Chapter 2 - Ancient Strengthening Technique

Chapter 2 – Three Years Later

Time flowed by, like an arrow shooting speedily across eternity, akin to a white steed flying across a gap. Even though Qing Shui had grown taller, he still looked delicate and scrawny. His only saving grace was his pair of beautiful black eyes which seemed to have become even more charming with the passage of time. To Qing Shui, the passing of time was not very advantageous. He was still unable to cultivate any martial arts!

“Qing Shui! Qing Shui!” A youth with a robust build comparable to a tiger ran over, shouting for Qing Shui.

Whenever he had spare time, Qing Shui usually chose to jog on the nearby hills and mountains. He loves the quiet solitude of the open hills, being out with nature calms him down and helps him to temporarily release the burden in his heart, making him become less irritated. As he grew older, the frequency of which he jogs gradually increased with time.

Qing Shui turned his head and saw that the person calling him was actually his closest friend, Qing Hu!

Qing Hu was younger than Qing Shui by a year. He had already managed to master the Qing Clan’s hereditary martial skill “Blue Lotus Art” to the 3rd grade of Martial Warrior.

Cultivation in this world could be broken down into 10 realms. These 10 realms are: Martial Student, Martial Warrior, Martial General, Martial Commander, Xian Tian, Martial King, Martial Saint, Martial Emperor and False God. Each of these realms further consisted of 10 grades.

Qing Hu was the youngest grandson of the Qing Clan, there were 3 other grand children the same age as him. It could be said that during the year he was born, the Qing Clan had been blessed with a total of 4 grandchildren.

There were many members of the same generation as Qing Shui in the Qing Clan who despise him, this was a world where cultivation was everything. For someone who was destined to be unable to cultivate, that person could only be considered trash and held in contempt by everyone. The only true friend he had was Qing Hu!

The moment he stepped into this world, because of his lack of cultivation talent, it was already determined that Qing Shui would be lonely and forsaken by others.

Qing Shui had lived for a total of 26 years. 18 years in his previous world and 8 years in this world. Thus, his mentality was a lot stronger than a normal child’s, he did not cry out nor feel abandoned despite his loneliness. In spite of all of the bullying, there was basically no one who had ever seen him cry or throwing a tantrum!

Qing Shui was also reluctant to squabble with the stinking brats because of such insignificant matters. He had no patience for them. Despite the increasing amount of cold stares and sarcastic remarks floating his way, he was unconcerned. However, he really treasured his friendship with Qing Hu. Despite the fact that Qing Hu was a little kid compared to him, he was still really happy to have made a true friend in Qing Hu.

The Qing Clan’s grand master, Qing Luo’s cultivation was at the peak of the Hou Tian Realm. Out of his 4 sons, 3 had already reached the level of a Martial Commander, 8th Grade. Some were at the peak of the 8th stage and some were not.

The only exception was the 2nd son, Qing He. Qing He had already reached the level of a Martial Commander, 9th Grade! However, no matter how much he tried, he was still unable to breakthrough into the peak of the Hou Tian Realm [1].

Now, Qing He needed to fully concentrate on his cultivation, hoping to make a breakthrough and enter the level of Martial Commander 10th Stage, reaching the peak of the Hou Tian realm. Only when there are 2 peak Hou Tian stage experts within the Qing Clan, will they be able to clash directly with the Shi Family from Hundred Miles City!

Within the 3rd generation, there are also quite a few geniuses. Because of Qing Luo’s personal nurturing, the eldest grandson, Qing Zi, had already broken through to Martial Warrior, 7th Grade at the age of 21!

Another outstanding genius, by the name of Qing You, actually broke through to the realm of Martial Warrior, 6th Stage at the age of 13. This cultivation speed was even 2 years faster than Qing Zi. This made Qing Luo extremely elated, to the point where he was even smiling in his sleep. The meaning behind reaching the same stage with a 2 year difference was extremely clear. Qing You could be compared to those heavenly-defying geniuses, a genius among geniuses! Qing Luo had tremendous faith and huge expectations regarding this grandson of his.

In this world, where cultivation was everything, the topics of discussion between people naturally revolved around cultivation. This word “cultivation” was the bane of Qing Shui. He detested everything that had to do with it. And so, whenever he was neither sleeping nor eating, he would jog in the hills and mountains alone, basking in the great solitude of nature.

As time passed, his personality became colder and colder, Qing Yi was the only one who had the capability to coax out a smile from him. Even Qing Luo was unable to thaw his frosty countenance.

Qing Shui doesn’t know that each time Qing Yi saw his lonesome figure, she would feel stabs of pain in her heart. During the past 3 years, Qing Yi had accumulated countless precious medicinal herbs for Qing Shui, to try and help him improve his constitution, but it was all for nought.. The frosty expression on his face would thaw during the times when he was asleep, only when he was having a good dream would he be able to truly smile in his heart.


“Hey Qing Hu, why are you sneaking out to play instead of cultivating? Are you not afraid of your Father punishing you by hitting your buttocks?” Qing Shui intense visage loosened up and he broke into a slight smile as he joked with Qing Hu.

“No problem, it’s not painful at all, nothing to be scared of!” Qing Hu brushed it off lightly. Qing Shui felt that the way Qing Hu replied was very adorable, as if he was pretending to be an adult.

“Alright, let’s go back now! If not, Aunt Yi will come and catch you again.” Qing Hu said in a commanding tone as he opened his eyes wide!

Qing Shui softly sighed as he glanced at Qing Hu’s strong, robust body, comparing it to his own frail and delicate one. “Do I have to live like this, being unable to cultivate for the rest of my life? Why are there so many stories of legendary characters transcending dimensions, becoming world-shaking experts, but I’m the only exception?” Qing Yu lamented in exasperation.


Qing Shui and Qing Hu arrived back at the mansion just when Qing Yi was about to go out and look for them. Upon seeing them, Qing Yi hurriedly ushered them into the dining hall for the reunion dinner. Today was the last day of the month. During the last day of every month, the Qing Clan would hold a reunion dinner where the whole family eats together. This way, there would be a place for family members to exchange news as well as it being a time for family bonding.

Seated at the main table, alongside Qing Luo was Qing He, Qing Zi and Qing You. The other remaining members of the second and third generations were not privileged enough be seated at the main table along with the geniuses of the Qing Clan.

Despite Qing Zi and Qing You being in the third generation, they were able to dine at the main table because of their strength and talent. This sitting arrangement was arranged by none other than Qing Luo. He wanted to nurture the rest of the clan members by creating an atmosphere of friendly competitiveness. Being seated at the main table was a position of honour. It was something that everyone regarded like a badge of glory. Not only that, the allowance of those seated at the main table was also much higher compared to the rest of the clan members!

Qing Shui silently finished eating at Qing Yi’s side, the other clan members of similar strengths would usually congregate together with the exception of Qing Shui. Ever since he was young, Qing Shui had always been alone. As a mother, seeing her child bereft of friends and companionship, Qing Yi felt really helpless!

Qing Yi had always suppressed her emotions deep in her heart. 3 years.. In these 3 years, it seemed that his demeanor had completely changed. In the past, there would still be moments where Qing Shui occasionally exhibited his childish side. Now, Qing Shui seemed to have aged prematurely in both his personality and mentality, losing his childhood in the process. As Qing Yi look at the lonesome figure of her beloved son, tears would involuntarily flow down her face.

She had broken down and wept tears of helplessness countless times in the past 3 years!

*Translator note

[1] In case you guys are confused, Hou Tian realm refers to all the stages before Xian Tian. It consists of: Martial Student, Martial Warrior, Martial General, Martial Commander. So the peak of Hou Tian realm equates to Martial Commander, 10th Grade.


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