Chapter 9 - (Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

003 – A Bit Regretful, But Still Thankful

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” Gkyaaaaaaaaaaaaa (It hurtsssssssss)!!! ”

And a wonderful birthing cry was done by me.

Hey, it seriously hurt! I mean, imagine the huge force dealt to this soft baby’s skull! For a moment I saw the field of flowers again. Or rather, the vase.. that made me depressed.

But being out in the open with the light after a long time made me dizzy. I could not even differentiate between left and right….Was that a nurse? Or a midwife? In my blurry vision, I saw that I was carried by a plump hand and dipped into lukewarm water.

Ah, was that the baby’s first bath? Hmm….so comfortable.

The blood sticking all over my body was the proof of a mother’s effort but to tell the truth, I would really rather choose it not sticking.

” ゞ〆≧∞+±♂%£&#$ ”

Said the plum woman as she looked at me…Wah… Of course, I had no idea what she was saying. Ah, what a failure. I should have asked god to bless me with an ability in languages….

Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. It was better not to be able to speak fluently all of a sudden as it might seem weird. I didn’t remember having any difficulty in learning Japanese so no worries!

As I was thinking that, I suddenly felt like I was floating, like someone was lifting me up. I could feel the soft fingers upon my back.

” ※〒¢$¥#、#¢#゛゜〃ー ”

….Yep, I was able to comprehend that they were happy. I was then passed to a person who seemed to be my mother and she looked at me. But, even with this distance, I was unable to see her face clearly. I had thought that it was because of just being born and the brightness made me unable to see but it didn’t seem like it. Come to think of it, were a baby’s eyes really bad? I felt like I had heard that before…

But just from the atmosphere, I knew she was delighted. From her gentle embrace, I could feel that I was being handled with great care. Just that, made me feel so happy and blissful that I smiled.

” #◇◎£¢≧、ウィル、&*@%£%, Will ”

It was a beautiful voice that sounded like a bell ringing. I had heard it being repeated a few times so I came to understand that, yes, my name was Will.

Being spoken to in a valuable manner made me realized that this was what parent’s love felt like. Recognizing this feeling which I was unable to feel in the previous world made me feel warm.

Even though I was killed, concerning this result I felt a little grateful towards the god. As I was thinking about this, in the warmth, I suddenly felt drowsy. Ah, I kinda still wanted to bask in this warmth….

The Shou….Will now, who tried to resist, fell defeat to the body of a baby.


Author’s Note : Thank you very much! Tenpure desu. I like these kind of things so this novel will proceed in the middle of all these roads. [TN: No idea what this means. この小説はすべての道の真ん中をゆきます] I will run though all the cliches.

From now on, yoroshiku~

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