Chapter 2 - 108 Maidens of Destiny

Major Shu Jing turned 21 this year, and he was the most outstanding young pilot in the entire country. He was given the honour of test flying the new fourth generation fighter aircraft, the J14 Falcon. The exercise this time was especially important, as both the Chairman of the Central Military and the Army General would be personally attending the event.

Shu Jing was performing various aerial maneuvers at the height of 10,000 metres above sea level. Just as he engaged the supersonic function, a bright storm cloud came out of nowhere and enveloped the entire aircraft, taking him with it.

Countless illusions rushed through his mind, overwhelming images of fantastical worlds continuously bombarded him to the point where he forgot how to think.

Suddenly there were images of many girls, each as radiant as shooting stars, surrounding him. This caused his head to split with excruciating pain, and he jolted awake. Only now did the torrent of visions that was flooding his mind end.

“Headquarters! This is falcon 00, there is an abnormal situation!”.

Shu Jing gritted his teeth and endured the pain he was suffering while attempting to transmit an emergency report to the control center on the ground.

The communication system remained silent…

Following that, Shu Jing was surprised to discover that all the electronic systems on the aircraft were completely out-of-order.

The temperature inside the aircraft began to slowly climb, Shu Jing felt like he was inside a furnace.

“J14-00 losing control, pilot Shu Jing is requesting permission to use parachute!”.

Shu Jing issued the emergency request as beads of sweat slide down his forehead.

Damn it!

Shu Jing quietly cursed.

“J14-00 losing control, pilot Shu Jing requesting permission to use the parachute!”.


“J14-00 losing control, pilot Shu Jing requesting permission to use the parachute!”.


“J14-00 losing … thank you for the country’s contribution, I’m jumping!”.


Liangshan Continent.

Thousand Mount Kingdom, Clear Wilderness Highland.

Smoke and dust billows upwards as horses gallops across the grassland.

A cavalry squad made up of 60 soldiers were thunderously howling while aggressively pursuing a target, their demeanor gleeful and proud.

The prey they were currently chasing was not a wild wolf, nor was it a deer, but a 17, 18 years old girl.

This young girl was running as swift as the wind, even faster in comparison to the horses chasing her.

But of course there were limits to her endurance, and after a few minutes her pace slowed down. The cavalry took this chance to split up and surrounded her.

A young man wearing a white robe stepped up and snickered, “Beauty, you should obediently follow this young master. Do you think that this young master will mistreat you?”

The girl lift her head and puff out her chest. Even though she was surrounded by the cavalry, her expression remained composed. Her radiant black eyes carried a hint of disdain, “You think you have the qualifications?”

“Ha ha, rumours about the Star Knights’ arrogance are definitely true, in order to make a contract, aside from making you willingly submit, one can only beat you half to death.” The white-robed young man laughed loudly while raising his whip. “Brothers, let her have a little taste of our power.”

The grassland resounded with excited roars.

Over fifty cavalryman armed with spears, lances and sabres leapt forward on horseback.

The girl’s expressions remained unchanged except for a slight smile full of contempt: “If you all wish to die that badly, then I will fulfill it!”. Her hands curled around the empty air and a shining frosty spear instantly appeared in her grip.

The spear shot forward while emitting a fierce killing intent, piercing it’s way through from armour to armour.

Before anyone noticed what was happening, the first two soldiers at the front have already lost their heads.


The remaining members of the squad became enraged when they saw this.

The shining spear continued to lunge forward mercilessly. An armoured soldier who had just raised his own spear suddenly discovered a massive hole in his own chest. The girl didn’t try to retrieve her spear, on the contrary she used the momentum as leverage to jump forwards and forced the spear to swipe in an arc.

The only thing that could be heard was the sound of metal breaking apart, and then ten decapitated heads flew high up into the sky.

The soldiers from behind were struck with terror, their arms wildly swinging their weapons.

The young girl’s movements were extremely fast and her killing was swift and decisive, causing everyone’s face to pale in fear. She continue to casually slaughter her way through the squad, easily avoiding their attempt at catching her. The air in the surrounding area slowly became submerged in a fine red mist and horrified shrieks continuously echoes throughout the plain.

The originally confident white-robed youth became so pale that his face resembled ash.

Moments later, more than fifty cavalryman turned into fifty unrecognisable mutilated corpses.

By the time the young girl shifted her cold eyes toward the young man, he was already so scared that he immediately planted his knees on the ground.

“Please don’t kill me!”

The tip of her spear stopped inches from his face. The young man whose pants that was already soaked became even wetter as he lost control of his bowels.

“You want to teach me a lesson with this pathetic appearance?” The girl laughed out loud.

Even though it had taken over fifty lives, the spear on her hand did not show a single trace of blood.

“Arctic Star Serpent Spear?!”.

The youth gave a frightened squeak when he recognised the spear.

“You are Majestic Star “Panther Head” Lin Chong!”.

“Now do you know who I am?” The girl slightly flex the spear on her hand while grinning “A man worthy of my submission does not exist in this world!”

“Yes… Yes! This doggy servant has eyes but did not see, I sincerely beg Big Sister Lin to spare my small life.” The young man was trembling as he spoke while lamenting in his heart — Heavens, this young girl was actually the Majestic Star, no wonder why she was so swift and fierce. Legends says Panther Head was very quick-tempered and arrogant, until this day no one has been able to tame her. He can only blame his bad luck for provoking this demon in sheep’s clothes.

“It seems you have trouble controlling yourself, I will lend you some help.”

Lin Chong sneered, and then a light abruptly flashed by.

The youth could only feel a strange chilly sensation on his soaked underwear, and then suddenly bursts of red warm blood explode out from his crotch, causing him to shriek like a slaughtered pig.

He was castrated!

“Get out of my sight.”

With her serpent spear disappearing out of sight, the girl wiped her mouth and left, not wasting anymore time on this useless trash.

The white-robed youth did not dare to say anything else, he was thankful to his ancestors for being able to keep his little life after encountering this monster. He swallowed the pain and climbed on his horse, whipping it to head back to the fortress, continually cursing Lin Chong from the bottom of his heart.


Next to a creek in Clear Wilderness Mountain.

The girl untied a ribbon causing her hair to come loose, taking with it her clothes and revealing a delicate and supple body figure, the mounds on her chest perky and full. She stepped into the refreshing cool water to wash off blood. If any man dare to come peek at her right now, she would mercilessly turn them into women.

After washing herself for a little while, a loud bang suddenly came from the sky.

She looked up and saw a huge fireball breaking through the clouds at a breakneck pace, heading directly towards the creek she was standing in.

Her expression quickly changed. She attempted to grab her clothes and jump out of the water, but she was a step too late, the fireball’s speed was unimaginably fast, within a blink of an eye it had grown several times bigger, loudly crashing down.

A thunderous explosion resounded!

Flames covered the sky.

Several miles away, Shu Jing was using his multipurpose knife to cut off the parachute ropes.

“There goes my credibility”. Shu Jing sat on the grass and looked at the distant smoke column rising while sighing deeply. As the number one ace pilot of his country, he crash landed the latest aircraft J14 in its very first official flight. Truly, it will be quite difficult to look others in the eyes for a long time.

After he checked and discovered no problematic injuries on his body, he stood up to investigate the surrounding, unable to suppress a strange feeling welling inside his heart.

This exercise was done at a top-secret airbase, not in the current grassland where he was at. Could it be that the J14 was so fast in its supersonic mode that it has already traveled out-of-bounds? Although he still felt puzzled, Shu Jing was too lazy to question it any further, the most important thing now is that he need to head towards the crash site.

Shu Jing quickly made his way to a valley, in front of him lied a painful scene.

Fourth generation Fighter Aircraft J14 – the pride and joy of his country currently looked like it had been ran over by a bulldozer, completely smashed into scraps and pieces.

As Shu Jing wandered around the site, suddenly he caught sight of a nearby young woman’s petite figure passed out on the creek. His heart jumped and silently cursed. The Air Force had a very serious policy, if a mechanical failure happens while flying in residential zones, the pilot was forbidden from abandoning the plane. Even though he was the so-called ace, he will also be heavily reprimanded if harm comes to civilians.

He quickly ran over and brought the girl onto the shore.

It looks like the girl was having a bath, her whole body was soaked with a piece of gown barely hanging onto her completely naked body. As Shu Jing lift her up to bring her ashore, her gown parted and casually revealed a magnificent pair of towering peaks, causing Shu Jing’s blood to boil. Luckily, as a soldier he has undergone intense physical and mental training, Shu Jing was able to hold onto a piece of his judgement as he brought the girl to a flat-bed of grass, and quickly cover her up with the gown.

The girl’s face was only pale and her body show no obvious wounds. She must have been knocked out by the pressure emitted during the impact, but unfortunately she passed out inside the creek, she must have drunk quite a lot of water.

Thinking of this, Shu Jing hurriedly held her in position and lifts up her cute little nose. He took a deep breath and knelt down to perform artificial respiration.

The moment their lips touched, Shu Jing suddenly felt a powerful suction force coming from inside the girl’s body, locking his lips with hers tightly. Something damp and sweet-smelling made its way towards his tongue and binding it while his skin grew red like it was on fire. Shu Jing discovered that shining on the girl’s forehead was a dazzling star symbol, yet before he had the time to think about what it meant, his own forehead began burning with pain, as if somebody was carving on it using the tip of a sword!

As his head felt like it was bursting apart, his body lost all strength and became tightly intertwined with the girl’s. Everything became hazy, and briefly before losing consciousness, he witnessed a blinding ray of star light radiating outwards from inside her…

Beneath the night sky, a crimson star shone brightly.

Birds chirped as the flower’s fragrance spread through the morning breeze.

Shu Jing slowly woke up. He felt like he was lying on a soft, strange substance, akin to a high end mattresses. He unintentionally gave it a squeeze.

A small moan coming from below was like a bucket of water thrown at his head, causing Shu Jing to hastily open his eyes and notice he had been sleeping on top of a girl who has woken up from since who knows when. Her red face and embarrassed eyes were staring at his hands that was groping her chest.

Shu Jing expressions remained deadpan as he slowly climbed off the girl. He then solemnly asked: “Are you feeling well? I hope you didn’t catch a cold because of what happened yesterday…”


The girl shot up and crouched down next to the creek, staring at her own reflection in a trance.

Seeing her panicked expression, Shu Jing guessed that something far worse than he anticipated has happened.

The girl parted the hair on her forehead aside, lightly touching it and causing a bright star symbol to once again emerge. The girl’s entire body trembled, her fist clenched so tightly the joints became deadly white, her frosty eyes looking at the figure of a relaxing young man bathing in the river while singing some incomprehensible songs.

It actually sounded pretty good.

The girl shook her head, fiercely repelling the thoughts that was forming in her mind. It was all the fault of the man standing in front of her. The damn man who dared to lie on top of her and even took a nap overnight, and he even, even….

Arctic Star Serpent Spear appeared out of thin air on her hand, killing intent intensely radiating from it.

A light suddenly flashed towards Shu Jing.

Shu Jing noticed the girl’s abnormal behaviour, but by the time he took half a step back, the sharp spear tip has already found its way to his neck. The girl’s speed was astoundingly fast.

The girl suddenly grit her teeth and barked.

“Your servant is Majestic Star “Panther Head” Lin Chong, from this day forward I am your woman!”

Shu Jing felt like he was being choked to death with shock.