Chapter 1 - Age of Adepts

2032, Earth.

After many years of development, the first generation of the Biological Assistance Chip was released.

This Biological Assistance Chip was said to work by being embedded into one’s DNA and would perfectly merge with the host, fully utilizing the current abilities of the host and assisting them in all facets of their lives, whether they be work, school, or entertainment related.

Of course, in order to avoid the chip becoming too intelligent and taking control of the user, the first generation of the chip didn’t possess a complete, working artificial intelligence, but only had simple data storage and analysis functions. However, It was still capable of accomplishing work that required a huge amount of data processing, and, thus, was able to assist the user with complex tasks, which would normally strain the mind.

As one of 50,000 lucky people across the world, Li Xun had been selected as a first batch user and was given the Biological Assistance Chip, which he had always dreamed of, right after product launch.

Inside his home, Li Xuan unwrapped the package, which had made all his friends green with envy, and took out the Biological Assistance Chip.

In this day and age, technology had become quite advanced. The so-called Biological Assistance Chip was not one of those antique silicone chips, which needed to implanted, but a milky white orb that one would swallow. It was pill sized.

Following the instructions in the user manual, Li Xuan swallowed the orb and lay flat on his bed, patiently waiting for the chip to be absorbed into his body.

The white orb disintegrated in Li Xuan’s stomach, slowly seeping into his cells, and then penetrating deeper into his physiology before embedding itself into Li Xuan’s DNA and becoming part of his body.

The Biological Assistance Chip had now become an essential part of his life, able to enhance all of his senses to assist him.

But, as other users of the chip were busy getting used to a whole new set of senses, Li Xuan, who was obsessed with data and computing, was busy connecting the chip to the Internet.

However, as he was getting ready to experience the pleasure diving into the world of data, at the very moment that the Biological Assistance Chip connected to the link that led him to the vast amount of data in the new World Information Network, the immense ocean of data contained within immediately swallowed Li Xuan’s small, weak soul consciousness.

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