Chapter 6 - Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 6: Emperor Star Academy



The Qin Residence was located to the north of the Sky Harmony City. The distance between the Qin and Bai Residence consisted of about a 100 Li. After Qin Wentian departed from the Bai Clan, he swiftly travelled through the night. It was already daytime when he’d arrived back at the Qin Residence.

After embarking onto the path of cultivation, Qin Wentian’s constitution had naturally strengthened. As evidenced by the fact that he didn’t feel any sense of exhaustion, despite walking for an entire night.

Just outside the Qin Residence’s entrance, there was a carved, towering sculpture of the Qin Clan’s Ancestor, Qin Wu, grasping a battle lance in his hands, whilst riding atop a mighty warhorse.

Qin Wu was the supreme commander-in-chief, wielding the might of the Chu Country’s army. His famous name resounded forth in all directions, as his brilliant achievements in war led him to achieve astounding military merits. For his country Qin Wu didn’t hesitate to rush into the battlefield, using his body as a shield, saving the emperor from the clutches of the enemies. But after the emperor consolidated his power, and after he passed away, his successive generations, out of fear of the authority Qin Wu wielded, banished the Qin Clan to the north of the empire, to be stationed in the Sky Harmony City, far away from the centre of power. And as time passed, the authority the Qin Clan wielded got weaker with each successive generation.

Looking at the sculpture of Qin Wu, Qin Wentian couldn’t help but to let out a bitter laugh. There was indeed some similarities between both their stories.

Taking a step forward as he entered the Qin Residence, Qin Wentian noticed a number of people rushing towards a location. Curiosity burning in his heart, he stopped a passing maid as he asked, "What happened?"

"Ahh, Young Master Wentian, the Qin Clan’s young miss and young master who went to the royal capital academies just returned home yesterday. Clan Master will be inspecting their cultivation at the training grounds today. After all, it has been a year since they were back."

The Chu Country, had a history of 3,000 years, with vast lands and over a hundred cities, with a population of one trillion people. Among all the cities, the Chu Royal Capital was the most prosperous — not only was it the centre of authority, it was also a holy land for cultivation. Almost everyone in the Country of Chu, especially the powerful clans, would send their young talents to the royal capital in hopes of joining one of the many prestigious martial academies and colleges.

The Qin Clan, was obviously not an exception. In the same generation as Qin Wentian, there were three others who were the future of the Qin Clan. In order to maximise their potential and to increase their level of cultivation, the three of them enrolled in the various prestigious martial academies in the royal capital.

"I wonder what their cultivation levels are, now that they’ve returned back from the Chu Capital." Qin Wentian murmured, as he walked towards the direction of the training grounds.

When Qin Wentian arrived at the training grounds, he could that see those elders with a certain level of authority were already there. And atop the arena, there were crackling sounds akin to that of wind and thunder, where two youths were already in the midst of sparing.

"Qin Zhi." Qin Wentian glanced at one of the two youths who was wearing a yellow robe. Qin Zhi was the same age as Qin Wentian, and as Qin Wentian spectated the sparring session, he could see that Qin Zhi had no trouble winning. A fist, accompanied by the roar of a raging tiger, struck out. The might of the fist was akin to that of when a ferocious tiger was hunting it’s prey, the boundless might displayed caused the entire mountain to shake. The youth whom Qin Zhi was sparring against, was sent flying out of the arena, as an explosive, thunderous sound rang out, his body landing heavily beneath the arena.

"The name of this fist technique - Ferocious Tiger Leaving the Mountains — is even more terrifying than when compared to a real tiger. From my estimates, Qin Zhi should have already reached the 7th level of the Body Refinement Realm." Qin Wentian deduced, after he sensed the might emanated from that strike. A Martial Cultivator, at the 7th level of the Body Refinement Realm, would have the strength equivalent to that of 49 bulls, with fists even tougher than that of steel.

Qin Zhi was a Stellar Martial Cultivator. The Astral Soul he condensed was the Valiant Tiger Constellation, with the special characteristics of increased strength. When complemented with the Tiger Roar Fist Technique, his might was nothing to sneeze at.

"Not too shabby. To think that Qin Zhi already possesses such a level of strength. However, when compared to brother Qin Shang and sister Qin Yao, his talent is still somewhat lacking. One year ago, sister Qin Yao had already stepped into the 8th level of the Body Refinement Realm. Right now, her cultivation level must be even more astounding."

Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed as he silently added, "Moreover, this was just the strength one will possess when in the Body Refinement Realm. If one ever breaks through to the Arterial Circulation Realm, the whole potential of the human body would be ignited, as the boundless energy rotates in constant circulation, causing the martial techniques executed to display godly might, and divine strength. How tyrannical would that be."

"Wentian!" At this moment, a voice drifted over, and following that, the gazes of people who were spectating the fight, turned and riveted their gazes upon Qin Wentian. The one who spoke, was none other than his foster father, Qin Chuan.

"Wentian, why are you back?" Qin Chuan’s dignified and stern expression softened as a gentle smile broke out on his face

"Foster father." Qin Wentian, had so many things he wanted to say, but at that moment, he was somewhat bowled over by memories of the past. From the time he was a kid, Uncle Black had escorted him all the way to the Qin Clan, and the Clan Lord, Qin Chuan had adopted him. Throughout all this years, the love shown towards Qin Wentian, was not any worse off compared to that of his own blood children

"Just as I expected, after Autumn Snow formed her innate link with a constellation from the 3rd Heavenly Layer and condensed her Astral Soul, word of her shocking talent spread out across the Chu Country. You must have been driven out of the Bai Clan, am I right?" A voice beside Qin Chuan sneered. This person was the younger paternal cousin of Qin Chuan, the man with the second highest authority in the Qin Clan, Qin He.

"Silence." Qin Chuan coldly berated.

"Elder brother, you refuse to believe my words. Now that the Bai Clan and the Ye Clan from the royal capital have such intimate connections, there were even people who said that the young genius Ye WuQue from the Ye Clan has already proposed a marriage agreement, seeking to marry Bai Autumn Snow. Do you think the Bai Clan would still honor the marriage agreement between them and us?" Qin He laughed coldly, causing the nearby spectators to have various looks of interest and conflict reflected on their faces.

At this moment, the sound of a flute originated from the sky. The expressions of the surrounding people momentarily froze as they inclined their heads, searching the skies for the source of the sound. Only to see that, soaring through the skies, in the middle of the air, was a man who wore a yellow robe standing on a huge eagle.

Qin Chuan slightly creased his brows, how dare this person be so rude, to ride a eagle and soar through the air space of my Qin Residence.

"Teacher!" At this moment, a voice belonging to a female youth cried out. Qin Chuan glanced at the girl who was standing beside him as he asked,"Yao`er, he’s your teacher?"

"Right." Qin Yao nodded her head, before saying, "Teacher, why has your esteemed self decided to visit my Qin Residence today? Please join me at the seat of honour."

"Yao`er, I heard that there was a marriage agreement between the Qin Clan and the Bai Clan’s Autumn Snow, is this matter true?" The yellow-robed middle age man asked.

Qin Yao hesitated for a short moment, but eventually answered, "Yes, this is true."

As she finished her sentence, the huge eagle swooped down from the skies, and landed onto the arena. The yellow-robed man smiled coldly and stated, "The reason I am here today is precisely because of this matter, I heard of Autumn Snow’s astounding talent, and am here to extend an invitation for her to join the Royal Academy of the Chu Country."

This simple statement gave a huge shock to the spectators gathered in the training grounds. The current Autumn Snow had transformed into a phoenix among humans with but a single leap. Even the prestigious Royal Academy of the Chu Country had personally sent out an invitation for her. One must know that, despite the immense size of the Qin Clan, only Qin Yao had a high enough talent to qualify for her enrolment into the Royal Academy.

"Even if the academy wished to recruit Autumn Snow, there is no need for esteemed teacher to personally deliver the letter. Couldn't the academy just sent the invitation via courier?" Qin Yao curiously asked.

"Qin Yao, it’s different this time round, to think that the first Astral Soul condensed by Autumn Snow was actually from a constellation in the 3rd Heavenly Layer. Not only the Royal Academy, the other prestigious academies of the Royal Capital were also notified of this. They too, sent out their personnel to personally extend their invitation to her. And thus, all the academies came to a conclusion, We might as well arrange for a recruitment drive in the Sky Harmony City. The location will be at the Bai Clan, two days later."

"Hmm, on the day of Bai Qingsong’s birthday, at the Bai Clan." Qin Yao furrowed her brow. This birthday celebration was obviously just a facade.

"Correct. The birthday celebration is secondary, the crucial point is the recruitment of Autumn Snow. I received news that even the Emperor Star Academy was tempted, and has sent someone to the Sky Harmony City. And thus, I didn’ot dare to be careless."

"Haha, Talon, since you already knew that my Emperor Star Academy was extending our invitation, why are you still here wasting your time?" At this moment, a voice brimming with carefree laughter drifted over. Talon's expression turned frosty, as he turned his head towards the direction of the voice.

"Mustang!" Talon bared his teeth in a cold smile. To think that Mustang would have the same idea as him, planning on using the knowledge of the relations between the Qin Clan and Bai Clan to recruit Autumn Snow. Despite this, Talon wasn’t worried. After all, Qin Yao was his personal disciple. In terms of relations, he was one level above Mustang.

"Brother Qin, long time no see, how is Uncle Qin’s health these days." Mustang walked forward, as he addressed Qin Chuan.

The Uncle Qin which Mustang was referring to, was the son of the supreme commander-in-chief, Qin Wu. Qin Wu was also the father of the current clan lord, Qin Chuan. When the Qin Ancestor was still alive, both father and son had stormed the battlefields. After the previous emperor passed away, the Qin Clan lost most of their authority as they were banished to the Sky Harmony City.

(TL: Both the Qin Ancestor and his son was named Qin Wu. Same pronunciation but different meaning.)

"Thank you for Brother Mustang’s concern, my father is doing well, just that it is difficult for him to walk, and as such, didn’t come out to personally welcome you." Although the exterior of Qin Chuan was smiling, inwardly, he was feeling apprehensive in his heart. Mustang was the representative from the Emperor Star Academy. To think that even he had personally come forth for the recruitment of Autumn Snow... It seemed like there was really no more hope of saving the marriage engagement between Autumn Snow and Wentian.

"Mustang, Autumn Snow can only join my Royal Academy." Talon glared at the representative from the Emperor Star Academy, as hints of challenge could be heard from his voice.

"Is that so?" Mustang laughed, before he took a seat. His gaze, swept across the entirety of the spectators gathered in the training grounds before landing on Qin Wentian. When he snuck into the Bai Clan’s Residence yesterday night, hoping to find out the genius they were hiding was, to his surprise, he accidentally discovered something interesting. There was actually someone running away from the Bai Clan. Out of curiosity, he followed the youth all the way to the Qin’s Residence.

"And here, I was thinking that the Bai Clan was hiding an expert of the Yuanfu Realm. Never would I have imagined that "the expert" was actually this youth in front of me. Based on the pressure and fluctuations of the Astral Energy which I sensed, his talent is certainly not below that of Autumn Snow." Mustang silently intoned. It seemed like this time round, he didn’t make a wasted trip.

At this moment, the spectators all sighed in their hearts. The Royal Academy would only accept clan members of the Royal Clan or people with astounding talents. Among all the academies of the Royal Capital, it was ranked in the top three.

As for the Emperor Star Academy, their criteria for recruitment was even stricter, they would only accept Stellar Martial Cultivators. And every student who enrolled in the Emperor Star Academy, would graduate with a cultivation level of at least the Yuanfu Realm without fail.

The Yuanfu realm was the realm above that of the Arterial Circulation Realm. Yuanfu Realm cultivators had a Yuan Palace established within their bodies, with unimaginable strength — far beyond that of the Arterial Circulation Realm — and were able to draw on the essence of Heaven and Earth, even hovering in the air, and flying through the skies.

The cultivators of the Yuanfu Realm, were all terrifying existences that could wipe out the Sky Harmony City with a flick of their finger.

To think that now, representatives from both the Royal Academy and even the Emperor Star Academy, would come to the Qin Residence, all because of Autumn Snow.