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Su Ye had pretty good hearing. When she heard her name, she looked over, but the person had turned tail and ran as if he had seen the Black Death itself.

The stall’s boss stared at the cut surface of the stone and could not recover from his shock even after a long while. When he finally did recollect himself, he spoke up with sparkling eyes. “Girl, you have good luck. I’ll buy this stone for 300,000 RMB.”

The crowd that had calmed down burst into a ruckus again. Everyone was filled with admiration and envy.

The boss looked at Su Xing. “Boy, where’s your QR code? I’ll transfer the money to you, okay?”

Su Xing used his hand to push his jaw up. Ever since his sister dyed her hair a dull green, he had felt that she was a hidden boss. The day had finally come!

The boss was just about to scan the QR code when Su Ye blocked the camera with a pale and petite hand.

The boss could not understand it. “What’s the meaning of this?”

Su Ye raised an eyebrow, and a nonchalant smile bloomed on her lips. “450,000 RMB. A coin less, and I won’t sell it.”

The boss’s rowdy and thick eyebrows instantly scrunched together. ‘Is this girl an expert? If I sell this jade, I can praise it to high heavens and lie a little, which would make it sell it for around 500,000 RMB. But she wants 450,000 RMB. It’s putting me on the spot. Should I agree? But I’ll feel like I suffered a loss. But if I don’t, I’ll be throwing that price difference of 50,000 RMB out the window for nothing. I can’t accept it.’

Su Xing was cunning despite his young age. When he saw the situation, he quickly put his phone away and spoke to Su Ye. His words, however, were meant for the boss. “Sis, since he won’t agree to it, we can sell it to someone else. This is good stuff, so there’ll definitely be buyers.”

The boss became anxious when he heard this. He gritted his teeth and said, “You really love putting on airs, huh! 450,000 RMB it is! Show me your QR code!”

An hour later, Su Ye paid all her overdue loans through the apps on her phone and gave the remaining 800 RMB to Su Xing as an allowance.

Su Xing looked up. “Sis, you’re amazing. If we buy more stones with this 800 RMB, won’t we get rich?”

Su Ye was not interested in it. She said coolly, “That’s just a small sum of money, and I only came here to solve a crisis. Next time, I’ll show you what it means to really earn money.”

While they were on their way out of the antique market, Su Ye passed by an old shop that sold turquoise and amber. She immediately recognized the man talking to the owner of the shop as the one she saw in the crowd earlier.

Since he could identify them, he had to know them. She walked over and patted his shoulder.

The man turned around and saw them. In an instant, an anguished look appeared on his elegant face. “M-Miss Su, Young Master Su…”

The moment Su Ye saw his face, she searched through her grandniece’s blurry memories and found that he was Bo Yunli’s special assistant. His name was Lu Wenbin.

When Lu Wenbin saw that her hand was still on his shoulder, he used the fastest speed he could muster to take a few steps back. “Miss Su, please conduct yourself with dignity.”

His expression made him seem like a young widow who had been taken advantage of by the landlord in ancient times.

It was true, though, that Lu Wenbin was terrified of Su Ye. Every time he ran into her, something bad happened. To get the chairman in her hands, she pestered him every day to learn the chairman’s schedule. When he refused to share it, she had once grabbed his hand and refused to let go while threatening to scream that he molested her.

Even though the chairman did not like her, they were engaged. If she really screamed, there was no way Lu Wenbin could explain things clearly when she could pester someone endlessly and act out with her unreasonable personality. The chairman would then definitely misunderstand.

Hence, Lu Wenbin had been forced to betray his chairman a few times.

Now, the moment he saw Su Ye, his first reaction was to run!

It was the same right now.

But the owner of the shop was an old man in his eighties. He was emaciated but still energetic. When he saw that his major customer was about to run, he calmly pushed a button under the table.

With a bang, the door of the shop swung shut in front of Lu Wenbin. It passed just 0..1 cm away from his nose.

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