Chapter 6 - Ancient Strengthening Technique

Chapter 6 – Blue Lotus Art

Qing Luo felt an ambivalence of happiness and bitterness.Previously, since fate had decreed that Qing Shui would be unable to cultivate, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to just live out his life peacefully inside the Qing Clan. However, now that he had recovered and was able to practise martial arts, it was unknown. In the future, would it be a blessing or tragedy for the Qing Clan….

Compared to Qing Luo, Qing Yi was in euphoria., Her son had finally recovered, he would never have to hear someone call him trash again. If not for this change, Qing Yi was worried that Qing Shui would eventually go mad because of his desire to attain power.

“Qing Shui, the current me does not have the capability to bring you back to your rightful home… However, since you have recovered, you can finally take a small step onto the path of cultivation. In the future, you must depend on your own power to get back what was originally yours.”

Due to his memories from when he was a baby, Qing Shui could understand fragments of what Qing Yi said. It was enough for now. When he got stronger, he would naturally comprehend more about the truth behind his background.

Qing Luo softly sighed, after which he nodded his head and patted Qing Shui on his head before leaving.

“Mother, I feel that Grandpa is somewhat unwilling to let me cultivate?” Qing Shui curiously questioned.

“How could that be possible? There is no such thing, your Grandpa is just worried since it is inevitable to have fights with other cultivators on the road of cultivation. He is only worried that you might get wounded.” Qing Yi warmly said as she patted Qing Shui’s head.

“Mother, could you instruct me now? I want to start right away.” After all, he had not even mastered the first step of the Ancient Strengthening Technique. Even if he had mastered it, the Ancient Strengthening Technique could only be executed to its highest level of potential when it was complementing martial techniques. It was going to be his first experience in training in martial arts as well, therefore he also hoped that he could learn and demonstrate those impressive-looking moves.

“Excellent, come over here Qing Shui, I will impart you with my insights regarding the dao of martial arts.” Qing Yi happily pulled Qing Shui closer.



Qing Yi’s study room was not extremely spacious, but it was clean and organised. The faint scent of ancient books permeated the room, it was a pleasant smell.

“Qing Shui, martial arts cultivation can be very arduous. Are you afraid.” Qing Yi softly asked as she sat down next to Qing Shui.

“I am not afraid mother. No matter how many obstacles are placed before me, I will treat them as my stepping stones, I will never stumble!”

Qing Yi gently laughed, the temperament of this child of hers was the exact same as his father’s! Unbiddenly, waves of melancholy assailed her heart as she thought of Qing Shui’s father.

“Qing Shui, cultivation can be generally split into 2 paths. First is the foundation building, second is the martial techniques. Only by combining both together will one be able to unleash true formidable might.

“Mother, does this means that the more solid one’s foundation is, the greater strength one would be able to exhibit?” Qing Shui asked after contemplating for a short while.

Qing Yi was stunned, the level of Qing Shui’s comprehension was too high…

“You could say that, as the saying goes; practising martial arts without first establishing a solid foundation, in the end it all comes to naught.”

“Mother, then.. could you teach me our family’s Blue Lotus Art?” Qing Shui had been in the Qing Clan for 8 years, there was no reason why he would not know of the existence of the Qing Clan’s secret martial skill.

“Okay, Blue Lotus Art is the strongest set of martial techniques passed down from our Qing Clan’s ancestors. Other than enabling one to strengthen one’s body, Blue Lotus Art also consists of utilising both offensive and defensive techniques. You must understand that most martial arts practised by cultivators only served to strengthen one’s body- Many of those arts do not include offensive techniques, much less defensive ones. Blue Lotus Art is of a higher tier compared to those!”

“Wow.. isn’t Blue Lotus Art unrivaled when compared to other cultivation techniques then?” Qing Shui asked in awe.

Qing Yi lamented, “A long time ago, the ancestor of our Qing Clan cultivated the Blue Lotus Art Technique to the 9th Lotus Manifestation Stage. He became a peerless expert of his time, but after countless generations, our Qing Clan have declined to the point where we can only survive in this small mountain village.”

“Mother, what does the 9th Lotus Manifestation Stage means?”

“The Blue Lotus Art, after comprehending and attaining mastery of each stage, will result in the manifestation of a protective lotus. The protective lotus can then be used for attack or defense. The ancestor previously mentioned almost managed to cultivate the Blue Lotus Art to its pinnacle, resulting in the manifestation of 9 protective lotuses!”

“Mother, then what is the stage of your cultivation? How many lotuses can you currently manifest?” Qing Shui asked.

Qing Yi bowed her head and said with a hint of embarrassment, “Only two at the moment…”

“Hmm, then how about Grandpa?” Qing Shui continued to ask.

“Your Grandpa has reached the the 3rd Lotus Manifestation stage. He is currently the strongest person in our Qing Clan, having reached the peak of Hou Tian stage.” Qing Yi answered.

“Then how many stages can the Blue Lotus Art be divided into? What is the highest stage one can cultivate to?”

“Our Blue Lotus Art consists of a total of 10 stages. At the Martial Warrior and Martial General stage, it is completely impossible to manifest any lotus. Only when one reach the stage of Martial Commander, 7th Grade, will one be able to manifest a single lotus. The second lotus is at Martial Commander, 8th Grade. And finally, the third lotus is at Martial Commander, 10th Grade! (peak of Hou Tian)

“Then, how did the ancestor cultivate to the stage of manifesting 9 lotuses?”

Looking at Qing Shui confusedly blinking his beautiful eyes, Qing Yi softly sighed… Although Qing Shui was very intelligent, she could not tell him of this right now..

“The cultivation methods for the later stages of the Blue Lotus Art have already been lost long ago.. Currently we only possess the methods up to the Hou Tian realm.. As for stages past the Xian Tian Realm, we have no idea on how to further proceed. That is why your Grandpa has been stuck at the peak of Hou Tian, unable to break into the Xian Tian Realm.”

“Mother will now instruct you in the beginning stance of the Blue Lotus Art.” Qing Yi stood up and motioned Qing Shui to follow her.


In the basement.

Qing Yi educated Qing Shui about the various meridians and energy channels within the human body. Prior to this, Qing Shui had already obtained this information from the Ancient Strengthening Technique, therefore it was easy for him to follow Qing Yi’s teachings. After listening to Qing Yi share her knowledge, Qing Shui also gained enlightenment in terms of cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique

2 hours later.

When Qing Yi departed, Qing Shui was slowly entering into a meditative state.

Mediation, this was an quintessential practice in the way of cultivation. This was especially true when it came to cultivating higher-tiered martial arts. If one could not even calm one’s heart, one would not be able to go far on the road to become an expert.

Looking at the ease in which Qing Shui entered a meditative state, Qing Yi couldn’t help but be startled. His talent was really unbelievable!

Qing Shui was cultivating based on the oracular formula of the Blue Lotus Art, gradually entering into a state similar to when he was cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique, arriving in a realm of fantasy, as if his soul had been projected out of his body.

Eventually, Qing Shui could feel a strand of hair-thin Qi emerging from his Dan Tian [1], flowing along his energy channels and circulating around his body. This strand of Qi felt extremely fragile, as if it could break any moment.

Gradually, after the Qi had circulated for the full span of a single day and night, it flowed back into his Dan Tian.

Qing Shui has finally succeeded in condensing Qi! Happily, he open his eyes with a face full of elation.

“I imagine that if I told mother of this success, she would definitely be astounded.” he said with a grin.

[1] a point 2 inches below the navel

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