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“I didn’t think Top-level Warrior Apprentices like us would have a chance of being recruited by Wanshan University in advance.”

“This is what I call luck. I heard that Wanshan University is going to enroll more students and establish a branch campus. That’s why we’ve been given a chance.”

“Yeah. Otherwise, why would Wanshan University even recruit Warrior Apprentices? But with our qualifications, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we were admitted to Wanshan University’s branch campus.”

In the square of Yunhai No.3 Senior High School, 32 students stood in a neat line.

These 32 students were all the Top-level Warrior Apprentices that Yunhai No.3 Senior High School had at present.

As for the Warrior Path students who had broken into the Dark Iron Rank, most of them had already been recruited by Wanshan University some time ago.

On the other hand, students who weren’t at the Top-level Warrior Apprentice level weren’t eligible to stand here in the square.

“I wonder if any of you guys have heard about Yang Yiming, that forever number one guy in our school’s special class. He isn’t going to join Wanshan University at this time, but he wants to attend the college entrance examination this year and go to Zhongzhou University.”

“Zhongzhou University?” some students exclaimed.

There was a total of nine prefectures in the country of Xia. Zhongzhou prefecture housed the nation’s capital. At the same time, Zhongzhou University was also the number one university in the entire country of Xia.

It had been decades since anyone from Yunhai City had been admitted to Zhongzhou University.

As for Jiangzhou University in the prefecture of Jiangzhou, more than ten years ago, it could still rank among the top ten best universities.

But over the years, Jiangzhou University had declined, and now it had fallen below the 20th ranked university.

However, Yang Yiming was the most outstanding student Yunhai City had had in the past ten years.

He had awakened his beat taming talents two years ago.

In just two years, he had become a Bronze-Ranked Beast Tamer and had gained possession of two powerful beasts.

One of them was a Bronze-Ranked Winged Tiger, and the other one was a Lightning Swift.

It was true that he stood a chance of getting enrolled at Zhongzhou University.

“Beast Tamer, huh.” Ye Xuan felt envious when he heard Yang Yiming’s name being mentioned.

This era was the era of Beast Tamers.

People only become Warriors because there was no other option.

“That guy became a Top-level Warrior Apprentice?”

In the square, some students were there to watch the fun. An Zhenghao stood among them. Looking at Ye Xuan, who was standing in the square, he was surprised.

However, he didn’t really care either.

Ye Xuan had just only become a Top-level Warrior Apprentice. The odds that Wanshan University would pick him were really slim.

As for him, he had already become a Dark Iron Warrior two months ago.

This time, he had even rejected Wanshan University’s invitation. He was preparing to pass the exam in two months and go to Wanshan University’s main campus, and not the branch campus that had just been established.


At that moment, a violent gust of wind abruptly blew above the square.

Then, a ginormous shadow covered the sky and blotted out the sun.

In an instant, it touched down before the crowd.

“This thing…”

Ye Xuan’s eyes widened in shock.

What appeared in front of him was a huge golden male lion standing at more than ten meters tall.

“This thing is a royal among Golden Lions. It’s said that even the weakest of its kind are Gold-Rank beasts!”

Chai Chang, who was standing next to Ye Xuan, was staring at the enormous lion’s sky-blue eyes, his own eyes shining brilliantly. He was extremely excited.

At that moment, accompanied by the appearance of the Golden Lion, an elegant figure slowly drifted down from the lion’s head.

Aside from him, someone else, who was rather advanced in age, descended from the sky.

It was the principal of Yunhai City No.3 Senior High School.

“Hello, fellow students. I am Li Wenjie, a tutor from Wanshan University.”

After the few landed on the ground, they whispered a few words to each other. The person who had drifted down from the colossal Golden Lion said softly,

“I assume that all of you know the purpose of my visit this time. Without further ado, I will let this Golden Lion King of mine unleash its intimidating power in a while. Whoever endures its terrifying pressure the longest will be recruited in advance by Wanshan University’s branch campus.”

Was it going to begin that soon?

The students on the square were startled. Then, they quickly prepped themselves.

“I hope nothing bad happens.” At that moment, although Ye Xuan was astonished by the appearance of this tutor by the name of Lu Wenjie, after he said this, his eyes fell onto the countdown timer in his field of vision.

At that moment, there were only a few seconds left before the countdown would end.


Just as these thoughts entered Ye Xuan’s mind, the Golden Lion that stood before him raised its head abruptly and took a step forward.

After taking a step forward, a fearful energy propagated outwards from its body like a turbulent wave and fell upon the students in front of him, including Ye Xuan.

All of a sudden, the students felt as if they were skiffs on a vast ocean with tumultuous waves.

It felt as if they would flip over at any time.


And at that moment, when the force radiating from the Golden Lion fell on all the students, Ye Xuan’s head also seemed like it was exploding.

There was the sound of rumbling thunder in his ears.

Immediately afterward, the world spinning, he fell headfirst into the ground.


The Golden Lion, which had just exuded its terrifying power, quickly withdrew its intimidating pressure and let out a low growl, which rumbled throughout the square. At the same time, it felt somewhat perturbed.

“What’s going on?” it thought.

“Did I unleash too much power just now?

Although I want to scare these little fellas, they shouldn’t break down immediately, am I right?”

It pulled back its head.

At the same time, Li Wenjie, who was standing beside the lion, knitted his eyebrows and channeled his Mind Energy towards Ye Xuan.

After a while, he raised his brows and said softly to the principal of No.3 Senior High School, “It’s nothing serious. This student’s blood is mixed with medicinal power. It seems that he has just taken a pill to attain a breakthrough. Though his blood and Qi have reached that of a Top-level Warrior Apprentice, he is still lacking in mental strength. Ask someone to take him down.”

Hearing this, Wen Huaqing, the principal of Yunhai No.3 Senior High School, had a sour expression on his face.

He immediately waved his hand and asked for two instructors to come and take Ye Xuan away from the square.

“Haha, that’s friggin hilarious.”

In the distance, An Zhenghao laughed at this scene.

Before this, he’d been surprised that Ye Xuan had actually broken into the ranks of Top-level Warrior Apprentices, but he hadn’t expected that Ye Xuan would expose himself after such a short amount of time.

“A waste will remain a waste forever! Is he seriously thinking about altering his fate? Hah!”

He shook his head, turned around, and left.

There was nothing exciting left to see.

He was a Dark Iron Warrior, and it was possible for him to be admitted to the main campus of Wanshan University based solely on his strength.

If Ye Xuan hadn’t rejected him several times when all he wanted was to get that elf of his as his pet, he wouldn’t have wasted his time on Ye Xuan.

“Ye Xuan… Ye Xuan? Are you alright?

In the square, Chai Chang immediately ran to Ye Xuan, who had fainted.

Together with the two teachers, they took Ye Xuan out of the square.

He was completely unfit to take the assessment.

“Boo-hoo X﹏X, Ye Xuan…” At the same time, Lil Wan flew stumblingly out of Ye Xuan’s sleeves.

This time, because the school hadn’t told the students about the specifics of Wanshan University’s assessment, she had also endured the force the lion had unleashed, and her head was still dizzy even now.

“Lil Wan, Chai Chang, I’m fine.”

After a while, Ye Xuan woke up from his groggy state.

Seeing the anxiety in Lil Wan and Chai Chang’s eyes, he forced a smile.

But as soon as told them he was fine, he suddenly discovered that, in his mind, a strange panel had appeared out of nowhere.

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