Chapter 3 - Back Then, I Adored You

Chapter 3: Prince Charming Next Door (3)

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The housekeeper answered, "No."

Qin Zhi'ai didn't utter a word, leaving quietly.


It was one in the morning. It seemed like Gu Yusheng, again, wouldn't be coming back that night.

Ever since he had commanded the housekeeper to watch her while she swallowed the contraceptive pills, it had been a month since he had gone back to the house.

When he was leaving, he left a message with the housekeeper ordering Qin Zhi'ai not to bother him with anything else. Following what he said, she didn't look for him at all.

As a result, they didn't meet or contact each other in that month.

Qin Zhi'ai stared at the European-style grandfather clock not far away from her, watching as the hour hand struck one. She spaced out for quite some time before she gradually shifted her gaze back to the television screen. The television was showing a movie that starred one of her favorite celebrities, but she was too moody to continue watching it. She decided to turn it off and go upstairs.

Perhaps it was because she thought of Yusheng while she had been gazing at the clock just now, but Qin Zhi'ai couldn't fall asleep immediately, even when she was in bed. She closed her eyes while her thoughts went wild. When she finally she managed to fall asleep after a long time, the phone on the bedside table rang.

The phone displayed the landline number of the Gu Mansion. She picked up the phone and answered it. It was Nanny Zhang, who had served the Gu family for more than twenty years. "Young Mistress, I am sorry to call you at this time. Old Master Gu phoned earlier on and said that he will be taking the morning flight back to Beijing. He wants Young Master and you to be home for dinner…"

Nanny Zhang only obeyed instructions from Old Master Gu. She was probably the only one in the Gu family who dared to go against Yusheng's orders not to address her as "Young Mistress."

"And for Young Master, please convey this message to him..."

But he asked me not to bother him with anything. The words were at the tip of her tongue, as she wanted Nanny Zhang to make the call instead. However, she recalled the warning that Gu Yusheng gave her on the day she moved in.

He said that his Grandpa was his only remaining family in the world. If she hadn't used despicable methods to persuade his Grandpa, he wouldn't have had to be with her under his Grandpa's orders. He also wouldn't have bothered to look at her, let alone stay under the same roof.

He added on that he wouldn't forgive her if his Grandpa found out about their sour relationship and worried.

If she asked Nanny Zhang to call Gu Yusheng instead, it would be evident that they were on bad terms, since they were living together. Moreover, Nanny Zhang had served Old Master Gu for so many years...

Qin Zhi'ai struggled for a moment before she decided to swallow what she initially wanted to say. She changed her mind and said, "Nanny Zhang, I'll tell Yusheng."

After she hung up the phone, Qin Zhi'ai sat up on her bed. She looked for his number on her cell phone, hesitating for quite some time before she dialed.

As she heard the dial tone from the phone, Qin Zhi'ai was so nervous that she couldn't breathe.

One… two… three… at the fourth ring, the line was cut on the other side without any hesitation.

Gu Yusheng had rejected her call…

She pursed her lips and didn't attempt to make another call. Instead, she composed herself and sent him a text message. On her phone, the message didn't appear to have sent, so she gave him a call again. However, it wasn't the sound of the dialing tone this time—the line was busy.