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“Grandpa Lu, Brother Fu.” Qin Sheng’s eyes turned red as she looked at the villa behind the iron bars.

They were the people who had truly treated her well in this world, but she had let them down. It was not until her death that Fu Hanchuan’s painful cries rang in her ears that she truly understood.

Fortunately, she had a chance to do it all over again.

Qin Sheng did not knock on the door and enter. She only stayed outside for an hour.

When she left, a car passed by her.

Qin Sheng’s figure flashed past, and a familiar figure appeared in Fu Hanchuan’s mind.

He slammed on the brakes, opened the car door, and ran out.

However, Fu Hanchuan looked for a long distance, but he did not see the figure he saw.

Fu Hanchuan could not help but pinch the space between his eyebrows.

It seemed that he was hallucinating. She was just a woman who appeared in his dream. She did not exist in reality.

Fu Hanchuan got into the car, started it up again, and drove back to the villa.

When Grandfather Lu saw Fu Hanchuan, he blew on his beard. “Fu Hanchuan, have you sent someone to look for her?”

Fu Hanchuan slowly rolled up his sleeves, took the scissors from Grandfather Lu, and trimmed the tall grass. “There will be news in the next two days.”

Grandfather Lu was satisfied, “The first time I saw that girl, I really liked her. One look and I knew she was good. If it weren’t for her, my old bones would have been buried. Hanchuan, when you see her, you can’t be cold and scare the little girl.”

His grandson was good in everything, but he was too cold and didn’t care about anything.

His personality was similar to that girl’s.

Thinking of this, Old Master Lu’s eyes lit up. He looked Fu Hanchuan up and down and stroked his beard thoughtfully.

His grandson was much older than her, but he would dote on her when he was older.

She was good-looking, and his grandson wasn’t bad either. They could be a good match.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible. He nodded repeatedly and said, “Hanchuan, remember to bring her home when you find her.”

Fu Hanchuan’s hand paused and he frowned. He did not feel much rejection in his heart.

After Qin Sheng left the Gu family villa, she first went to buy a few sets of clothes. Then, she went to the computer city to buy a computer and then a mobile phone.

When she returned to the Qin family, no one cared about her. Lin Shuya and Qin Hai stayed in the room. When Qin Churou saw Qin Sheng, her eyes were filled with contempt and she did not say a word.

Qin Sheng was also happy and at ease.

After closing the door, she turned on her computer and logged onto the hacker’s website. The Hacker Empire, or Black Emperor for short.

Black Emperor gathered hacker experts from all over the world and was divided into two parts. One was a forum for hackers to chat on, and the other was a competition arena. It was similar to a game, but the difference was… The target of the attack was either virtual or a direct attack on a real-life network.

In her previous life, Qin Sheng had also discovered this website by chance, so she did not pay too much attention to it.

After registering her account, Qin Sheng posted a battle post.

[QS: Challenge, 10,000 USD once.]

Her tone was cold.

After waiting for 10 minutes, there was still no response. Qin Sheng logged out of the website, opened the financial website, and began to check the stock market.

The mouse swiped, and page after page flashed past. Qin Sheng read very quickly, and very quickly, she finished flipping through the stocks that were now listed.

Qin Sheng’s delicate brows furrowed slightly.

What she pursued were high returns. These stocks were not very good choices.

Her fingertips tapped on the mouse lightly, and the computer changed to the pages of the stocks that were about to be listed. Qin Sheng patiently browsed through them one by one.. When she saw the last stock, her gaze froze.

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