Lin Li felt a lot more relaxed with McGrenn leading the way. After all, the latter was a veteran adventurer with nearly 30 years of hunting experience. To quote McGrenn, in this 30 years, he had spent more time in the Sunset Mountains than in his own home.

The forest that was initially like a labyrinth seemed more pleasant all of a sudden.

It only took half a day for the party of four to walk through the dense forest.

The trees ahead were gradually thinning, and the woods were no longer dark. Warm sun rays fell through the gaps in the trees and landed on their bodies. Warming up with the sun rays was Lin Li’s mood—he was finally able to leave the cursed Sunset Mountains.

After studying the map, McGrenn told Lin Li, “It would probably take another day to get out of the Sunset Mountains.”

“Then what about tonight?” Lin Li was somewhat worried. The Sunset Mountains were a dangerous place, and they could encounter ferocious magical beasts anytime—especially during the night, as many magical beasts that were rarely seen in the day would leave their nests then, lurking in between the ravines and waiting to pounce on the sleeping prey.

Every night spent out in the open in the Sunset Mountains was equal to putting life in danger.

“Not a big problem.” McGrenn looked calm. “I know of a safe place. We just need to speed up; we should be able to reach it before dark.”

“That would be great.” Lin Li nodded and said nothing more.

“Mr Felic, can I ask you a question?” Just as he was about to push on with the journey, the beauty with the long blond hair hurried up to him from behind.

The blond beauty was still wearing the red vest. It revealed a gorgeous curve with her tall figure and slender legs that was further outlined by the vest. Perhaps it was due to the rush of the journey, but a tinge of red glow appeared on her fair face. Her long blond hair hung straight and dazzled in the sun.

The forest paths were narrow, so it was hard to avoid being close when two people walked side by side. Breathing in the faint scent coming from Ina’s body, Lin Li suddenly felt his head hurting. He wasn’t sure what happened on the way, but the blond beauty seemed to like asking him questions.

If it were on other occasions, Lin Li would definitely be delighted.

This fellow had been an otaku before he transmigrated, and he’d not met any pretty girls before. After the transmigration, all he saw was the old face of Andoine. He was not some Buddhist monk who practiced abstinence. Being approached by a pretty girl was too good a thing to ask for, so how could there be any reason to turn her away?

However, the situation was giving Lin Li a headache, for he had no idea how to answer Ina’s questions.

“Mr Felic, are you from Jarrosus City?” How should Lin Li answer this kind of question?

“Erm… This… I guess not really…” Lin Li was fretting over it when, fortunately, he thought of something else and hurried to change the topic. “Oh, right. Ina, don’t you need to kill a Manticore for this quest? I heard Mr McGrenn mention just now that you both had just laid down the trap when the Wyverns discovered it. What will happen to the quest now that you had not managed to hunt down any Manticore?”

“It would be considered a failure, and I’ll have to compensate some money.” The topic that Lin Li had chosen wasn’t bad at all—the blond beauty finally stopped asking her questions after Lin Li had mentioned the quest. Her pretty face revealed a hint of helplessness. “The Manticores live in groups, so the probability of encountering a lone one is extremely low. We had followed them for a few days before coming across one, but it was ruined by the two Wyverns.”

“That was a pity…” Lin Li rejoiced while he came to a decision. When they reached Jarrosus City, he would definitely have to come up with a flawless background. Otherwise, it would be a loss of face when he was asked by the beauty and couldn’t easily engage in a conversation with her.

To avoid another questioning of his background from Ina, Lin Li took the initiative to bring up some topics to chat with her. For Lin Li, the content of the conversation was not important, what was more important was not to let her have the time to raise questions.

Lin Li was really good at chatting. Even a seasoned old veteran like Andoine had always felt that he was unable to outspeak him, much less an innocent girl like Ina.

It took Lin Li absolutely no effort to bring the rhythm of the conversation under his control.

The fellow had led the conversation completely out of point with that half a bottle of Wyvern’s blood. He did not even mention the Wyvern’s blood first, but only casually spoke of the strength of a level-seven magical beast. The blond beauty, full of curiosity, naturally picked up the topic. A pair of sky-blue eyes blinked inquisitively at Lin Li as she asked why he had collected the Wyvern’s blood at the end.

With the half a bottle of Wyvern’s blood as a conversation starter, there were just too many topics to choose and continue from. He had heard many anecdotes from Andoine back when he had to face him all day long. Now it was easy using them to lead young girls on.

In addition, Lin Li was also eloquent, and he told the stories with fine sense of humor. Occasionally, when it came to professional knowledge, he appeared profound and authoritative. Even Andoine had little to say in front of him, let alone Ina, an adventurer who only knew how to fight magical beasts.

A mage who was powerful yet mysterious, humorous and witty, yet possessed extensive knowledge was a total lady-killer in front of a young girl who was just beginning to think of love.

The blond beauty walked with her head down along the forest path, listening to the interesting stories and feeling the manly aura coming from the young mage. For reasons unknown to her, she suddenly felt her face burn.

Both of them were chatting merrily and had not noticed the other mage turning pale.

Cromwell felt as if he was being cut by a knife.

When he had first met Ina at the Adventurers Guild, he was smitten by this blond lady with a pair of slender legs.

The untamed beauty exuded by Ina had a near-fatal attraction for Cromwell, who was born into a mage family.

Cromwell had used all kinds of means to win the heart of this long-legged beauty.

This time, he even went with her into the Sunset Mountains to prove this way that he was equally reliable!

Cromwell felt that he was nearing success.

If it had not been for Lin Li’s appearance, he would have been the one to save the father and daughter pair.

What irked Cromwell the most was that the sudden appearance of this mage seemed to have posed some kind of threat to him.

Ina had never laughed so brightly when she was talking to him.

Cromwell could not understand how that abject-looking mage could be better than him in any way.

He was born into the most prominent mage family in the Felan Kingdom, and his father was someone who had a say in the Mage Association. His family was strikingly rich with the accumulation of over thousand years of wealth after the Dark Ages, and his uncle Fario had held the position of the Minister of Wealth in the kingdom all along.

What did the mage Felic have? Other than being slightly younger than Cromwell, he could not even afford a decent mage robe.

This person had to disappear! Cromwell stared after Lin Li’s back and sneered.

The party of four set off in the direction of Jarrosus City, each carrying their own secrets.

They had walked into another dense woods before the sun set. According to McGrenn, as long as they passed through this forest and walked a little farther, they would be able to see Jarrosus City.

“It’ll be impossible to reach it tonight, we’ll just have to make do with whatever we have nearby.” McGrenn led them forward. Very soon, they found a cave.

The cave was not too deep. It took just a torch to illuminate it whole. The stone walls were exceptionally dry, and traces of bonfire could be found on the ground. It seemed that it was not just McGrenn who’d ever wanted to spend the night in this cave.

“This is the place I’ve mentioned earlier. Everyone can rest at ease for the night. I have stayed here for a dozen times, and not once have I encountered any danger.” McGrenn skillfully lit up a bonfire and instructed the long-legged beauty beside him, “Ina, there is a water source in the north of the forest, about two to three hundred meters away from here. Take the water bag and fetch some water back.”

“Yes, Father.”

Cromwell could hardly sit still upon seeing the long-legged beauty go out of the cave. He stood hastily and said, “I’ll go with you…”

Lin Li noted that the expression of the middle-aged adventurer did not seem too good after Cromwell had chased out of the cave. Of course, he would not ask about this sort of thing; instead, he smiled and went back to warm himself by the fire.

“Mr Felic…”

“Just call me Felic, it will do…” Lin Li was rather troubled. He had mentioned it several times on the way, but McGrenn still insisted on calling him with honorifics.

“Alright. Felic, is this your first visit to Jarrosus City?”

“I guess so,” Lin Li answered vaguely. “Some fellow had told me to go to Jarrosus City to look for someone…”

“Do you need any help? My family has been living in Jarrosus City for decades. It would not be a difficult task to help you find someone,” the middle-aged adventurer asked enthusiastically.

“Won’t have to trouble you for now. My friend has given me an address, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find…” Andoine had not really specified what the Mage Association was like. Lin Li was afraid it might be a secret organization—what would he do if they decided to kill him for bringing McGrenn along?

“After we have reached Jarrosus City, feel free to contact me if you require any form of help. If it hadn’t been for you, my daughter and I would most likely have been…” McGrenn was immensely grateful to Lin Li for his life-saving grace.

The two men were chatting away when, suddenly, a scream broke out in the distance.

“Something terrible has happened!” It was Ina’s voice. McGrenn’s expression changed as he grabbed the weapon beside him and dashed out of the cave.

Lin Li did not tarry, either. He cast the Hastening Spell and followed after the middle-aged adventurer.