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Lu Wenbin was not in the mood to fool around with her. “Miss Su, stop fooling around. Hurry up and return the box to me.”

No matter what happened, Su Xing retained his blind admiration for his sister. “My sister is not any normal person. Pay attention when you speak to her.”

Su Ye did not care about anyone’s reaction. She put the box into her pocket and turned around to leave with Su Xing.

The owner scoffed. If he did not open the door, no one could get out.

But the next second, Su Ye walked to the display shelf at the entrance with familiarity and moved the vase on the fourth box. Then, she calmly pressed the switch under it.

The door swung open with a bang.

Su Ye showed a really cool figure when she left. “Tell Master Bo that I will personally go to his mansion tomorrow and return the repaired pendant.”

Lu Wenbin stared at her back completely dumbfounded. The eldest lady of the Su family suddenly gave off a really fierce and mysterious air.

The deal worth eight figures was gone, and the owner was so angry that he huffed. Where did the girl come from? How did she know that the second switch for the trapdoor was under the vase?

Wait… More than forty years ago, a girl similar to this one had come to his shop and nearly made him die of a stroke.

At night in the chairman’s office of Bo Corporation, Bo Yunli signed a special document. It was written entirely in a foreign minority language that only a few people spoke in the present day. After he was done, he placed the three signature pens on the table in a neat line. Even the direction of the caps was the same.

He felt good.

But that feeling did not last for even two seconds. Lin Zhan and Lu Wenbin rushed into his office as if their butts were on fire.

If his office door was not wide, they would have destroyed the door frame.

Lin Zhan was an impatient person. He pounced in front of Bo Yunli’s office table after dragging Lu Wenbin after him. This blew the three signature pens into a messy pile.

Crack. Crack.

Bo Yunli cracked his knuckles and stared at Lin Zhan with great displeasure. ‘If this isn’t something urgent, I’ll rip you apart with my own hands.’

Before he could say anything, Lin Zhan bent down like a bear cub in heat and blew into Bo Yunli’s face. “Cousin, smell my breath. It doesn’t smell anymore, right?”

The breath blasted accurately over Bo Yunli’s face.

To a clean freak who had severe OCD, this move alone was worthy of a death sentence.

The veins on Bo Yunli’s temples throbbed. He stopped breathing and held his breath while scowling. Thank goodness he had his glasses, for they blocked some of the breath.

After a long while, when Bo Yunli was certain that Lin Zhan’s breath was gone, he suppressed his anger and said, “I’ll introduce a hospital to you. Treat your head.”

Lin Zhan explained himself quickly, “Cousin, do you remember Su Ye telling me yesterday that she’d give me medicine?”

Bo Yunli repositioned his signature pens and made a noncommittal hum.

Lin Zhan then continued. “She really sent the medicine in the morning. I remembered what you said last night, so I drank it three times, just as she told me. I wanted to use this to embarrass her, but I really do feel much more energetic today, and my breath no longer smells. It’s amazing.”

Bo Yunli took it with a grain of salt. He pointed at Lu Wenbin and motioned for him to smell Lin Zhan’s breath.

Lu Wenbin did as he was ordered to, and a second later, he said, “Chairman, Young Master Lin’s breath is refreshing, and there’s even a faint fragrance to it.”

“Cousin, do you think she got lucky? How could she know something like that?” Lin Zhan asked enigmatically.

Bo Yunli did not respond to his cousin.. He just turned to look at Lu Wenbin. “And why did you come over in such a hurry? What do you want to tell me?”

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