Chapter 4 - After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Chapter 4: True Love Has Leukemia

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Chen Meng couldn’t suppress her shock. Mo Rao’s parents were her teachers. Ever since they passed away, Chen Meng had rarely heard any news about Mo Rao.

Unexpectedly, when they met again, not only was she already married and pregnant, but she also had to hide her pregnancy.

She asked, “Why?”

“I’m going to get a divorce, but I want to keep this child. I don’t want to give this child to my husband or the others.” Mo Rao touched her stomach gently, and her eyes were already filled with the gentleness of a mother.

“You silly child. The child doesn’t belong to you alone. The man must take responsibility too. Do you know how difficult it is for a woman to raise a child after getting a divorce?” Chen Meng’s heart ached and she was anxious.

However, Mo Rao seemed to be indifferent. “It’s okay, Aunt Chen. I saved some money to raise the children.”

Chen Meng shook her head. “This isn’t a matter of money. Who is your husband? Let me talk to him. Is it because his family bullied you since you don’t have parents to back you up?”

Mo Rao’s heart warmed. She knew that Auntie Chen was worried about her.

But she didn’t want to implicate Aunt Chen.

“Aunt Chen, I don’t want to trouble you. When I married him back then, I already knew that this day would come, so there’s no one to blame. You just have to help me keep this child a secret, okay?”

Mo Rao had already thought about leaving this city as soon as they divorced.

Chen Meng’s heart ached. When she thought of the little girl that she had watched grow up being bullied because she had no parents and was helpless, she felt sorry for her teachers.

She suddenly thought of someone. “Xiao Rao, you can find that person from the Fu family to help you. Doesn’t Fu Ying treat you like a sister? Back then, your parents saved Old Madam Fu. They were kind to you and will help you.”

However, Mo Rao frowned. “Aunt Chen, you can’t let the Fu family know about this. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come to trouble you.”

Chen Meng saw that Mo Rao’s attitude was firm and knew that there was no point in her saying anything else. She could only do a routine checkup for Mo Rao.

After the checkup, she instructed Mo Rao, “It’s already been seven weeks, but you’re already thin and weak, so you have to take care of your body and replenish your nutrition. Otherwise, the children will develop poorly.”

“Alright, I just have a weak stomach. My body doesn’t seem to absorb much nutrition from food.” Mo Rao was a little helpless.

“Isn’t your husband going to take care of you?” Chen Meng sighed.

“He’s busy.” Mo Rao shook her head.

It wasn’t that Fu Ying was too busy to care about her, but he didn’t want to.

He could use the money to buy her the best house and let her wear the most expensive clothes, but he wouldn’t give her cold medicine when she caught a cold, nor would he feel sorry for her.

This wasn’t love.

Chen Meng’s eyes were filled with helplessness. “Alright, as long as you don’t regret it.”

“No, because it’s useless for me to regret it. He calls the shots.” Mo Rao put away the report and smiled bitterly.

Chen Meng seemed to have thought of something and her eyes revealed shock. “Xiao Rao, your husband can’t be… Fu Ying, right?!”

Mo Rao smiled. “Aunt Chen, I don’t want to implicate you.”

If in the future, Fu Ying found out that Chen Meng had helped her hide her pregnancy, Chen Meng would probably be in trouble.

She walked out while Chen Meng fell into deep sorrow.

“Look carefully, I’m not pregnant!” The moment Mo Rao left the Gynecology Department, she threw the report to Gu Hai and said unhappily, “Go back and reply to President Fu!”

Gu Hai’s expression was awkward as he followed behind Mo Rao.

Mo Rao turned around and glared at him. “You’ve already done what you had to do. Don’t follow me. I don’t like it!”

Gu Hai didn’t dare to say anything and could only reply, “Yes.”

“You can go first.” Mo Rao glanced at Gu Hai, and he entered the elevator and left under her gaze.

Mo Rao, on the other hand, realized that she had forgotten to take her phone!

She could only return to get her phone.

“Mo Rao.”

After taking back her phone, Mo Rao was about to leave when Qu Ru’s voice sounded.

Her body stiffened and she stood rooted to the ground.

However, Qu Ru slowly walked in front of her and looked at her closely.

She was wearing a blue hospital gown and her complexion looked terrible. She had lost a lot of weight, but even so, she still had a fragile sort of beauty to her.

The two of them looked similar, but their auras were completely different.

Mo Rao seemed innocent yet charming, like a femme fatale.

As for Qu Ru, she was like a white orchid. She looked cold and aloof, but she gave off a sense of chastity.