Chapter 3 - After Mastering Fate, I Reshaped Life With My Son

Chapter 3

Song Yao took a deep breath and said, “Do you know where he is?”

“Of course. At noon, I saw a tall and handsome man carrying a child over there,” the woman pointed out.


Song Yao followed the woman’s finger and recognized the direction of the hospital.

Instantly, Song Yao felt relieved.

She guessed that Baby Xuan was sick and Yu Yong had brought him to see a doctor.

Song Yao planned to visit the father and son in the hospital. If they happened to bump into each other on the way, it would be a good thing to go home together.

Immediately, she thanked the woman repeatedly and was about to rush to the hospital when the woman grabbed her sleeve.

“Hey, do you know how to get to the hospital in town?” the woman asked.

Wasn’t the direction she pointed at the hospital just now? Song Yao was surprised.

The woman explained, “You don’t know, but there’s a reason why I’ve been here for almost a day. My son is sick and wants to see a doctor. However, I got lost the first time I came to this town. I wanted to ask someone for directions, but I can’t find anyone here.”

As she spoke, tears welled up in her eyes.

But why did no one pay attention to the warm-hearted woman?

The number of times Song Yao had left the village could be counted on one hand. She did not think too much about it. Since it was on the way, she agreed to the woman’s request to lead the way.

Halfway there, the woman suddenly said to Song Yao, “Oh no, Miss, my stomach isn’t feeling well. Do you know where there’s a toilet nearby?”

“The hospital is right in front. There’s a toilet there.” Song Yao turned around and saw the woman holding her stomach with an ugly expression as she squatted on the ground.

She went up to help her up, but the woman reached out to stop her. “Oh my, I can’t take it anymore. Is there no place closer?”

When Song Yao heard this, she also became anxious. She tried her best to recall for a while. “There’s indeed a place nearby, but…” The place was very remote.

She remembered that half a year ago, three female comrades wearing red collars had brought her and her mother-in-law there. They had even specially reminded her that it was best that people traveled together in the remote areas of the town. In this remote area, it was easiest for human traffickers, who targeted women especially, to appear. She had to be careful.

Song Yao recalled this and retracted her hand. “Sister, this hospital is only a few steps away. Why don’t we go there? There’s a doctor who can take a look at you.”

“But I really can’t walk anymore. Miss, please bring me there.” The woman’s forehead was covered in sweat, and she didn’t look like she was pretending.

Song Yao was in a dilemma. Seeing her hesitation, the woman cried out again.

“Okay, I’ll take you there.” Song Yao made up her mind. She was anxious to see Baby Xuan, but she couldn’t do anything that would put others in danger. Moreover, she had just given her directions.

Song Yao supported the woman as she staggered forward, not noticing the sly smile on the woman’s face when she lowered her head.

It was not until Song Yao had walked a long distance into the alley that she suddenly heard a rustling sound from behind.

She turned around uneasily and saw that there was no one behind her. Her voice also disappeared.

“Miss, what’s wrong?” the woman asked when she saw Song Yao stop.

“I’m fine.” Song Yao shook her head and the two of them continued walking.

However, she had only taken a few steps when she heard rustling sounds again.

Only then did Song Yao realize that she was being followed. She couldn’t help but walk a few steps faster.

“We’re here, we’re here!” The woman was overjoyed when she saw the toilet surrounded by a low wall.

Song Yao looked at the plants around her uneasily. “Sister, hurry up. I’m afraid something will happen to us in this remote place.”

“What are you afraid of? Those rumors are just to scare people.” The woman patted the back of Song Yao’s hand comfortingly.

Song Yao felt goosebumps all over her body.

The woman continued, “Wait for me. I’ll be quick.”

With that, Song Yao watched her go in.

At this moment, the rustling sound of footsteps on dead leaves sounded again. Song Yao was so shocked that she immediately hid behind the low wall.

She secretly saw three men in their forties or fifties walking straight over.

They were standing on the empty ground where Song Yao had just stood and scolded angrily, “Where is she?!”

The woman who had been going to the toilet just now also walked out like she was fine. She said to them, “She was here just now. She must be hiding not far away. Look everywhere.”

Song Yao was so shocked that she covered her mouth with her hand, not daring to scream.