.

In any case, she had basically had the step-by-step instructions on how to farm, make a fortune, and build anything.

Back then, she did not take it seriously. She casually flipped through it and conveniently put it there.

Now, she was really glad that she had casually left it there.

Shi Qingluo was also relieved that everything in this space was still intact.

She took out the anti-inflammatory and hemostatic powder and sprinkled it on her injured head. Then, she took an anti-inflammatory medicine together with the efficacious spring water and fell asleep tiredly.

She was very alert during her sleep. As long as there was any movement in the room, she would be startled awake. Therefore, she wasn’t afraid that those people would come in and do something bad.

Because of this, not sure after how long she slept, a young man sneaked in quietly and gently pushed open woodshed.

He wanted to retrieve the little black balls that Shi Qingluo had wrapped around her waist. However, before he could get close to the bed, Shi Qingluo opened her eyes sharply.

She asked, “Do you want to die?”

The young man freaked out. He was afraid that this lunatic would blow him up, so he quickly turned around and ran away.

Following that, Shi Qingluo heard some discussion and mumblings outside. She couldn’t be bothered with it and continued sleeping.

Ever since Shengyuan returned from the temple, she had woken up earlier than a chicken and worked harder than a cow. The food quality here was bad and her body felt a little weak.

Two hours later, a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl walked in.

She looked at Shi Qingluo and shouted, “Sister, wake up and eat.”

This was Shengyuan’s biological younger sister, but their relationship wasn’t good. The girl was still doted on by Mdm Shi, while Shengyuan was deeply hated.

Only then did Shi Qingluo open her eyes, stretch and leave the house.

The moment Shi Qingluo appeared, everyone in the Shi family looked at her coldly.

She did not care and sat down without paying much attention to the people around her.

Old Lady Shi was in charge of distributing the food within the family. In the past, she always gave Shengyuan the smallest food portion. It was the same this time.

Shi Qingluo wasn’t like Shengyuan who would tolerate matters. She knocked on the table with the small black balls in her hand.

“How would I be full from this small portion of food?”

She continued speaking with a big sister vibe, “Mdm Niu injured me just now and I’m still feeling dizzy. I want some eggs to replenish my energy. Go and steam them for me now.”

The Shi family members uttered under their breath, can you not knock with those small black balls? They were afraid.

“Eat what f*cking eggs? Do you want me to slice some meat for you? You…” Old Lady Shi started scolding out of habit.

However, she saw Shi Qingluo taking out a lighter from her bosom and move it towards the little black balls. She was immediately shocked.

Old Lady Shi was annoyed and felt the pain from the costly eggs, “I’ll steam, I’ll steam for you.” Eat until you die then.

Then, she instructed one of her granddaughters to steam the eggs.

After Shi Qingluo finished eating, she returned to her room.

The next day, the same cycle repeated. During lunch, she even demanded meat for dinner. If she didn’t see it, she threatened that she would blow up the Shi family. They were so angry but didn’t dare to speak up.

They could only give in and buy meat for her.

On the third day, she had just finished lunch.

The Shi family saw that Shi Qingluo wasn’t tied up with the little black balls today. Instead, she just placed the kitchen knife on the table.

Hence, Third Son Shi joined forces with Second Son Shi and Eldest Son Shi to restrain Shi Qingluo.

However, Shi Qingluo was already prepared. She ate well and slept well the past two days. Her body was no longer weak and she had the strength to fight.

In modern times, she had learnt combat, Sanda and Taekwondo.

There was a period of time when she was very rebellious. She often fought with people, raced cars, and went clubbing.

Hence, her grandfather threw her into the army to train with the special forces for more than half a year. Hence, it was an easy task for her to fight with the few of them.

Very quickly, she dodged and kicked Third Son Shi, and gave him a shoulder throw.

She then went forward and gave the three of them a good beating.

This shocked everyone in the Shi family. This wretched girl was excellent at fighting.

After beating them to the ground, Shi Qingluo clapped her hands and looked coldly at the Shi family as they wailed.

She even picked up the kitchen knife on the table and dazzled everyone as she played with it skilfully.

Then, she picked up a thick wooden board in the courtyard and started spinning the kitchen knife like an acrobatic.

She learnt this from a chef in the logistics department when she was in the special forces. At that time, she found it very cool and pestered him to teach her.

Now, it was the best opportunity to scare them.

Very soon, the Shi family couldn’t help but drop their jaws in shock. They saw the thick wooden board quickly turned into a pile of thin wood chips.

Her knife skill was way too good…

“Don’t even think about it. Otherwise, I don’t mind turning all of you into wooden boards to experience my cutting technique.”

They were so frightened that they had to swallow their saliva. No, they did not want to experience it at all.

They wanted to cry.

How could there be such a demonic creature in their family? What a sin!

Previously, they were afraid that she would blow people up at any moment.

Now, they were even worried that she would cut them up. If they were incapable of attacking her, how would they be able to live on like this…

She used greater evil to suppress evil and greater violence to suppress violence. Now, the Shi family no longer dared to have any devious ideas in front of her.

They were even forced to give Shi Qingluo a special treatment every day. Otherwise, this wicked woman would use vines to whip people, causing Mdm Niu and others to wail very loudly.

The Shi family wanted to ask the village chief and the clan elders for help, but Shi Qingluo warned them in advance.

If they dared to tell others about it, they are waiting for their deaths in the middle of the night.

The Shi family was furious, but they did not dare to gamble.

They only prayed that this wretch could leave the Shi family as soon as possible. It would be better if she died from a sudden illness.

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