Chapter 4 - Ancient Strengthening Technique

Chapter 4 – Ancient Strengthening Technique

The next day, just when dawn was breaking, Qing Shui awoke naturally. He noticed that Qing Yi was sitting next to his bed, holding his hands. Hints of worry and exhaustion could be seen on her face, even her gentle and beautiful eyes had traces of blood in them!

After noticing that Qing Shui was awake, Qing Yi hugged him with a happy expression on her face.

“Shui’er, you’ve finally regained consciousness. Are you feeling alright? Is there any discomfort?!” Qing Yi ardently asked.

“Mother dearest..” Qing Shui tenderly called out, his heart filled with gratitude. Knowing that Qing Yi had stayed up the whole night just to accompany him tugged at his heart strings as bitterness filled his heart.

As he called out, Qing Yi could feel that there were hints of grievance and regret in his voice. In this world, as a male, if you could not hold your own against others, then no matter how much money you have you will still be trash! Even those of low cultivation would have the right to trample you. This dog-eat-dog world was simply following the simple logic of ‘might makes right’.

Qing Yi hugged her son tightly, feeling that she had somehow let him down.

“Mother, go to sleep. You must be very tired after staying awake the entire night.” Qing Shui could only adopt a child-like way of speaking in an attempt to coax Qing Yi to go sleep. Even so, Qing Yi felt warmth in her heart and could tell that Qing Shui’s intelligence was far above the norm. What a pity that he was unable to cultivate. If not for that, based on his high level of comprehension he would most certainly have been a genius. Not only that, he was ultimately the son born of her and that man..

But now… Sigh.. There was no use for regrets..

In the end, she was still coaxed by Qing Shui and obediently laid down on the bed. As Qing Shui wanted to get down from the bed to make space for Qing Yi, she reached out and embraced her little boy. Qing Shui nestled up close to her bosom and gently lay in his mother’s embrace.

Qing Yi promptly fell asleep. After all, she had been up for the whole night and was exceedingly weary. Seeing that Qing Shui was fine, she could finally relax and fell into a slumber.

After waiting for Qing Yi to fall asleep, Qing Shui lightly stepped out of the room, enthusiasm slowly filling his heart. Now, he was no longer the trash he had been! He felt that he had undergone a miraculous transformation. Maybe now… he could be like the others and embark upon the road of cultivation. It did not matter that he was slightly older than the rest when they started, as long as he had a inextinguishable will to succeed, then no matter how many obstacles there were before him, he would not stumble!

Qing Shui wanted to test his hypothesis. The moment he stepped out of the Qing Mansion, he started to run at top speed. At this moment, his heart was filled with trepidation, he was worried that all that had happened would turn out to be an illusion, and that his dream of cultivating would once again be shattered.

With only a single breath, he managed to run half the distance to the top of the mountain. Even though he was breathing hard, he did not feel asphyxiated, like in the past. There was a remarkable difference when compared to before! He felt that since last night, his body had undergone an extremely phenomenal change. After contemplating on it, he guessed that it must be because of that image of Yin-Yang which was now embedded in his sea of consciousness!

Qing Shui closed his eyes, slowly entering into a state of mediation. His spirit gradually going into his sea of consciousness where he saw the Yin-Yang symbol again. The Yin-Yang symbol was rotating relentlessly, emitting unending streams of energy, slowly transforming Qing Shui’s body and organs.

During the bout of unconsciousness yesterday, a lot of information regarding foundation building and strengthening techniques had flowed into his mind. He had already decided there and then that he would use them to strengthen his constitution. Moreover, as of now, he no longer had the same frail and delicate body from before. The Yin-Yang symbol in his sea of consciousness was constantly nourishing him with energy, slowly transforming his body. He was sure that alongside with his current physique, by practising the Ancient Strengthening Technique diligently, he would not need too much time before the quality of his body would become stronger than common cultivators.

Time flowed by quickly, dawn had already arrived. Looking at the sun slowly rising up, casting its golden glow onto the organisms of the earth, the freshness of the air in these mountains as well as the fragrance of the flowers and plants, they made one feel joy in one’s hearts.

Qing Shui tidied up the various information in his mind and decided to focus all of his attentions on mastering body strengthening techniques! The most important point of the strengthening technique lied in having a solid foundation. The toughness of his body and bones. As long as the quality of his body was strong enough, there would basically be no difference between him and the other cultivators.

Strengthening techniques formed the basis of a cultivator’s foundation, the technique that appeared in Qing Shui mind was one of the most ancient strengthening techniques ever created by mankind. It could even allow cultivators who cultivated it to it’s peak to clash with gods and demons. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that all strengthening techniques had traces of their origin come from the Ancient Strengthening Technique that Qing Shui was planning to practise. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this technique was one of the strongest techniques!

Practising the Ancient Strengthening Technique could allow a cultivator to build up his constitution. The effects were somewhat similar to the rotating, seed-sized Yin-Yang symbol inside of him. The Ancient Strengthening Technique could also nourish one’s bones and marrow, refine the organs in one’s body, eventually evolving the muscles to become soft to the touch, yet at the same time also be capable of rivaling the toughest steel and iron!

This is what strengthening techniques meant. They could even greatly enhance the vitality of the practitioner!

Qing Shui tried to recall the details of the Ancient Strengthening Technique. It appeared that he could do so effortlessly, confirming the fact that he now had eidetic memory! The Yin-Yang symbol was also entwined with him, continually rotating within his sea of consciousness!

Qing Shui found a secluded spot and went over there to practise the Ancient Strengthening Technique. To practise it, one did not need to mediate. The cultivator only needed to calm his heart and slowly rotate the Qi inside their body.

Qing Shui started to analyse and fumble his way through the methods of cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique. After trying to do it for some time, he was still unable to form a single strand of Qi. Qing Shui persisted on as he knew that Rome wasn’t build in a single day. If it was that simple to become strong, the world would’ve already been filled with countless experts!

Qing Shui continue to persevere and continued attempting to form the strand of Qi over and over again. Each time he failed it merely motivated him to try harder and harder.

Gradually, Qing Shui began to feel numb. He had attempted this for what seemed like an eternity, but he was still unable to form that first strand of Qi!

After another hour passed, Qing Shui opened his eyes and realised that it was almost noon. He knew that he would have to return home soon, as he did not want Qing Yi to worry about him. Despite standing in this remote location for the whole morning, Qing Shui did not tired at all! He began to slowly jog back to Qing Mansion.

Upon arriving at the Qing Mansion, Qing Shui realised that the training session for the Qing Clan’s younger generation had yet to end. Now, while looking at them practising their close combat skills and swordplay, he felt nothing. The previous feelings of envy and jealousy he got while watching them had now been replaced with the determination to become even stronger than them!

After entering the courtyard, he bumped into Qing Luo. “Qing Shui, did you go out to play again? You should rest at home more and nurse your body back to health!” Qing Luo gently rebuked him.

“Grandpa, I was just taking a stroll near the entrance of the Qing Mansion, do not worry about me, I am completely fine!” Qing Shui knew that his grandfather was truly worried for him.

“En, you must be more careful. Today, I sent someone to Hundred Miles City to purchase the stalk of a 100 year old purple ginseng. We will boil and extract it’s essence so that you can have it for dinner tonight!” Qing Luo said with a doting gaze in his eyes.

Qing Luo could also tell that Qing Shui had exceptional intelligence. Every sentence of his was spoken with both clarity and intent, he was almost like an adult in terms of mentality. What a waste it was that he was unable to cultivate.. Qing Luo sighed..


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