The book’s cover was pure black and there was only four letters ‘BOOK’ written on it. Flipping through the first page, Zhao Yao saw a huge chunk of words on it:

BOOK: Lv1(0/100)



Loyalty: 100

Ability: Timefreeze, ability duration 3 seconds, cooldown time 3 seconds

There was a small additional mark behind the grade and ability sections, and it was grey now. Zhao Yao was tempted to flip the page but felt an invisible force overwhelming him, rendering him powerless to flip, and he could only look at the headings which stated mission, evolution, and et cetera. However, he did not have the power to flip the book.

Zhao Yao only grew more curious when he read through the synopsis of his BOOK, “according to Matcha and my testings, his ability is in fact exactly as what is stated in the book. Hence time freeze is this silly cat’s ability, while my ability lies in the book? He is Lv1; my book is Lv1 as well?”

Reminiscing the many messages in his brain, the process of his thoughts and feelings combining to form this book, Zhao Yao suspected that this book was his actual ability, and time freeze should be Matcha’s ability.

After a sleepless night, Zhao Yao applied for one day’s leave, got the landlord to fix the chandelier in the bedroom and decided to go to work the next day.

The use of the ability had to be thought through carefully. The ability might give him countless benefits, but it could very likely incite suspicion and jealousy from bystanders, which was why he planned to live life the way it used to be and remain status quo.

The next day, Matcha was lying on the sofa, stuffing one pawful of small fish into his mouth, and his huge eyes fully focused on the television. It was broadcasting the cartoon, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Seeing the characters in the cartoon display their abilities, his pupils dilated, “Ohh~ There’s actually such a method of use.”

Upon speaking, the fish in his bowl ended up in his mouth at the next instant. Evidently, he used his ability to put the fish into his mouth within the three seconds when time froze.

Zhao Yao walked out of his bedroom and saw that Matcha was lying on the sofa, and he said, “You’re eating too much, look at yourself now, getting fatter by the day! Be wary of fatty liver and high blood pressure.”

Matcha rolled his eyes, “Oh please, I’m a Li Hua. I’ll get fat even from drinking water.”

Zhao Yao uncontrollably rolled his eyes too, “If you get so fat that you cannot clean your waste after yourself in the future, don’t hope that I’ll clean up for you.”

He might have said that, but Zhao Yao still could not stop himself from stroking Matcha’s head, with the latter smiling from eye to eye and saying, “use more force!”

Zhao Yao, while stroking his cat, thought, ‘time could freeze for 3 seconds, and if used appropriately, there are a lot of moneymaking opportunities. However, to get the least backlash, nothing can be illegal, and the ability cannot be revealed to anyone…’

Zhao Yao already had some ideas, but he also understood that if the ability did not have significant side effects, and that it could constantly be used, there was no limit to his future.

8.30am, Zhao Yao left his house on time and bought a bun from a small shophouse he passed by. He reached his office lobby after another 5 minutes of walking.

The greatest benefit of his rented flat was that it was so near to his office.

Zhao Yao was a programmer by profession, and on his graduation year, his starting pay could be considered as average.

He might not fret when it comes to day-to-day food and survival. However, to flourish and buy a flat and car in Jiangmen city, he had far from enough. That was also why the first thing that came to his mind when he discovered the time freeze ability was to earn lots of money and to buy a car and a house. To have a house that belonged to him in this globalized big city.

Once he stepped into the office, he greeted his colleagues and went back to his desk.

At this moment, something grabbed his attention in his line of sight.

There was a beautiful woman with long wavy hair and huge, bright eyes which looked like shiny stars. Her glowing skin seemed liked egg whites, and her long slender legs attracted Zhao Yao’s gaze.

Zhao Yao knew this woman; she was the newest graduate of the Human Resources department, called Sonia. Apparently, she just graduated this year and came from a nearby university.

Looking at her walk into the HR room, Zhao Yao began to imagine situations with her.

Although he was not familiar with her, it was inevitable for him to notice such a beautiful woman. Zhao Yao’s mood brightened by just staring at her.

In reality, many of Zhao Yao’s male colleagues seemed to have started going after Sonia.

Even though Zhao Yao developed a liking for her, but the past year at work taught him that financial stability was the basis of love and marriage, which was why he never dared to attempt to have a relationship.

However, with the ability to freeze time, his heart thought otherwise.

The next moment, he activated the ability. Time froze, and everything was at a standstill. His colleagues froze. Zhao Yao’s feelings for her came pouring out of him.

“The current me, I’m no longer an average human.”

“I now can live the life I want to live.”

Three seconds passed by, Zhao Yao saw the revitalized world, and his eyes glowed with a certain brightness.

At this moment, the book in Zhao Yao’s brain shone brightly, and the chapter with the mission opened unknowingly.

Written in the book was:

Mission: To get stronger, begin from eating.

Target: To earn a million RMB within a month, to provide luxury food for Matcha, no more inferior food.

Reward for mission: 10 Experience points

Failure to complete mission: Deduction of 10 Experience points

Zhao Yao’s eyes shone when he saw the mission content in his book. However, he could not help but complained when he saw the mission’s target.

“Earn a million RMB in a month… I might as well rob a bank.”

“And this deduction of 10 experience points, Matcha’s experience is currently 0. A deduction of 10 wouldn’t lead to a loss in ability, would it? Or since my book started from 0, the deduction would lead to the book being destroyed?”

An anger surged from within Zhao Yao when he saw the punishment for failing the mission. However, after the brief dissatisfaction, he immediately thought, “A million might be a big number, but with my ability, it is not entirely impossible.”

As he thought, Zhao Yao’s already started formulating an idea. He immediately opened the web browser and searched for information online.

Soon after, he sent an email applying for leave. Looking around the office, however, he realized that his counterpart was not in today.

Looking at the time, Zhao Yao frowned, “Forget it, I’ll just leave.”

As to the million RMB, he already had a solution.

“Come to think of it; the fastest way would have to be Macau.”

There were many ways to make money by stopping time, and one of which was to used it in gambling, and Macau was the most appropriate place to gamble in China.