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Upon saying that, Mu Dabing added right away, “I know that the Cen family is in a financial crisis now, and I still remember that it was the Cen family that helped us when our Mu family was in a difficult situation back in those years. However, you can’t expect us to return the kindness just because we’re grateful for your help. That’s not how a noble person would act!”

The Cen family was in a financial crisis? Since when was the Cen family in a financial crisis? So it turned out that the Mu family wanted to annul the engagement because of this?


Zhou Xiang narrowed her eyes.

Mu Dabing waved his hand to summon a servant who came with a tray covered with a piece of red cloth. “Mrs. Cen, my old brother Haifeng gave me 100,000 bucks when the Mu family was in a crisis back in those years. Now, our Mu family is returning it twofold.”

Haifeng gave him 100,000 bucks back in those years. They returned 200,000 now, so it was already considered a repayment of sorts.

Mu Dabing had removed the red fabric covering the tray while he spoke. There were stacks of brand new Renminbi notes on the tray and also a jade pendant. The pendant was in the shape of a dragon.

Zhou Xiang used to look up to Mu Dabing. However, she now felt as if it was her first day being acquainted with the man. Had she not witnessed it with her own eyes, she would never have believed that the man before her was Mu Dabing!

So it turned out that time really could change a man. The Cen family did not insist on the union between the Mu and Cen families by marriage back in those years, but Mu Dabing himself promised it.

Now, he wanted to cut ties with the Cen family and proposed an annulment after hearing the rumors that the Cen family was in a financial crisis. Yet, he still assumed a strong sense of righteousness.

He made a promise, yet he went back on his own word. He was simply hypocritical!

Noticing that Zhou Xiang did not speak, Mu Dabing furrowed his brows. “What is the matter? Do you think that it’s too little? That’s 200,000 bucks! Mrs. Cen, a person whose heart is not content is like a snake which tries to swallow an elephant.”

She thought that it was a small amount! That was a little shameless of her.

Zhou Xiang looked at Mu Dabing again and said, “Mu Dabing! You’re an ungrateful man devoid of gratitude!”

Had it not been for the 100,000 bucks from 25 years ago, could the Mu family sustain until now?

The Mu family was actually humiliating them by giving them 200,000 bucks. What a joke!

“How much do you want then? Give me a number!” Mu Dabing gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes. “It’s best for you not to be too thick-skinned when I’m showing you respect here, Zhou Xiang! There’s a limit to my patience!”

Zhou Xiang took out another pendant from her pocket and smashed it ferociously on the ground. “Sure, since you insist on the annulment, I shall fulfill your wish then! The engagement between our two families has been called off! Our friendship has been broken off too! We shall be completely isolated from each other’s lives! It’s best that you do not regret this!”

Regret? Did Zhou Xiang really think that the Cen family was desirable?

Mu Yourong’s gaze was tainted with mockery. “Auntie, please remember your actions today too. Never ever regret your choice and do something embarrassing later that goes against your words!”

Mu Yourong did not want to be affiliated with a fallen family like the Cen family. If they were to cut ties, they had to do it cleanly. This was to prevent the Cen family from causing trouble in the future.

Mu Dabing pulled out a few cash notes from his wallet and put them on the tray. “Mrs. Cen, our families have had a good relationship for many years. Here’s some extra money; take it as a small token from me. It’s not easy for you, a widow with kids, to survive out there. If there’s really no other way for all of you to survive in the future such that you have to live on the streets, you can still seek refuge from our Mu family! We have a few spare servant rooms in the house; just think of it as our charity!”

Since he had already gone all out, there was no need for him to put up an act anymore. Anyhow, the Cen family was just a fallen family now.

Zhou Xiang picked up the other jade pendant and turned around to help Mrs. Cen to stand up. She did all this with a furious expression on her face. “Let’s leave, mom!”

Mrs. Cen was a woman who had seen it all. Even though she was very furious, she did not express her rage.

“Mrs. Cen, you forgot to take the money!” Mu Dabing ordered the servant to send the money to her.

Zhou Xiang looked back ever so slightly and cussed for the first time in her life. “Our Cen family has no need for trifle money like this! You can keep the money for you to buy your coffins!”

With that, Mu Dabing chuckled aloud right away. He clapped and said, “Well, well, well! You’re tough! You’re spirited! I’ve finally witnessed it today; the personification of the statement – ‘so poor that one only has their spirit left’!”

Had the Cen behaved more humbly and displayed their inferiority today, he would still show mercy and charity to them when they were kicked out of their home and onto the streets. Judging by the situation now, it seemed that there was no need for that anymore! What a group of ungrateful people!

The survival or death of the Cen family members was not related to him the slightest bit from now on.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xiang helped Mrs. Chen outside. A low-profile MPV was parked at the door. It did not even have a license plate.

Noticing that Zhou Xiang and Mrs. Cen were there, the driver hastily got out of the car and opened the door. “Madam, Mrs. Cen.”

The expression on Zhou Xiang’s face was barely discernible. She instructed, “Head back to the manor. Also, inform Uncle Lin not to come with the others.”

“Uncle Lin and the others are almost here.” The assistant seated next to the driver turned around.

For the first time, the Cen family prepared a large amount of dowry and ordered the butler, Uncle Lin, to deliver it straight from Beijing.

She counted the days and realized that the dowry was arriving today, coincidentally.

“Send them back by the way they came.”

The assistant was stunned for a moment but then answered, “Alright.”

Madam Cen and Zhou Xiang sat in the backseat. None of them uttered a word, and the ambiance in the car was tensed.

The car arrived at the manor, and Zhou Xiang helped Madam Cen back into the house before lashing out in a rage, “They’ve gone too far! They’ve really gone too far! Why hadn’t I figure out that Mu Dabing is actually a little man who looks down upon everybody else!?”

Madam Cen patted Zhou Xiang’s hand. “Alright, alright! Don’t be angry anymore. Our Shaoqing can marry any girl that he wants. Mu Yourong is a naive, senseless girl. How is she worthy of our Cen family? And how does she deserve our Shaoqing!? It’s a blessing in disguise to witness their true selves through this incident.”

Mu Yourong was pretty; however, compared to the upper-class socialites from noble families in Beijing, she was nothing!

Countless people would do anything to marry Cen Shaoqing; yet, Mu Yourong was too ignorant to see that.

Upon contemplation, Zhou Xiang regretted not performing better earlier. “Mom, I should have thrown the money at Mu Dabing’s head earlier! I should have busted his head!”

As the mother of the successor to the family, Zhou Xiang was fawned upon wherever she went. She could not even remember the last time she had been infuriated this way. She was too angry that she could not even think straight earlier.

“What’s the point of fussing with people like that!? Calm down!” Madam Cen consoled her. “It’s their failure not to appreciate what they have today; they will still have many days to regret it in the future.”

“Hmm, you’re right.” Zhou Xiang nodded in acknowledgment. At the thought of this, she was no longer as furious!

Upon saying that, Zhou Xiang continued, “The engagement is considered called off. Mom, shall we head back to Beijing then?”

They were here for marriage matters. So, since the marriage was annulled, there was no point for them to remain in Beijing anymore.

“No, we can’t go back yet.” Madam Cen shook her head. “Yunjing City is a rich land fostering many talents. There are certainly quite a lot of outstanding girls here. I will stay here and choose a beautiful wife for Shaoqing and then return to Beijing in glory. It will also allow the Mu family to see that our Cen family’s granddaughter-in-law is much more outstanding than Mu Yourong by a hundred… a thousand… a million fold!”

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