Chapter 5 - Astral Pet Store

Chapter 5: Claiming the Pet

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“Beginner’s mission completed. Host interface unlocked…”

“Pet store is officially open for business.”

“Establish [Currency Conversion] module. Establish [Chaos Spirit Pool for Incubation] module…”

“Beginner mission rewards issued. Collect now?”

Su Ping came back to his senses after the familiar sounds of the system’s prompt tones. His eyes sparkled upon hearing the mention of rewards. “Collect!” he said without demur.

“The host has gained elementary ‘Pet Identification Spell’.”

“Pet Identification Spell?”

Su Ping waited for a few more seconds but heard no more prompt messages. He glared at the air in despair.

“Is that it?”

He exhausted himself in the three days of hellish torture and all he gained was a Pet Identification Spell book? And it was elementary?

With the Federal Illustrated Book for All Pets, Su Ping deemed this reward of little value or interest; such a skill could not be more worthless.

“The Pet Identification Spell issued by this system can help you gain insight into millions upon millions of types of Astral Pets. Your Illustrated Book for Pets cannot compare with this,” the system gave a reply in a cold voice, clearly unsatisfied with Su Ping’s complaint and resentment.

Su Ping stood in amazement.

To gain insight into millions upon millions of types of Astral Pets?

In his memory, even the most authoritative and comprehensive Illustrated Book for Pets issued by the Federation only recorded information of a few millions of types of Astral Pets, including many Astral Pets that had gone extinct.

Was it true that the goods generated by a system had to be the best of the best?

Su Ping’s feeling of resentment disappeared in no time. While this reward was not the immediate strength enhancement he expected, it was a precious skill nonetheless.

Additionally, in the future, if he could go to another ancient site like the Thunder Cloud Realm, he would be able to identify those ancient Astral Pets with this skill. After all, most of those Astral Pets had disappeared from people’s lives and there weren’t many records of them in the Federal Illustrated Book.

Su Ping was choked up with emotions after having obtained a new skill and he was eager to test it. He looked around and suddenly remembered the Lightning Rat.

“Where is that little guy?”

Su Ping hurried to the pet room at the back. He saw that the Lightning Rat had fallen into a deep sleep in one of the ancient stalagmite arrays.

The three days of hellish training had worn the Lightning Rat out. It fell into a sound sleep as soon as it returned to this familiar place.

Compared with three days prior, not much had changed in the Lightning Rat’s appearance. There were just a couple of more strains of dark purple hair mixed with the light purple strands and its body was leaner than before.

However, the faintly discernible gloomy and violent aura of a beast that was spreading out from the Lightning Rat was making the Moon Chasing Hound in the other stalagmite array shiver in fear; it was obviously unsettled.

Su Ping put his mind at ease after finding the Lightning Rat safe and sound. Although the contract had been ended and they could no longer exchange and communicate like before, he had become attached to this little guy after three days together.

It was a pity that it was someone else’s Astral Pet. He would have to return it someday.

While Su Han was sighing, a prompt message suddenly popped out in his mind.

“Employ Pet Identification Spell. Yes or no?”

“Identify this little guy?”

Su Ping took a pause and selected yes.

Lighting Rat

Property: Astral Pet of the thunder family

Rank: Upper position of first grade

Combat Strength: 3.6

Aptitudes: Below average

Abilities Mastered: Lightning Speed, Thunder Flash, Thunder Shadow Image, Thunder Slash, Thunder Outerwear

Su Ping was surprised.

Thunder Flash?

He saw “Thunder Flash” in the abilities mastered!

Had the Lightning Rat learned this top-level special skill of the thunder family?

Su Ping was stunned. He didn’t see the Lightning Rat employing the “Thunder Flash” for a second time in the battles later on. He had thought he was only having blurred visions. He didn’t know that the Lighting Rat had indeed picked up this skill!

How astonishing it was that a Lightning Rat of the lowest rank that could be spotted everywhere in the Federation had mastered the “Thunder Flash” that not even an Astral Pet of the thunder family of the seventh or eighth grade could master easily! If he told people about this, they would think he had lost his mind!

“This little guy… is many times more valuable!”

Su Ping calmed himself down, although his eyes were still glowing.

A Lighting Rat that had mastered the “Thunder Flash” special skill would be even hundreds of times more valuable than its peers!

Not to mention the Lighting Rat had learned other skills.

Apart from the Lightning Speed that was common among all Lightning Rats, both the “Thunder Slash” and “Thunder Shadow Image” were a must for advanced Astral Pets.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call a Lightning Rat a mythical creature when it was equipped with so many powerful skills.

But there was something strange. In the column of aptitude, the Lightning Rat was rated “below average.” Why?

Sensing the questions in Su Ping’s mind, the system explained calmly, “The evaluation of its aptitude is based on the comparison of the data from all Lightning Rats born since the beginning of the endless chaos era to the present day. Host, you can trust the result.”

“All Lightning Rats…”

Su Ping became speechless because of astonishment.

Even the number of Lightning Rats born in the Federation every year would be beyond calculation, not to mention if they were to start counting since the chaos era in the distant past.

If so…

This Lightning Rat could already be considered formidable with a below-average aptitude!

Su Yanjing looked up. She could already see the signage of that little pet store down the street—Pixie Pet Store.

In sharp contrast to the gaily shining sun, Su Yanjing’s mood was cloudy and terrible.

She didn’t expect that she would fall on evil days. She had been forced to a tight corner at the preliminary contest of the Pet Tournament.

This was an annual grand event of the academy. The students would display their strengths in this event. If someone could be favored by some Astral Pet masters during the tournament, they would be able to enjoy better tutoring and training. This could add brilliance in their resumes when the time came to join the Astral Pet Team!

However, for three rounds in a row, all she met were strong opponents that were highly popular. The result was that several Battle Pets she took such meticulous care of had all been wounded and could no longer fight.

Would she be stumped at the preliminary contest?

That was unacceptable to her!

She had already asked her family to spend a fortune to invite an advanced pet healer to cure one of the battle pets.

That being said, one battle pet was not enough. That was her ace in the hole.

She had to have a battle pet that could be the power forward and that could lure out her opponent’s ace pet.

If it weren’t for the fact that the academy prohibited any pets that were contracted within a month to enter the tournament, she would have bought some pets at the last minute, even though that would inflict a great burden on her mind and even cause severe problems.

Anyways, she had no other battle pets available, except for the Lightning Rat she had left at the store’s pet boarding service.

A very common low-rank Lightning Rat.

Nothing special about it.

She even wanted to give it up because this Lightning Rat could no longer satisfy her requirements. Faced with the recent opponents, the Lightning Rat would be heading to its doom.

Fortunately, she was softhearted and did not remove the contract directly. So, currently, this Lightning Rat was the only other battle pet that could enter the field.

The Lightning Rat was weaker but she supposed it could be used to feel her opponents out.

“Anyone here?”

Su Yanying pushed the door open and entered the pet store. She threw a casual glance over the store. It was empty, as if the owner had moved.

“Is the store going out of business?” Su Yanying though. Fortunately, she had come in time.


Su Ping heard the voice and left the pet room at once. He saw a pretty girl standing in the store, looking around.