Chapter 10 - Aristocratic Shocking Love: The First Lady

The First Step Towards Changing Her Life

As the bell rang, Gu Youli walked into her exam venue.

There were two invigilators who were checking the students’ exam admission tickets carefully before opening a huge envelope with ‘Confidential’ written on it and giving out the exam papers one by one.


The classroom was very quiet and the only sounds one could hear were the sounds of paper flipping and pens scratching furiously on the papers.

The moment the students received their papers, they started working on the questions promptly.

Gu Youli was the only one who looked at the exam paper without moving.

She had not got the chance to take the college entrance exam in her previous life. Right now, it felt surreal for her to sit in the exam venue as she looked at the exam paper in front of her.

At the same time, she was also very excited because this was the first step towards changing her life.

After using two minutes to calm herself down, Gu Youli started working on the questions. Language had always been Gu Youli’s forte. She finished the paper with ease and her handwriting was neat and legible. She checked the answers five times, almost like a psycho, before she handed it in.

Yang Mengshan and Gu Liangwei were chatting as they stood at the entrance of the school. When Gu Liangwei saw Gu Youli walk out of the school, his eyes lit up and he quickly rushed over and handed her a bottle of cold water.

“Youli, how did it go? Was it difficult? Did you finish the paper?” He fanned Gu Youli with a magazine in his hand as he asked nervously.

Yang Mengshan also ran towards Gu Youli in small steps.

She wrapped her soft arms affectionately around Gu Youli’s arm and shouted sweetly, “Sis”.

Her affectionate moves made Gu Youli take two steps back, subconsciously.

Yang Mengshan looked up at Gu Youli in bewilderment. Gu Youli pushed Yang Mengshan’s hands away coldly and unhappily.

In Yang Mengshan’s eyes, she looked very upset.

What could she be upset about?

Of course, it must be because she missed the college entrance exam. After all, she had lost her exam admission ticket.

Yang Mengshan was delighted inside but a horrified expression appeared on her face as she stared at Gu Youli, looking as though she had seen something very scary.

“Sis, what’s wrong? You look unhappy. Gosh… I just heard a person saying that someone from your exam venue lost her exam admission ticket. Don’t tell me it’s you?” She exclaimed out loud as if it was because she was too worked up.

Immediately, she covered her mouth and looked at Gu Liangwei in horror.

The hand which was fanning Gu Youli stopped. Gu Liangwei looked at Gu Youli in disbelief. “What? Youli, you actually lost your exam admission ticket?”

“Dad, don’t be angry! Sis didn’t do it on purpose.” Yang Mengshan went up immediately to comfort Gu Liangwei.

“How infuriating! You are good for nothing.” Gu Liangwei’s face sank and he looked at Gu Youli with pain in his eyes.

He was burning with rage because of the acute disappointment. He lifted his hand which held the magazine, throwing a hard blow on Gu Youli.

Gu Youli’s face was overcast. She did not dodge and received the hit head-on.

In her previous life, when Gu Liangwei had found out that she lost her exam admission ticket and thus, was unable to take part in the college entrance exam, he had whacked her then also with a magazine in his hand.

At that time, she had fallen to the ground due to the pain and her face was tear-streaked but she had not uttered a single word of complaint.

She knew that Gu Liangwei had only gotten so angry because he really held very high hopes for her.

Yang Mengshan jumped back. It was the first time she saw Gu Liangwei get so angry.

Gu Liangwei might be uncouth but he would never hit his daughters.

This was the first time that he did so and the one he hurt was actually his elder daughter, whom he doted on the most.