Chapter 10 - Ancient Godly Monarch

AGM 0010 – Gathering at the Bai Residence

A fiery ball of inferno hung in the sky, as the flame-colored rays shined upon the land, and enveloped the entirety of the Sky Harmony City.

Within the city, exquisite towering structures and residences stood in great numbers. The magnificent buildings, when under the rays of sunlight, seemed to give off a majestic presence. Even the ancient streets of the city were constructed of luxurious bluestone, all leading to a gigantic grounds set up for the purpose of practicing martial arts. Behind that training grounds, was an imposing grandstand — and behind that grandstand, was a vast residence. It was the Bai Residence of the Sky Harmony City!

At this moment, the Bai Clan’s current leader, Bai Qingsong, was sitting in the grandstand. Beside him, was a lady of about 16 years of age, with jade-white skin, and shoulder-length hair, with a buxom figure. A top-grade beauty beauty indeed.

“Congratulations to the Bai Clan’s Clan Leader’s birthday celebration.” Beneath the grandstand, on the red carpet that was laid over the stairs, there were countless people paying respects and offering their congratulations. Bai Qingsong, facing their direction, cupped his hands in response, as a huge smile broke out on his face.

“Clan Leader Bai, your beloved daughter is only 16 this year — her future is boundless.” A guest laughingly stated, as he cast a sidelong glance at Autumn Snow,

“You’re too polite.” Bai Qingsong waved away the compliment. As the number of invited guests increased, the atmosphere got more and more lively. And there were many invited guests who brought along members of the younger generation. It was very obvious that they were here to take part in the enrolment exercise conducted by the representatives of the various powers in the Royal Capital.

“Rumble!”In the instance, far off in the horizon, on the bluestone streets, a thunderous sound rang out, as if there were 10,000 hooves clad in steel dashing through the streets. Even though there was still a great distance between them, all the guests there at the training grounds could feel an immense vibration rumbling the ground, as all their gazes involuntarily turned in the direction of the sound, and their eyes uniformly concentrated on the far off horizon.

“The Silver Feather Legion!” Someone shouted as the pupils of the crowd contracted. Clad in silvery helmets, silver armour, and even silver saddles for the snow-white war horses of knights — they were all stunningly impressive, and riding speedily towards the direction of the grandstand, causing the hearts of the crowd to involuntarily shudder.

“The Sky Harmony City does not have such powerful troops. Obviously, this legion hails from the Royal Capital.” The crowd was thinking in their hearts. At this instant, the units of the Cavalier Legion all stopped at the area just before the grandstand. Lining up uniformly, only slits of their eyes could be seen from their fully armoured self. Sharp and terrifying, just a single glance, was sufficient to strike fear into the hearts of the onlookers.

“Shua!” The voices of the unit rang out in cohesion, as they dismounted from their war horses at the same moment. The leader of this unit, had his hand placed atop his helmet, as he slowly took it off, revealing an incomparably sharp and eagle-like gaze, this person was none other than Icehawk! Saluting towards Bai Qingsong, he stated, ”From the Capital of Chu, the Silver Feather Cavalier Legion pays respect and offers congratulations to the Clan Leader of the Bai Clan.”

As the sound of his voice faded away, a great number of people came forward, bearing gifts from the Silver Feather Cavalier Legion.

“Even the Silver Feather Cavalier Legion from the Royal Capital came.” Whispers abounded as conversation broke out between the invited guests.

Bai Qingsong lightly smiled as he looked towards the Legion Leader before saying, ”Many thanks, please take your seat.”

Icehawk slightly inclined his head, as he walked up the red carpeted stairs, before being seated at the far side of the grandstand. At this moment, thunderous sounds of horses galloping rang out once again, causing the crowd’s heart to tremble. However, the sounds were much louder in intensity, as clouds of dusts could be seen rising in the horizon, throughout all the streets of the Sky Harmony City.

“Royal Capital, the Mo Clan pays their respects, and offers their congratulations to Clan Leader Bai.”

“Royal Capital, Violet Palace, pays their respects, and offers their congratulations to Clan Leader Bai.”

The thunderous sounds and the shocking vibrations came closer and closer to the grandstand, before stopping as legions of soldiers, mounted on golden lions, appeared one after another, in the field of vision of the crowd.

However, the most attention grabbing thing was that, in the centre of the bluestone streets, there were a number of carriages that was slowly approaching. Although the carriages were only a few in number, and their momentum was slow, the image depicted on the carriage was actually that of a golden tulip! And the beast that was pulling the carriage, was actually a draconic horse with antenna-like things growing atop its head.

“The golden tulip insignia… they are from the Ye Clan.” Those with extensive worldly experiences spoke, as their countenance paled. The Ye Clan, was like the shining sun in the sky, producing countless geniuses. Some would enter into the top academies of the Royal Capital, while others chose to serve in the military, rising up in ranks. For the female descendants of the Ye Clan, many were favored, and some were even married into the Royal Clan, further consolidating the power of the Ye Clan. The Ye Clan was truly in their prime, even far surpassing the Qin Clan from the past, when their Ancestor, Qin Wu, was still alive.

“It seems like the rumor of the Ye Clan intending to have a marriage engagement with the Bai Clan was true.” Many people were thinking that all of these invited guests from the Royal Capital should have outstanding relationships and close connections with the Ye Clan.

As the carriages pulled to a stop, an old man, with eyes that flashed with a piercing gleam, and were filled with a sense of vitality akin to the tigers and dragons, walked out. Bai Qingsong quickly stood up, as he cupped his hands in the direction of the old man before politely stating, “To think that Old Master Ye could find the time to grace my humble abode with your austere presence! Please, take a seat.”

“Right.” The old man from the Ye Clan slightly inclined his head as he moved forward with his men. Although the number of the bodyguards he had was not numerous, one could not underestimate him. After all, the old man was an extremely terrifying existence that was at the Yuanfu Realm.

“Autumn Snow, this was what you brought to me, what you brought to the Bai Clan!” Bai Qingsong emotionally clasped his daughter’s hands, as he suppressed his surging emotions. He knew that all of this that was happening today, was only possible because of one person. And that person, was none other than his daughter, Autumn Snow.

At this moment, in the distance, there was a line of human shadows, approaching the grandstand, causing the pupils of the crowd to contract. Invited guests brought along their younger generations because they were interested in the enrolment exercise conducted by the representatives of the various prestigious academies in the Royal Capital. “Are those representatives from the various academies?”

“Emperor Star Academy, it’s really the Emperor Star Academy! There’s a saying, [Enroll in Emperor Star Academy, depart as a Yuanfu Cultivator]. In the entirety of the Country of Chu, those of the Yuanfu realm are all legendary figures with immense authority.” Many in the crowd revealed expressions of desire and longing on their faces, even those members belonging to the powerful clans were no exception. They were the ones who held all the hopes and were the future of their family members.

“There’s still the Royal Academy, this academy was created by the Royal Clan, and enjoys the protection and blessing of the Emperor.”

“Divine Wind Academy, and the Seven Stars Academy, all of the prestigious academies of the Royal Capital have arrived.” Excitement was apparent on the faces of all the guests. Although there were numerous academies in the Royal Capital, the one that came to the Sky Harmony City today, were the four academies with the greatest power. Obviously, their intentions were clear. They are all here for Autumn Snow.

Silence descended, as the representatives of the four great academies arrived at the training grounds facing grandstand. A representative stood up and calmly said: “Today, those below the age of 16, with a strength level of 36 bulls and above, are eligible to partake in the enrollment examination, and have a chance to enter into one of our four great academies. Now, let those who fulfilled the requirements, step up onto the stage.”

Even before his voice faded away, the crowd of guests caused a commotion as those who met the requirements, struggled to push their way through the crowd. There were also many who lowered their heads in disappointment. This requirement was too harsh… For Martial Cultivators, to reach the 6th level of the Body Refinement Realm before the age of 16, only geniuses would be able to reach the level.

“There is one other exception to the earlier requirements stated. If you are a Stellar Martial Cultivator, who has formed an innate link and condensed an Astral Soul from the constellations in the 2nd Heavenly Layer or higher, you too, possess the qualifications to join in this enrolment exercise.” Another representative stated impassively.

At this moment, “Dong, Dong….” All of a sudden, tremors once again shook the ground, as the sounds of horses galloping came closer and closer. The eyes of the crowd turned back, as they gazed into the horizon, only to see a unit of cavalry galloping fiercely, with speed akin to a fierce tornado, as the cavalry swiftly arrived in front of the training grounds, causing the crowd of people milling around, to be forced to the side, opening up a path for them.

The man in the lead, had his gaze fixed upon Bai Qingsong, as his expression was as sharp as swords.

“Oh, so brother Qin Chuan has arrived. Please, take a seat.” Bai Qingsong sat there, making no attempts to stand up to receive him, as he emotionlessly stated, with traces of a cold smile hanging on his lips.

Qin Chuan and his men dismounted, as they entered the training grounds, and proceeded forward to a corner of the grandstand before they sat down. The eyes of the crowd followed them to the location where the Qin Clan was seated. The region was occupied by all the powerful clans of the Sky Harmony City. Them, as expected, brought along the various geniuses of their clan to try out for the enrolment exercise of the four prestigious academies.

“Even Qin Yao is here! Her talent is extraordinary — one year ago she’d already been chosen to enter the Royal Academy. Currently, out of the four great beauties of the Sky Harmony City, three have already arrived.

“Bai Qingsong clearly had intentions to have a marriage engagement with the Ye Clan. It was rumored that two days ago, there was someone who barged into the Qin Clan, threatening them to be here today. I’m afraid that today, if Autumn Snow chooses to enter the Emperor Star Academy, the Bai Clan will use this excuse to break off their prior engagement. If that’s the case, the Qin Clan is only here today to throw their face away.

The crowd was whispering under their breath, speculating about what would happen later. Qin Chuan wasn’t affected by the mutterings at all, as he cast his vision into the crowd, as if he was seeking someone. After a short moment, his vision landed on a figure in the crowd.

“Wentian.” Qin Chuan pupils contracted. Qin Wentian had really came today.

Qin Wentian had long ago arrived, mixing in with the crowd. His eyes held a trace of calmness, with hints of unswerving determination.

“Alright, those who wish to enter the enrolment examination, please make your way to the stage.” Talon coldly exclaimed. He was one of the representatives of the four prestigious academies in the Royal Capital. Not only him, to emphasize their sincerity in expressing their interest for Autumn Snow to join them, among the representatives from the Royal Academy, even his senior was here personally.

Beneath the stage of the training grounds, there were many youths lined up, as they made their way up the stage. All of these people exhibited an extraordinary aura. Obviously, these were all the young geniuses of the Sky Harmony City.

“Ning Feng from the Ning Clan, only 15 years of age, has already broken through to the 7th level of the Body Refinement Realm. It’s said that he’d already condensed his Astral Soul last year. Definitely someone of shocking talent.”

“Chen Yu, nearing the age of 16, although he’s not condensed his Astral Soul yet, with his cultivation level at the 8th level of the Body Refinement Realm, there’s hope for him to enter into one of the four great academies.

“Lin Yue, aged 15, current cultivation at the 7th level of the Body Refinement Realm. She condensed her first Astral Soul at the age of 13, and is one of the four great beauties of Sky Harmony City.”

The majority of the crowd cast their gaze at Lin Yue. Autumn Snow and Lin Yue were part of the four great beauties of the Sky Harmony City, and as their ages were similar, they would constantly be compared to each other in the same breath. However currently, Autumn Snow seem to shine with a luster that Lin Yue could not match.

Their method of cultivation was naturally different from Qin Wentian, as even before they’d begun to condense their astral souls, they’d already absorbed the Yuan Qi of Heaven and Earth, and begun cultivating as a Martial Cultivator. It had been the same for Autumn Snow, but it was only after Qin Wentian’s countless urgings, that Autumn Snow had stopped cultivating as a Martial Cultivator..

Despite doing so, Qin Wentian knew that Autumn Snow had still continued her absorption of the Heaven and Earth’s Yuan Qi. If not, with her talent and with his help, she would’ve certainly condense her Astral Soul from the 3rd Heavenly Layer much earlier.

At this moment, on the stage, the figure of Autumn Snow could be seen as she proceeded up. The gaze of the crowd, akin to a moth flying towards the flame, was attracted to and riveted on her.

The talented youngster of the Bai Clan, one of the four great beauties, and also the top-rated genius of the Sky Harmony City, someone with such shocking talent that she caused the four great academies to scramble for her. Unknowingly, glancing at the figure of this beautiful lady, many people in the crowd had already begun to idolise her, setting her as a target for motivation.