Chapter 3 - Almighty Coach

Chapter 3: Training starts

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The subjects of the high school PE entrance exam differed depending on region. Yuzhou City, where Dai Li lived, had three tests on the high school PE entrance class. For boys, there was the 1000-meter race, standing long jump, and pull-ups. Girls were required to do the 800-meter race, standing long jump, and sit-ups. Because the full score for the entire exam was 60 points, each activity counted for 20 points.

Compared to the girls, the activities for boys were much more difficult. And they were obviously even more difficult for this group of little chubbies.

Standing long jump might have been the easiest one - as long as you got the hang of it you could pass the exam, even if you were a little big. For those students who were overweight, running the 1000-meter race was not that difficult. It would be more of a question of whether they could finish the race in time or not. If they were too slow, they would get no points at all.

As for the pull-ups, it could be like hell for those fatties. For teenagers whose bodies were not developed enough, their arms were weak points. Those who weighed less had an advantage when it came to pull-ups. Some middle school students who seemingly suffered from malnutrition could easily finish couple dozens of pull-ups, while those who were well-built had much more difficulty performing this exercise. Some of the overweight students, on the other hand, couldn't even complete one pull-up.

Today, the group who had come to the training belonged to the last category. If they had been good at sports, they wouldn't have even spent the money to join this special training class.

"My name is Dai Li. I will be your coach. From now on, you will call me Coach Li instead of Teacher Li!" Dai Li put emphasis on the word "coach."

"Alright, let's begin. Everybody follow me to do some warm-up exercises!" said Dai Li.

Even if Dai Li could not be considered a coach, he was at least a sports training student. When he was at school, his grades were not bad, nor had he ever failed any classes. In order to be a teacher after graduation, he had even studied education. It wouldn't be difficult for of his ability to train a bunch of middle school students.

"I think you should use that top-level coach trial card!" a voice said in Dai Li's mind. It was the golden head from the Coaching System.

"The top-level coach trial card. I would have forgotten about it if you hadn't reminded me!" Dai Li's consciousness went into the Coaching System and pasted the card on his body. The number 14 appeared on the card.

"14 days. This number will decrease one by one as the days go by. The card will disappear when the number turns to zero." Dai Li checked his own status while the system spoke.

Name: Dai Li

Coach Level: Newbie(0/100)

Others: Top-level coach trial card (14 days left)

Training List: None

"You have to add those students to your training list, this way your training will be effective for them," the system continued.

"Okay, add these names to the list. Xiaoming Huang, Xun Li, Congcong Wu…by the way, does this training list accept everyone?" Dai Li asked suddenly.

"Of course not. Those added to your training list must be those you train yourself. If they are no longer being trained by you, then they will be removed from the list. You can also delete them from the list yourself. You can add a random person to test that," said the System.

Dai Li followed the System's words and started to think about some of the world's best athletes. However, the system indicated that it couldn't add them to the list. Then Dai Li tried to add some of his roommates to the list, but still failed.

"So it's true that I can only add those who are trained by me!" Dai Li considered this, then returned to reality and began the real training.

Pull-ups were one of the subjects of the high school PE entrance exam, mainly testing upper body development, as well as hanging strength. Many people thought that pull-ups were all about having muscle in their arms. In reality, it was not only about having strong arms, but also having strong shoulders and a strong back. Just like those bodybuilders in the gyms, they were actually doing pull-ups to train the muscles in their back as opposed to the muscles in their arms.

To practice pull-ups, it was very important to learn how to use your strength. For those who couldn't even finish one pull-up, it was not that they didn't have enough strength, but that they didn't know proper technique. Normally, those who couldn't even finish one pull-up could do at least one or two after learning the correct form. The first mission for Dai Li was to teach his students how to make the right movements, and how to use their strength along with technique.

Pull-ups were actually the most basic movement for sports training. It was also the most familiar one for a college student who had majored in sports training. For him, it was a piece of cake to teach them the right movements and techniques to best use their strength.

"Xiaoming Huang, pay attention to using the strength of your shoulders. Use your shoulders to lead your body. Very good. Use more strength. Do not just use your forearms. Use the strength from all of your upper body muscles. Don't raise your hips, that won't work! Raise your shoulders, yes, like that! Well done! Try it again!"

Dai Li had started out supporting his legs, but now he had let them go completely and instructed Xiaoming Huang to complete a pull-up again by himself.

"I succeeded! I finished a pull-up on my own!" Xiaoming Huang came down from the horizontal bar and hailed rapturously. The other students looked at him enviously.

Dai Li wiped the sweat from his forehead. He mumbled to himself, "This Xiaoming Huang looks heavy and slow. However, he is pretty smart, and his comprehension is not bad. I only taught him once and he's already mastered the techniques. Could it be that he actually has talent on sports?"

"It has nothing to do with his talents. It is the 'top-level coach' card that rocks!" said the System again.

"What does that mean?" Dai Li asked in his mind.

"Xiaoming Huang is just a normal person. Because he's overweight, his flexibility and compatibility are worse than the others. Because you are now in 'top-level coach' condition, it gives Xiaoming Huang a top-level training result. It only takes him one time to learn the techniques of a pull-up." The system stopped, then continued, "If you don't believe it, you can try it on the others."

After a while, the rest of the 11 students all mastered the technique for pull-ups. Most of them learned it after only one practice session. Very few of them needed to practice more than once to master it. This made Dai Li realize that the System was no joke.

The technique for pull-ups was not that difficult, but it was, however, impossible for normal people to learn it after trying it only once. Athletes or dancers who had been trained professionally spent less time than the average person when learning a new movement. This was because their bodies had better flexibility and compatibility. It took a longer time for obese people to learn a new movement than the normal people because they possessed poor flexibility and coordination.

Of course, there was always exception. Jinbao Hong, for example, was a well-know agile chubby. Considering his shape, he deserved words of praise like "genius" because of his flexibility and agility! But geniuses were not everywhere. If it had just been Xiaoming Huang, Dai Li could take it as coincidence. But all 12 students were like this. It took them no time for them to master the technique for a pull-up. It couldn't be that all 12 people were geniuses. The only explanation was that the Coaching System really ruled!

"The Coaching System really works. I can't believe that God has given me such an incredible cheating system! If everything goes well, these chubbies can all get full scores on the high school PE entrance exam in two weeks!" Dai Li thought to himself.