Chapter 9 - After Getting a Divorce, I Continued Being a Miracle Doctor

Do You Guys Really Treat Me As A Fool?

Hou Junlai roared angrily, “Do you guys really treat me as a fool?”

“Miss Liu, let me ask you. You said you were going there to do something, but why did my sister go with you?”

Liu Xin’er didn’t know how to respond.

Hou Junlai looked at Hou Xiaoyu and questioned, “Xiaoyu, why did you go there?”

Hou Xiaoyu didn’t know how to explain and stammered, “I… I…”

How could Hou Junlai, someone who started a company from scratch, not know right from wrong? How could he be fooled by Hou Xiaoyu and Liu Xin’er’s lies?

Originally, Hou Junlai believed Hou Xiaoyu and Liu Xin’er.

However, Liu Xin’er and Hou Xiaoyu’s exaggeration exposed their lies.

Hou Junlai said indifferently, “Since you guys won’t say it, I’ll help you!”

“Xiaoyu, since I gave the villa to Jian Xing’er, you asked Miss Liu to get the villa back. Miss Liu took advantage of the fact that she was the beloved daughter of the Liu family to attack Jian Xing’er, but she didn’t expect Jian Xing’er to beat her up.”

Hou Xiaoyu and Liu Xin’er didn’t expect that Hou Junlai knew everything.

Hou Junlai said angrily, “Miss Liu, at the end of the day, this is my family’s matter. What right do you have to interfere?”

Liu Xin’er immediately explained, “Junlai, don’t be angry. I… I just wanted to help you.”

Liu Xin’er didn’t expect her perfect plan to end up like this.

Wasn’t this shooting herself in the foot?

Hou Junlai said indifferently, “Miss Liu, I don’t need outsiders’ help. You’re not qualified to interfere in my family matters.”

After saying that, Hou Junlai looked at Hou Xiaoyu and said, “Xiaoyu, I’m your brother, your biological brother, but you actually tried to deceive me. You’re too disappointing.”

Hou Xiaoyu lowered her head and didn’t dare to say a word.

Hou Junlai continued, “Mind your own business in the future…”

With that, Hou Junlai turned around and left.

Liu Xin’er was furious. She knew very well that Hou Junlai would hate her after this.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Liu Xin’er said murderously, “I must kill Jian Xing’er, that b*tch. They’re already divorced, but she’s still pestering Junlai…”

Liu Xin’er’s furious appearance startled Hou Xiaoyu, who fled the ward.

Sea City, Central Park.

Jian Xing’er sat on the sofa leisurely.

Li Kun stood in front of Jian Xing’er respectfully with a fawning expression.

Jian Xing’er looked at Li Kun as she said indifferently, “There’s no need to stand. Please sit!”

Li Kun immediately said, “Thank you!”

After thanking her, Li Kun sat on the sofa.

If the Hou family saw this scene, they would definitely be astonished.

Li Kun was the young master of the Li family, the overlord of the Demon Province. However, he was actually like an obedient lap dog in front of Jian Xing’er.

Actually, Li Kun still had doubts about Jian Xing’er.

However, for his grandfather’s sake, Li Kun could only choose to believe Jian Xing’er.

Li Kun said sincerely, “Miracle Doctor Jian, my grandfather can’t hold on any longer. If this continues, my grandfather will die. Please save my grandfather!”

Jian Xing’er knew about Old Master Li’s situation.

It was nothing serious.

It was very easy to treat!

Jian Xing’er said, “I have rules when treating people.”

Li Kun was a little confused when he heard this.

Jian Xing’er took a sip of water and continued, “The rules are simple. You have to pay a deposit before treatment.”

Li Kun immediately said, “That’s easy.”

Li Kun quickly took out his bank card from his pocket and placed it in front of Jian Xing’er respectfully as he continued, “This is a gold membership card from Demon Province Bank. It has 30 million yuan in it. I’ve prepared it long ago.”

Jian Xing’er didn’t take the card.

Li Kun thought that Jian Xing’er felt that the money wasn’t enough, so he said quickly, “Miracle Doctor Jian, if it’s too little, state a price. As long as you can save my grandfather, the Li family will pay you.”

Jian Xing’er looked at Li Kun as she said indifferently, “I don’t need money, but the Li family has to do something for me.”

Li Kun immediately said, “Doctor Jian, please tell us. As long as our family can do it, we will definitely do our best!”

Jian Xing’er said indifferently, “Help me create a powerful faction in the business circle of Sea City.”

Li Kun said without hesitation, “Alright, sure!”

This was easy for the Li family, the overlord of the Demon Province.

A smile appeared on Jian Xing’er’s face. Neither side would suffer a loss from this deal.

Li Kun asked, “Miracle Doctor Jian, when are we setting off for Shanghai?”

Jian Xing’er didn’t have much to pack, so she said directly, “Let’s set off now!”