Chapter 10 - After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 10: Revenge

Zhang Zhiyin fell heavily to the ground.

His head landed first, and the last sight he saw was the grim shapes of the zombies crowding around him. Darkness soon followed and he lost his consciousness.

This was also the last sight Li Shuifeng saw.

He never would have expected that at the moment of his departure, Black raging flame emerged suddenly, encasing the fainted youth in a protecting gesture.

The next second, the flames rocketed into the sky and exploded, turning all the contaminated zombies into ashes in an instant.

In the open land, only the sleeping youth was left.

And the one who was watching him silently.

It seemed like the person just abruptly appeared here. His dark eyes looked at the fallen man with unrecognizable joy or anger.

He walked forward quietly, step by step with apparent caution until he stood in front of the young man. He looked at him with arrogance. After a long time, he stopped, extended his fingertips and tentatively touched the young man’s right cheek, then recoiled as quickly as if he had been shocked by electricity.

He raised the fingertips that touched the young person in front of him and looked at them carefully. Then, as if he had made up his mind, he gently knelt down in front of the youth as if he was afraid he would disturb him, opened his arms, and held the person in his embrace.

Yin Nian looked at the man in his arms quietly, his gaze was so gentle as if he was some kind of supple little animal.

Nobody at this moment would believe that this handsome and peaceful man was the one that made this extremely cruel doomsday catastrophe.

He used the wing of his nose to gently make contact with the young man’s cheeks and then proceeded to try to use his lips to close the distance between him and the young man’s soft lips. In a split second, his sight grew blurry and distant.

Somewhat in a trance, he raised his head and took a small bite on Zhang Zhiyin’s neck.

The two snuggled for a long time, maybe the Boss finally felt satisfied and felt that this was not a good place to stay any longer, so he directly picked up the person in his arms and strolled forward. After three steps, the two disappeared simultaneously out of this land, as if they had never appeared here before.

In the game of <Tomorrow>, it was set up to say that Dr. Y transformed himself after the start of the apocalypse, thereby he possessed a full-scale ability.

Spatial ability was no exception.

Yin Nian came to a verdant valley as he carried Zhang Zhiyin in his arms. Before the end of the world, this was probably a tourist attraction.

If Zhang Zhiyin were awake, he would recognize that this was the famous grinding spot, Valley of the Extinct Dragon, in the game. It was always famous for its numerous variety of monsters, huge density, quick spawn rate, and the rich drop of crystal nucleus. In the game, it was always reserved by all of the major guilds. But in the initial stage of the apocalypse, there were few people here, because the monsters were too powerful for the present ability users, and the deeper they went, the stronger the monster would become.

He strolled through the valley and advance unopposed, and all living creatures spontaneously retreated after perceiving his breath.

Yin Nian placed Zhang Zhiyin in the most intact, which also meant the safest cave in the valley. There were few zombies and mutant animals near the cave, and they never once entered the cave. This was not at all surprising, because in the game, this cave was the resurrection point in the Valley of the Extinct Dragon. Fifty meters around it belonged to the safety zone, evidently, it was completely retained in this world.

He lowered his head and quietly scanned the comatose man inch by inch until he noticed the injuries on Zhiyin’s upper arm and thigh.

He had never been hurt and was very insusceptible to injury. Furthermore, he could not understand what these sorts of wounds would mean to human beings. There was only a stereotypical knowledge in his mind pertaining to this. The only impression he had came from the observation of that person he saved the other day. That man seemed to be in pain.

Then would his Zhiyin also be in pain? With this in mind, his deep eyes without any human feelings showed a trace of faint depression.

A pearl-colored white light emerged on Yin Nian’s hand. He placed his hand on Zhang Zhiyin’s thigh wound. The wound that had been torn open greatly healed quickly in a speed visible to the naked eye and the skin there became as bright and smooth as before.

He then moved his hand to the wound on Zhang Zhiyin’s upper arm and suddenly hesitated when he was about to put it down. The white light in his hand disappeared in an instant.

Zhang Zhiyin’s clothes had long been torn to pieces, revealing the slightly reddish wound that was seeping blood, together with the flesh-colored skin on the upper side of his arm.

This injury was actually much lighter when compared to that on the thigh.

Yin Nian showed that startled expression once again. He blinked, bowed his head and licked the wound gently — his heterogeneous and complex knowledge database told him that intimate human beings seemed to help and treat each other this way.

Regardless of whether this licking therapy worked among most humans or not, it did work for the Boss—where the tip of the tongue went, Zhang Zhiyin’s wounds healed as quickly as possible. It was also not difficult for Yin Nian to adjust his body fluid composition freely to make sure it had healing properties.

Zhang Zhiyin’s eyelashes quivered slightly in his coma.

Yin Nian looked at him and once again bent down and kissed him on the corner of his mouth.


When Zhang Zhiyin woke up, he found himself in an empty and unfamiliar cave.

Just now, it seemed that he had a strange dream… he dreamed of Boss, that he was kissing himself?

Zhang Zhiyin stood up, still feeling sore and weak. However, the wounds on his body had already healed, but the clothes he wore were extremely worn out that it was beyond recognition. This equipment was indeed badly damaged.

It seemed that he died once again and was now resurrected at the point of resurrection.

But where was this resurrection point?

Zhang Zhiyin circled the cave twice and felt that something was wrong. He went out, stood at the cave entrance and surveyed the beautiful, bright, and verdant scenery, filled with mutant animals shining with different halos that represent their own respective mutated abilities, grinding their teeth at him. His heart was full of tears; This, this is the Valley of the Extinct Dragon? This was the leveling zone for Level 50 to Level 70 in the game and his current body now was only at most Level 11/12. Wasn’t he going to experience a minute-by-minute rhythm of continuous death here?

And Li Shuifeng…

Zhang Zhiyin’s eyes were rarely stained with a dark light.

In more than 20 years of his life, Zhang Zhiyin seldom took anything seriously, but this time, he would never just let it be. Someday, he would make the responsible person pay the price.

Having not yet figured out what he should do, a sudden sense of drowsiness hit Zhang Zhiyin and he fell asleep again.

Waking up and seeing the familiar bed, Zhang Zhiyin knew that the time was up and he came back to his own world again.

At noon break, Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t help going into the official website of <Tomorrow> to find out more about the game’s information.

Now he was still in the early stages of the game plot. Half a year later, all the major base forces belonging to the human side would gradually establish and head towards the preparation of the later stage of the apocalypse. Next, after accumulating a certain amount of power, the major forces within the human race began to dispute and annex each other, resulting in serious internal friction and declining strength. In this case, ultimately a reconciliation within humankind had been reached and a unified Cloud Sky Alliance would be established. But the coalition was still loose and full of friction. It was not until the third evolution of the zombies and their power-up that Dr. Y’s strength was further strengthened. Under the enormous pressure, the Cloud Sky Alliance gradually united and played the role of humanity’s pillar.

There was currently a popularity contest on the official website.

Zhang Zhiyin conveniently voted for Dr. Y. while checking the results, he found that Li Shuifeng ranking was not low, he actually ranked at eighth place.

Instantly, he became angry and opened a document file and wrote an article as fast as he could, then posted it on the game forum.

The title is <Revealing the Hypocritical Face of the NPC Li Shuifeng>. It talked about how the poster received a hidden task and discovered the truth about Li Shuifeng. The older brother of the person in charge of West District No. 1 Base’s team was completely wiped out, he was greedy for a second ability, harmed his teammates, and exploited important items.

There were many replies below the post. At first, they all said that the stories of the poster were well told, they wondered what job he held, why not consider doing game planning? Others did not think it was a fabrication. They went on to find out how to take this task and what was the reward.

The people in the planning group of <Tomorrow> had a face of disbelief when they saw this post.

“What’s wrong with the data? How did this task come out ahead of schedule?” Faced with this heavy bug, the team leader felt an abnormal congestion in his heart. “Go to the technical department to find out about the situation!”

They did design a hidden series of plot tasks. After the players completed the full set of tasks to reveal the true face of Li Shuifeng, the league leader would say that the league was in need of such a righteous and promising member, and would ask the players whether they would want to stay in the league. This opened the position system in the game. Players could hold different positions in the alliance according to their contributions, and even become the ultimate leader of the alliance, leading all mankind to overthrow Dr. Y and achieve human renaissance.

Of course, the technical department said there was no problem, and the hypocrite task had never been triggered by anyone.

Zhang Zhiyin knew nothing about this and he still logged in to the game as the first thing he did after returning home.

In the game, Dr. Y was still standing in front of the experimental cabinet indifferently.

Zhang Zhiyin’s mind went back to his pink-colored dream again.

He laughed and directed the little character to go forward until he almost coincided with the boss; he operated the mouse and used the daily movements of “Hug” and “Kiss”.

This time the angle was adjusted very well, and he actually kissed Y’s face.

Zhang Zhiyin smiled and hit the keyboard, “Do you know? I had a dream of you kissing me.”

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