Chapter 7 - Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

Chapter 7: Chapter 007: Hardworking Si Mi

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When Lan Xin heard Si Mi’s answer, she was very touched. She thought that she had finally started to understand!

In her previous life, Si Mi had never taken her career seriously. Instead, she had wasted a lot of energy on other things. It was such a waste! This time, she wanted to live her life to its fullest.

Knowing that Lan Xin was really doing this for her own good, Si Mi was touched. She looked at the woman who was a few years older than her. “Sister Lan, I know! From now on, I will work hard to improve my acting skills, and do a good job!”

Si Mi’s small face was glowing, and her eyes were watery. She looked really lovable. Lan Xin had no idea what to do with Si Mi and had always been let her be! Of course, it was good for her to improve herself. She would also do her best to help her!

“That’s good! Then you have to give it your all for today’s audition. I know you can do it!”

Nodding her cute little head, Si Mi clenched her fists. “Oh right, Sister Lan, isn’t Banana Entertainment preparing an outdoor reality show? Can you help me ask?”

“Banana Entertainment?” Lan Xin thought carefully about which platform this was, and she had some impression of it. “Their project isn’t very popular! Why, do you have any ideas?”

“Yes, I want to go!”

“I’m still just an F-list actress. Showing my face on variety shows is one of the fastest ways to accumulate popularity!” Si Mi was very serious in communicating her thoughts with Lan Xin.

Lan Xin had her own considerations. “Indeed! But I can find you something better! The investment and allocation of that variety show aren’t very good!”

“Rapid March” was a popular outdoor reality show later on in the country. In the early stages, it was just as Lan Xin had said. There was no investment, no allocation, and the buzz were small, but it was novel. In the middle and later stages, it started to gain popularity among many young people, and it made a few small celebrities became popular!

Since Si Mi had started all over again, of course, she wouldn’t let go of such a good ride. She only needed to seize the opportunity at the right time, and she could use what she knew would happen in the future to double the effort with half the effort!

Si Mi’s attitude was very insistent, so Lan Xin could only go along with it. After all, she had taken the initiative to improve and work hard, so how could she hold her back?!

“Okay! I’ll contact you from here!” Lan Xin agreed.

“Thank you, Sister Lan. Please pay attention to this matter!”

Si Mi emphasized it again and again, and Lan Xin looked at her with a reproachful look. “Are you worried about my productivity? I promise to take care of it for you!”

Si Mi hugged Lan Xin and smiled. “Yes, yes! Sister Lan is the best!”

Today’s audition was for the supporting role for “Beacon Beauty.” After reading the script, Si Mi knew that this was a very important supporting role. The character was very interesting, and if performed well, it would be a very eye-catching and attractive role in the play. In her past life, Si Mi had missed this opportunity, and allowed the newbie, Fang Huan, to shoot to fame. Lan Xin could not help but feel regretful.

This was an old story from her previous life. Si Mi would never let go of any opportunity that was presented to her!

Lan Xin accompanied her as she waited on the stage. Si Mi was still trying to figure out the character’s characteristics. She did not notice Fang Huan looking at her from behind.

Fang Huan was also determined to get this role today. The company had fought for her, and this role was very compatible with her image. Without Si Mi, she would be the most outstanding out of the few competitors present. At this moment, her only opponent was Si Mi!

Fang Huan was actually somewhat similar to Si Mi. Both of them were beautiful and moving. Both of them had peerless beauty. It was just that Si Mi’s facial features were more exquisite and attractive. Her charming eyes outshone her!

Si Mi was in front of her, and she estimated that the two of them had a 50-50 chance of winning.

After entering the room, Si Mi bowed slightly to the director, the screenwriter, and one of the main characters’ actor. “Hello, I’m Si Mi, the actress who is auditioning for Mingyan!”

“Let’s begin!”

Mingyan was the sister of the tragic main character in ‘Beacon Beauty’. She and the female lead fell in love with the male lead. After experiencing all the love and hate entanglements, she finally put aside her love in that era and turned around to join the ranks of nurses who saved lives and helped the injured!

Although she could not be compared to the main character in terms of the scenes, her personality was unique and charming. She was not trapped by love and hate. The character was given a lot of love by the scriptwriter. She was not the traditional idiotic second female lead! This was also one of the main reasons why this character became popular after the broadcast!