Chapter 2 - After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 2: Farming

The era was always developing, technology was always advancing, and the enterprise of transmigrating was also advancing with time. But according to incomplete statistics, seventy to eighty percent of them crossing over was because they were hit by a car. Most of them woke up and found themselves in an unfamiliar room.

Zhang Zhiyin woke up after being hit by a car and found himself in an unfamiliar room.

It’s not entirely correct to say that it was unfamiliar. The layout of the room also revealed a sense of familiarity – the messy desk, the stool with one leg missing, the shelf full of CDs, the blinding non-mainstream poster…

After looking around for a few seconds, he suddenly realized that this was not in the room where the plot began.

Players will appear in a small apartment as soon as they entered the game in, where they needed to complete a series of novice tasks such as “putting on the equipment” and “adding your skills”, and finally defeating two zombies who broke into their homes.

Zhang Zhiyin had established three side accounts and was more than familiar with this scene.

Zhang Zhiyin touched the wooden desk. He still felt an unrealistic sense of reality – what was happening… To him?

The game had five common occupations for players to choose: Students, White-Collar Workers, Athletes, Doctors, Teachers, and two fee-paying occupations; Special Forces and Researchers, which players needed to pay a fee if they want to play them.

In addition, there were Killers, Thieves, Monks, Taoists, Actors, Singers, Chefs, and other special occupations. When players entered the game, they had a certain probability of triggering them. They could also be obtained when special conditions in the game were fulfilled and be acquired as a side occupation.

Each occupation had its own advantages and disadvantages in line with its own occupation characteristics. The five basic occupations were generally balanced, and the attribute advantages of the fee-paying occupations were more outstanding.

The occupation Zhang Zhiyin chose in the game was student, with average attributes in all aspects but the advantage was that it had great potential for growth. At this time, the layout of his apartment was exactly the same as that of the apartment were those who chose student as their occupation. If the basic routine here was based on the game, then it was very likely that his occupation was still a student.

It’s just… He lowered his head, lifted his broad T-shirt and looked at his flat upper body without any muscle – it was the body he knew very well, not the character with eight abdominal muscles in the game. In front of the dressing mirror, it also reflected his own face. Gentle and calm, with a hint of panic and bewilderment, which was totally different from the sunny and energetic student set in the game.

There were no other clues that could be found in the room. Zhang Zhiyin stumbled to the window and looked down. In the game, he could not actively perform actions such as looking down through the window.

But now he could actually see as if the world in this game had been completely mended – the coming of the end of the world, the silence surrounding everywhere, the zombies lurking in the city, and the screams of sorrow coming from somewhere else.

The game began from the tenth day of the end of the world. The surviving player had finished his food reserve at home and finally realized the reality. He decided that he could not passively wait for his end. He needed to go out and find a way to survive.

The next second, there was a familiar sound at the door. A piercing sound of scratching that seemed particularly depressing and urgent at this moment. Five seconds later, there was a chewing noise.

It was the zombies outside gnawing at the door.

Zhang Zhiyin cursed inwardly and if he was not wrong, the two zombies outside the door would break into the house in less than half a minute.

He ran back from the balcony to the bedroom, skillfully opened the bottom drawer of the wooden desk, and took out a steel pipe. This was the initial weapon given by the system to the student occupation at Level 1 – 5.

Zhang Zhiyin weighed the pole and murmured, “All depend on you, dear old brother.” Once players went past Level 5, they will have to throw this steel pipe away. As this was the first weapon obtained in the game, Zhang Zhiyin was full of emotion.

Although he still had not gotten a clear picture of his current situation, even if he was dreaming, he could not let the zombies gnaw him to death! And it was still a Level 0 zombie for the novices to practice! It’s an insult to a veteran player of who had took countless lives of zombies in his hands.

Although he used to deal with them using the mouse and keyboard.

Zhang Zhiyin walked confidently behind the refrigerator and lay in ambush, waiting for the zombies to pounce in – the best spot to kill them was here, where the two zombies would not touch him but only to be beaten by him.

With a loud bang, the door burst open and the two zombies swayed in. The initial Level 0 zombies were not prominent in all aspects. They were slow in response, and they were almost as fast as the old man walking on the street.

Zhang Zhiyin watched them move forward slowly and he calculated silently. The first step, second step, third step… Soon, when they got closer to the refrigerator, they would freeze and their movement would stop.

The two corpses smelled flesh meat and approached Zhang Zhiyin step by step. After hitting the refrigerator, they changed direction and continued to pounce on Zhang Zhiyin who was behind the refrigerator.

What was this situation?! The script was wrong!

Zhang Zhiyin did not expect that the zombies would go around the refrigerator, and he acted with confusion. He attacked the one in front with the pipe, and narrowly avoided the other zombie’s claw while kicking it away at the same time.

That foot slanted right on the throat of the zombie and kicked it to the ground. This gave Zhang Zhiyin time to concentrate on the other one. By the time this one got up, Zhang Zhiyin had completely settled the first one.

After the death flag was erected on the zombies, Zhang Zhiyin recalled carefully before he realized something was wrong. He was a standard weak chicken undergraduate waste who would barely pass the physical examination every year because he was pitted by the current education system in effect.

He had just graduated and found a civilian job. He had never really fought with steel pipes in the street since he was young. The most skilled martial arts he knew was Taiji, which was taught by the enthusiastic grandfather from the park. So it was impossible for him to handle these two zombies so neatly.

Looking back at his action just now, he waved the steel pipe like a basic physical attack skill in the game, and that kick was like the basic skill; a circular foot sweep. So to say, he should have mastered several basic skills automatically, just like in the game?

It’s no use thinking about it now, whether it was a dream or the trending transmigration or something else, he just had to take one step at a time.

The person next door looked at peephole for a long time, he finally opened a small crack while trembling. He softly shouted, “Zhiyin, Zhiyin, are you all right?”

Zhang Zhiyin walked to the door of his destroyed home with a complicated mood. He knew the story. The Uncle next door was called Pang Guang. There were variations in his strength. His character was not bad and he was as timid as a mouse. After this incident, he would ask the players to flee together. Then they would go all the way to Lihua Shopping Mall as a temporary stronghold together with several other neighbors.

He thought about it and answered in the same way as the protagonist of the game: “Uncle Pang, I’m all right.”

Pang Guang frowned and grieved: “Now there are all kinds of monsters everywhere. After waiting for so many days and there is still no news of help coming. I think it’s better to depend on oneself than from help from others. Zhiyin, why don’t we team up and kill a way out? Sooner or later, we’ll die if it goes on like this.”

Hearing the familiar game lines spoken by the alive NPC, Zhang Zhiyin tucked his lips and paused for a moment before he said, “Okay.”

Pang Guang came out with a butcher knife: “Uncle is long prepared. Be careful, let’s go!”

Zhang Zhiyin and Uncle Pang’s route was going downward. They lived on the twelfth floor. On their way out, they integrated a series of familiar NPCs, such as Grandma Xu, Qingqing, the little girl in kindergarten, the big brother that was a baseball player and so on. There were a total of eight people. After all, there was only the lowest level 0 zombies along the way, and it was also daytime. It was threatening but not dangerous in their route to Lihua Shopping Mall.

A large number of people had gathered here. Former employees of the public sector had organized themselves to distribute food while waiting for rescue. This was not an unfamiliar scene for Zhang Zhiyin. After all, this was equivalent to the existence of the novice village in the game.

Arriving at Lihua Shopping Mall also had a special meaning – players could only know what ability they have awoken when they arrived here.

The ability settings in were one of the most popular moneymaking settings. The game had five kinds of ordinary enhancement abilities – physical ability, strength, defense, speed and precision; five kinds of ordinary element abilities – gold, wood, water, fire, earth; two kinds of variant element abilities – ice and thunder; three kinds of special abilities – space, mind and healing. Those with good luck might even trigger any combination of these abilities and formed a dual ability.

Of course, the better and more precious ability, the lower the probability of triggering it. The vast majority of players triggered the ordinary enhancement ability. But in a props purchasing game, this was not an issue. The prop store informed you: Ordinary enhancement ability for fifty yuans, ordinary element ability for sixty-six yuan, variant element ability for three hundred yuan, special ability for six hundred and six yuan. You would need at least fifty yuans to gain a second ability.

But! The second ability that cost five hundred yuan was obtained at random! It was probably the least valued ability in the world!

The prop store informed you: This was not a problem, as long as you spent another five hundred yuan, you would have a chance to refresh the second ability. Of course, what new ability you would get was not guarantee by the store. However, as long as you had the money, you can willfully continue to spend until you get your dream dual powers.

In addition, there were hidden abilities that could not be purchased in the store, and that was all reliance on luck. As money could not buy it, it was even more valuable.

Like in the game, a responsible aunt appeared to explain to them that ordinary people might be able to trigger abilities and so on. She taught them how to see if they had triggered any abilities and what abilities they had triggered.

In the game, it’s natural to click on the newly activated ability page to view, but now Zhang Zhiyin had no choice but to press onto his chest hard and looked at his left wrist at the same time, as according to what the aunt had taught him.

A pale grey mark appeared there.

Grey… If he remembered correctly, it should represent a normal enhancement ability? No, Zhang Zhiyin was stunned. What about his cool ice ability? Or did the world really had nothing to do with his own games?

The next second, Zhang Zhiyin remembered one thing, and immediately his whole person when Spartan.

His cool ice ability was bought by him for three hundred yuan, and his first side account was indeed a precision ability! Later, he was unwilling, so he opened another three side account and went through the plot three times, but they all awakened ordinary enhancement ability. It was well known that abilities were very important in this game, ordinary enhanced ability would not do well in the later part of the game, so Zhang Zhiyin bit his teeth, topped up five hundred, and exchanged three hundred for an ice ability…

Zhang Zhiyin gloomy squatted at one corner drawing circles. He suddenly saw a familiar but never should appear icon in the gray light lines – two gold ingots stacked together, with two letters below – prop store.

What the fuck, Qinglang Company must be crazy about money, even when he was dreaming or transmigrated, they won’t let him off!