The Meng family disciples who rushed in all shouted loudly and excitedly. They instantly attracted a large number of clansmen in the ancestral mansion. All of them were stunned by what they heard. What? Did they hear wrongly? Meng Chuan had figured out the secret technique?

“Stop right there.” One of the clansmen grabbed a sprinting youth and said hurriedly, “Tell me clearly what happened.”

“Uncle, it’s Brother Meng Chuan.” The youth was only thirteen years old. At that moment, he said happily, “Today is the day our Mirror Lake Dao Academy held the selection. Brother Meng Chuan went up to the stage and used the secret technique of the Falling Leaf Saber, Third Autumn Leaf. Even the dean and lecturers are thrilled.”

“The secret technique of the Falling Leaf Saber, Third Autumn Leaf?” The muscular clansman’s eyes widened. “Isn’t he just fifteen this year? He managed to figure out the secret technique at fifteen?”

The entire ancestral mansion’s clansmen surrounded the youth as they inquired. It turned into a cacophony of excitement.

A bald and thin elder narrowed his eyes as he listened to all the chatter. His eyes lit up when he heard the youths all talking at once. He couldn’t help but mutter, “The heavens have blessed our Meng family.”

“Third Elder, it’s a joyous occasion. Meng Chuan figured out the secret technique.” A clansman ran over.

“I’m aware!” The thin elder wore his usual stoic look as he turned around and left.

He was the strictest elder in the Meng family; however, when he turned around and walked away, there was a faint curl on the corners of his lips.

The Meng family’s ancestral mansion occupied a large amount of land. After all, over two thousand clansmen lived there.

In one of the training grounds in the ancestral mansion.

A group of youths was practicing with a variety of weapons while the chubby Meng Dajiang sat by the side, watching.

Eh, why is it so noisy outside? Meng Dajiang frowned slightly. Following that, the din approached. With his strength as a Seamless realm expert, he could make out the keywords “Meng Chuan” and “figured out the secret technique.”

Meng Dajiang perked up.

It was like a bucket of cold water had been poured over him in the middle of winter. He was even a little confused.

Did I hear wrongly? Meng Dajiang was a little nervous, but he couldn’t help standing up and walking towards the entrance of the training grounds.

“Dajiang! Dajiang!” An elegant elder came over with a group of clansmen. The elder’s face was flushed red with extreme joy and excitement.

“Fifth Uncle”—Meng Dajiang immediately went forward—”what happened?”

“Great news! great news!” The elegant elder was very excited.

“Oh?” Meng Dajiang was both excited and nervous. Although he had some guesses, he still wanted to hear it spelled out completely.

The elegant elder immediately said, “Some of the young ones studying at Mirror Lake Dao Academy returned to inform us that your son—Meng Chuan—used the secret technique, Third Autumn Leaf, during the Dao Academy’s selection match. It was witnessed by the dean, lecturers, and thousands of disciples. It can’t be any more real. Hahaha… The heavens have blessed our Meng family. Our Meng family is blessed.”

“Chuan’er used the secret technique, Third Autumn Leaf?” Meng Dajiang felt his head heat up as his heart burned.

That was his son!

“Dajiang, your son is amazing.”

“Our Meng family is going to rise. We might even have two Godfiends,” the clansmen said excitedly. Apart from the clan leader and Elders, ordinary clansmen didn’t know Fairy Meng had been seriously injured.

“Elders, Fairy Meng has summoned you.” A clansman came to pass the order.

“We’ll be there in a second.”

Meng Dajiang and the elegant elder rushed over. However, Meng Dajian had a bounce in his steps, finding everything surreal.

Fairy Meng and Clan Leader Meng Yanping had been playing chess, but their match had now come to a halt. There were eight Elders gathered in the yard. All of them were extremely excited. Some Elders who weren’t at the ancestral mansion and had yet to catch wind of the news.

“Those rascals ran very quickly.” The thin, bald elder was rather excited. “They were talking about how Meng Chuan used the Third Autumn Leaf secret technique.”

“This is great. He managed to figure out the secret technique at fifteen—his talent is no less than Mei Yuanzhi’s.”

“Dajiang, you have a good son.”

“It’s also thanks to Dajiang’s teachings.”

The Elders of the family clan spoke excitedly. Meng Dajiang laughed foolishly. He felt like today was his happiest day in recent years.

“I’ll rest in peace having learned this news.”

“The heavens have blessed our Meng family.”

The Elders had always been afraid their family clan would decline. Although they were approaching the end of their lifespans, they still hoped the family clan would prosper.

The flourishing of a family clan meant that their brothers and clansmen—as well as children and grandchildren—could live well. Over countless years, there was no divide in the family clan.

“Look at all of you.” The seated Fairy Meng smiled. “It’s indeed a joyous occasion for the child to be able to comprehend the secret technique, but you are all counting your chickens.”

This stunned all the Elders.

Fairy Meng said, “Meng Chuan has only taken the first step. He’s still far from becoming a Godfiend. He still needs to figure out Saber Force, condense his core, and survive the final Life-and-Death juncture! These are the three major thresholds. Don’t put him on a pedestal too early, or it might get to his head. He needs to cultivate more seriously. It’s best if he can figure out Saber Force before he turns twenty. That way, there’s still a thirty percent chance of entering Archean Mountain. If he can enter Archean Mountain, he will definitely become a Godfiend.”

“Archean Mountain!” The eyes of Clan Leader Meng Yanping and the other Elders lit up.

It was the most ancient cultivation ground in the world. Mysterious and powerful.

In the past century, only the patriarch of the Zhang family had successfully entered Archean Mountain. The Zhang family had also become the leader of the five major Godfiend clans in Eastcalm Prefecture.

“If Meng Chuan can’t enter Archean Mountain, his cultivation path will be fraught with difficulty,” said Fairy Meng. “Back then, I figured out the secret technique at 16. I only figured out Force at 22, barring my entry into Archean Mountain. I could only be considered an outer sect disciple of Archean Mountain. I was lucky to become a Godfiend after a close encounter with death. There were people with talent on par with mine back then, but only I became a Godfiend. The rest died.”

“Not only does Meng Chuan have the three thresholds—Saber Force, Core Condensation, and Life-and-Death—he also needs to figure out Saber Force before he turns 20,” said Fairy Meng solemnly.

The Elders present also calmed down.

Becoming a Godfiend was truly very difficult.

The current Meng Chuan was just a seedling with a chance of becoming a Godfiend. He simply allowed the family clan to see hope.

“Dajiang,” instructed Fairy Meng. “Go to Mirror Lake Dao Academy and bring Meng Chuan back. Have him prepare for the Jadesun Palace’s Demon-Slaying Meet. After it’s over, Meng Chuan should have calmed down. Bring him to me when that happens.”

“Yes,” said Meng Dajiang respectfully.

“All of you can take your leave,” instructed Fairy Meng. “Remember, don’t put Meng Chuan on a pedestal too much. Making him arrogant will just ruin him.”

“Yes,” the Elders replied solemnly.

Whoever dared to ruin Meng Chuan would be the sworn enemy of the entire Meng family!

Soon, the Elders left. Only Fairy Meng and her brother were left in the yard.

“Third Sis, you almost scared them.” Meng Yanping laughed. “I know you are very happy.”

“Of course I’m happy.” Only then did Fairy Meng sigh poignantly. “I’ve been a Godfiend for nearly eighty years. I’ve made plenty of contributions to Archean Mountain, and I have many good friends! If my family doesn’t have any exceptional talents, all I’ve done would be for nought. Since Meng Chuan has shown some talent, I’ll do my best to help him. He will definitely tread a road much smoother than mine.”

“Yes. He will definitely become a Godfiend,” said Meng Yanping.

“He will!” Fairy Meng’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

At the Mirror Lake Dao Academy, the disciples around him kept shouting “Senior Brother Meng.” They were extremely enthusiastic.

Meng Chuan nodded slightly and continued walking out.


Just as he reached the main entrance, he saw a group of people standing outside the main gates of the Dao Academy. Leading them was the plump Meng Dajiang. Beside him was the bald, thin elder, the elegant elder, and several other family clan Elders.

“Dad. Elders.” Meng Chuan walked over.

“You rascal.” Meng Dajiang ruffled Meng Chuan’s hair and smiled. “You really gave me a fright.”

Meng Chuan could only bear the ruffling of his hair. He looked a little pitiful, but in reality, he was in an exceptionally good mood.

“Haha, even we were shocked.”

“Meng Chuan, well done.” The Elders of the family clan smiled and congratulated. Clearly, they were elated.

“Come, let’s go home,” said Meng Dajiang happily. What more could he ask for with a son like this?


Meng Chuan answered and went home with his father and elders.