Chapter 1 - Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 1: The Most Beautiful in Ning City

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Ning City.

In an expensive and luxurious Presidential Suite, a slim figure lay sprawled across the lavish bed. The black evening gown she was wearing was almost completely torn apart, revealing soft, delicate skin that was as white as snow. Her long black hair fell lightly over her shoulders, the contrast making her thin shoulders appear translucent like the finest jade.

The figure who was standing by the bed pushed the young lady’s soft black hair away, revealing a face with exquisite features. Her lips that were pink like cherry blossoms opened, “Hot… It’s so hot…”

Good that it’s hot.

The person by the bed snorted contemptuously, then took out a cell phone, as they walked out while making a call.

“Are you arriving soon? She’s in room number 2608. The effect of the medicine is starting to show. You can have your way with her the moment you come up. Remember to take some racy photos for me once you’re done.”

“Don’t worry. This younger sister of mine is still a virgin and is Ning City’s young beauty that could kill everyone with her looks. You’re very lucky this time.”

The door to the suite closed. The person on the phone had not noticed that the thick, curled lashes of the girl on the bed had already fluttered open.

Nan Yao, the burden that Nan Zhi’s stepmother had brought along with her when she married into the Nan family. She was older than Nan Zhi by half a year and was usually quiet and kept to herself. It was completely unexpected that she would drug Nan Zhi during her coming-of-age banquet!

Nan Zhi supported her weakened body as she got up from the bed. A stream of unfamiliar hotness burned throughout her body. She licked her dry lips and ran out shakily.

She could not let Nan Yao’s plan succeed.

The elevator suddenly sounded while Nan Zhi was still deciding which direction to run to.

She immediately tensed.

It was probably that person that Nan Yao had arranged to come.

Nan Zhi quickly ran in the opposite direction.

That person saw her the moment he walked out of the elevator, and shouted loudly, “Stop there! Don’t run!”

Nan Zhi did not know how long she ran for. She was exhausted, and she leaned against a door dizzily as the person that was chasing her appeared to be turning the corner of the corridor she was in.

The medicine was starting to take effect.

She no longer had the energy to run any further, with both her legs having lost all their strength.

Would she really not be able to escape?

At this moment, Nan Zhi realized that the door she had been leaning on was not closed properly. The door opened with just a slight push.

Nan Zhi entered the room quickly and closed the door. She fell heavily onto the carpeted floor.

Her head was getting heavier and everything around her was starting to spin.

There was an unnatural redness on her face, though the bright colour made her originally outstanding facial features appear even more enchanting.

She panted heavily with her mouth wide open. The turbulent hotness within her body had seemingly drained all the energy from her body.

She needed to drink water.

She needed to quench her thirst.

Nan Zhi stumbled into the room in a daze.

She was suddenly tripped over by something. She fell forward and onto a man who was lying on the bed without any movement.


The lights were turned off in the room. The curtains were also pulled closed tightly, covering up any form of light. Nan Zhi could not see anything clearly.

Her face seemed to be pressing on top of something burning hot.

In the darkness, the man opened his fierce, deep eyes. His handsome features were hidden in the darkness, but his eyes were piercing like that of a hibernating beast. “Who is it?”

Nan Zhi did not know why there was a man here. His voice was husky and cold without any hint of warmth, but to her, it sounded like a lifeline.

Her instincts were telling her he had something that could help her.

She reached for the thing that her face was resting on, caressing it gently in her daze. “Little kitten, be good. Don’t move around so much. Jie Jie [1. Jie Jie means older sister] is really thirsty, so let me go and find some water to drink first.”

The girl’s voice was very soft and mesmerizing. When she spoke, her hot breath surrounded that part of the man, and a rush of heat flowed immediately towards his lower abdomen.

However, he had no energy to move at this point.

“Who sent you here? Scram…”

The man had yet to finish speaking when soft lips bit onto the tip of his nose. A fragrance that could only have belonged to the girl suddenly flooded all of his senses.

His every muscle tensed up in an instant.

Nan Zhi did not know what had come over her. She did not feel like herself. She straddled herself on top of the man’s flat abdomen, then followed her instincts and pressed her red lips against his without any further thought.