“Is it as you said, that Young Master has been coming back?” Old Master Gu didn’t beat around the bush, getting straight to the point.

The housekeeper had been prepared to say yes, but Old Master Gu spoke again. “Even though you were hired by Young Master, I can chase you out of this house at any point in time. You better think carefully before you answer my question.”

The housekeeper became somewhat hesitant and thought for a moment. In the end, he answered, “Yes,” but before he could complete the word, Old Master Gu turned around and looked into his eyes. The housekeeper felt his voice shaking and lowered his head. After a while, he spoke softly, “Although Mr. Gu doesn’t manage to come home every day, occasionally—”

“I guess you want to be fired right away?” Old Master Gu interrupted him abruptly.

The housekeeper was so intimidated that he stayed quiet. After some time, he dangled his head and honestly said, “Mr.Gu came home once…”

Old Master Gu immediately pulled a long face upon hearing this.

“It was the first night you went to Hainan.”

The first night in Hainan? Almost a month earlier… Old Master Gu had a thundery expression. “In other words, Young Master hasn’t been home at all for more than a month?”

“Yes…” The voice of the housekeeper was as soft as if he wasn’t speaking.

Old Master Gu had fire brewing in his eyes. He couldn’t be bothered with the housekeeper standing outside the car window. “Let’s find him now!” he yelled at Nanny Zhang, who was sitting in the driver seat.

Since seeing Old Master Gu once again had stirred up her emotions, Qin Zhi’ai felt extremely worn out. When she returned to her room, she collapsed onto the bed and didn’t want to move an inch anymore.

She didn’t dare fall asleep, as she hadn’t taken a bath yet. Unsure of how long she had given her eyes a rest, she felt her tiredness ease up a little. She went to the bathroom to fill up the bathtub with hot water. Just as the water was filled to the brim, Qin Zhi’ai realized she had forgotten about her pajamas, so she went into the room again.

The changing room was just opposite the bathroom. Qin Zhi’ai took a set of pajamas without looking and walked out. Just as she was two steps away from the bathroom, the door of the bedroom was suddenly kicked open with a loud and deafening thud.

Qin Zhi’ai was stunned by the sound of it, and her body shivered in fear. She turned around and saw the man who had left her at the roadside before. Gu Yusheng was standing at the door, glaring at her, his eyes red.

He didn’t utter a word, but he drew his lips into a line. He did nothing except stare at her. His dominating pitch-black eyes flared up, compelling rage circling around him.

Qin Zhi’ai could hardly breathe with such an aura emitting from Gu Yusheng. She stood there with her legs rooted to the ground, only her side profile facing him.

The housekeeper, on the ground floor, hadn’t slept a wink. Thinking that something might have happened to Qin Zhi’ai, he dashed up as soon as he heard the noise. “Miss…”

Gu Yusheng appeared before him as he reached the corner. He halted immediately, and asked with extreme caution, “Mr. Gu, you…”

His sentence wasn’t finished, but Gu Yusheng, without looking at him, told him off in the most unfriendly tone. “Go back to your room, and stay there!”