Chapter 8 - Aristocratic Shocking Love: The First Lady

First Suspicion

He really did not have to worry about his younger daughter, Yang Mengshan.

Throughout her time in high school, her position as the topper in the class had always been secure.


The one he was worried about, was his elder daughter, Gu Youli, who had mediocre grades. He was afraid that she would not be able to do well and won’t even manage to enter a vocational polytechnic.

Gu Liangwei turned to look at Gu Youli and said with a smile, “Youli, you can’t lose to your sister. You must do well!”

Gu Youli smiled confidently and pressed her lips together lightly as she said, “I will!”

Gu Liangwei saw how calm and composed her smile was and could not help but take a second look at her. He thought that till yesterday morning, this child had been full of worries.

But right now, she seemed like a completely changed person. Her eyes were sparkling brightly and she was exuding an extraordinary sense of confidence.

He suddenly had a feeling that perhaps his elder daughter might surprise everyone.

Yang Mengshan, who saw this scene, said smilingly, “Daddy, don’t worry. Sis and I will do our best!”

Gu Youli glanced at her, and then looked at Gu Liangwei. “Mm… Daddy, the exam will take really long. Go ahead and do your thing. We will do our best.”

Gu Liangwei smiled. “Daddy has already put away all the work for today. I’ll wait for the two of you here!”

Just like in the previous life, Gu Liangwei waited for the two sisters in front of the school.

In the past, Gu Youli had come out to look for Gu Liangwei before the exam even started.

That was because she had lost her admission ticket.

Up until now, Gu Youli still could not understand how it suddenly disappeared when she had put it carefully in her bag.

After she had entered the school, she told Yang Mengshan to look after her bag while she went to the toilet. Apart from that, she had not let anyone else touch her bag.

She had trusted Yang Mengshan too much at that time and hence, never suspected her.

When she thought of it now, she wondered if Yang Mengshan had been the one behind the episode.

Had Yang Mengshan already begun plotting against her behind her back at this time?

Or perhaps it was even earlier, just that she had not known about it.

In that case, would she lose her exam admission ticket in this life as well?

Gu Youli sat on her chair and looked out at the grass patch outside the school. The place was bustling with excitement while she lay lost in her thoughts.

Yang Mengshan sat beside Gu Youli and glanced at her sitting there calmly, looking as though she was pondering over something.

She smiled, reached out to wrap her arm around Gu Youli, and asked her, “Sis, aren’t you nervous at all?”

Gu Youli looked down and then glanced at her. She did not have any expression on her face. “Why would I be nervous?”

Yang Mengshan seemed to be shocked. “But two days ago, you were…”

Gu Youli suddenly stood up and looked at Yang Mengshan. She said to her with a smile, “That was two days ago. Today is today!”

Her sharp and elegant eyes held a magnificent aloofness.


As Yang Mengshan watched in shock, Gu Youli smiled slightly and said, “Mengshan, I need to go to the washroom. Could you help me take care of my bag?”

“Sure, Sis!” Yang Mengshan reached over to take Gu Youli’s bag immediately.

Gu Youli passed her bag to Yang Mengshan just as she did in her previous life and turned to leave.

But this time, she did not go to the washroom. Instead, she went to the place where students could apply for a temporary admission ticket. She told the teacher that she had lost her ticket and needed to apply for a new one.

When she had found out that she lost her exam admission ticket in her previous life, it had been too late for her to get a temporary one.