Chapter 8 - Back to the Apocalypse

Chapter 10

Time flew by, and after spending an entire week, Bai Jing finally installed the fence. Looking at a row of neatly organized space, his heart raised an unspeakable satisfaction. Then, he went to buy a diesel generator, a switchgear, for there was no other option. Who would have known the hydroelectric generator would be such trouble; he could only stare at it, unable to use it.

In fact, he had no knowledge of diesel generators, but fortunately there were installers that taught him step by step. The most important thing was that he only needed to provide diesel while installers could help him with the install. All he needed to do was turn the switch on or off until the fuel ran out.

Having obtained a generator, Bai Jing bought a bunch of wires. Entering the dimension and fiddling for a while, he took out the bulldozer, and in less than two hours, the 2 acres enclosed by the fence was completely wrecked.Moreover, he did not waste time, even for being a rookie. Looking at the results, Bai Jing could not help but praise that having a high-tech tool was good. Remembering the digging in his previous life, tut! He really could not bear to recall that, but he was forced to to dig that time. People’s potential was truly limitless.

And then Bai Jing planted some vegetables, bean sprouts, sweet potatoes and the like so that after those sprout, he could keep livestock in the field. Although the timing was still early, he liked to watch the space become lively, little by little to complete his plan until it became his dream paradise.

After everything was done, Bai Jing recalled his psychic power and felt his brain was empty, but no dizziness and fatigue. His psychic power endured for longer than last time.

Even a tiny bit of progress was good, and Bai Jing smiled in satisfaction. Psychic power did not excel overnight, and he only hoped that before the outbreak of the apocalypse he could advance his abilities a rank so that he could use skills, guarantee a bit more his life.

But he could not keep his happiness any longer, for a phone call ruined his good mood. School time was coming and having not heard from him, Nanny Chen anxiously complained to his father.

Since the tour, he had only two phone calls with his father and the talks were not long. His dad had always been very busy and though each call was a nice chat, they just kept generally around three to five calls a month before. So, if not for his childhood lack of love, how would he rely on Nanny Chen so much.

These days, he did not answer any calls from Nanny Chen, but Wang Xuebing did. One could guess that the resentment Nanny Chen had toward Wang Xuebing would have accumulated to at least thirty feet high, but Bai Jing’s depression at being foresaken was easily understood.

With his father on the phone, he felt desolate, indifferent. There was a murky feeling, only feeling that things were impermanent, as if his whole heart was cold. But he would not refuse his father’s concern because he knew, at least at this moment, his dad really loved him.

And with Nanny Chen on the phone, he felt disgusted and wanted not a single word with her. In the last life, he was silly enough to not see clearly. In this life, listening to her words, those phrases made him feel that there were ulterior motives, as if there were vague implications. Back then, he indeed was like that, acting in accordance with her intentions.

Bai Jing hung up the phone, his lips pulling into a mocking curve. His father really loved him. When he said that he did not want to go to school, his father said to apply next year. He said that he did not want to go home, and his father asked him if he had enough money to spend. He said he wanted to go to B City to see father, and his was father silent for a moment, and said, oh, no, he was very busy for the time being, that he was going to have meeting at X province, that they might miss each other, so after all work was finished would father go to see you, okay?

He was always busy. Bai Jing had a faint smile. For such a favor, to be honest, sometimes he really did not know what his father was thinking, did not understand the mind of a politician, and perhaps never understood. Spoiling him , loving him, answering every his every request, almost like loving a pet. Bai Jing once had a pet named Snow, and he was a teacup dog. Back then, his mother just died, and he was to live with his father’s family. He felt uneasy, afraid, fearful. As a seven year-old child he already understood, and he knew that others were accusing him as being the fatherless one. The unfamiliar face of a strange father, he was both happy and afraid. Mother was gone, and if his father did not want him, then what should he do?

His father gave him that teacup dog, and he liked it very much. Small and very cute, it cheered him up in a strange environment. And then he spoiled it, loved it, cared for it, and was very attentive to it, but when he made new friends, he once took Snow out to show off when it was a chilly winter. After they returned home, Snow fell ill, and then he never woke up.

He was sad for a long time as well as very angry, even breaking up with his new friends. He never thought he was wrong, that he should not have taken Snow out to play. The teacup dog was difficult to support, he obviously knew that, didn’t he? But he still did whatever he pleased.

He thought, father may have thought he was something to raise, something he liked. Surely, he was to be spoiled, loved, protected, and did not need him to have too much interest, nor did he need him to be too competent.. Anyway, father had everything he needed, so it could not cost a lot to “feed” him. If the outbreak did not happen, he would just be his father’s son, or maybe he would really be a pet for his whole life.

Bai Jing faintly pondered, his heart without a trace of emotion, as if thinking about a stranger. He did not blame his father. He really did not. He was an illegitimate child, yet his father gave him a good living environment, spoiled him, and loved him, so what was there to blame about. Should he blame his father for not treating him well? Blame his own greed, pickiness, excess extravagant hopes, so that when he was abandoned he was so angry, so sad, so shocked that he would not believe it.

His mind no longer thought about it. Things from his previous life for him now were like across a gap. In fact, they really were separated by a lifetime. Then since those memories were so long ago, he would not care how his father does in this life. Anyway, he did not intend to go to B City. They would never see each other again, yet he was mulling over this so much. Furthermore, in this life, he would not bully. If someone treated him well, he would treat the other better.

Bai Jing’s eyes flashed a cold light. The Country and the military in the apocalypse could be the most unreliable things!

They spent three more days in H city. Having already bought everything, looking inside that tiny three hundred square meters storage space in the dimension, it had become more substantial, having been enlarged to 400 meters. Bai Jing’s heart flashed a touch of joy, and announced that they were to continue to the next stop.

Before leaving, he went to gas stations. From each station, he took ten barrels each of gasoline and diesel. His car’s logo was too eye-catching; gasoline, diesel and materials were different. People brought goods into the warehouse, which was inconspicuous. If it were gasoline and diesel that he bought in advance, driving and running around in the H city, it would inevitably attract people’s attention, which is why he kept switching cities to buy materials. He would rather spend more time, money and effort than rouse the suspicion of others.

Then a few days later, since the dimension had electricity, Bai Jing controlled his psychic power to dig the land. He not only dug out two acres of land, but also with digging machine, he dug a 200 square meters wide pond. Dug from the top area of the spring down into a 1-meter-wide creek, it ran through almost half of the space. From the spring to the feeding of animals, and then to the pond, the current dimension looked like a prototype.

To his delight, this space was really odd. When the pond water was filled, the stream was still flowing, but the spring did not run out. As the water did not overflow the pond, he did not know where the spring water flowed to.

But since the outbreak, strange things appeared more and more. Bai Jing was only surprised for a moment, then he pleasantly accepted it. He did not want to go after the heart of the matter, either, otherwise, he would have had a lot of things to understand.

He then dug a larger and deeper pond on the other side of the space covering an area of 400 square meters, which was double the size of the other pond. He tried to put some sea water in it. If the seawater did not go bad, he intended to raise some seafood.

As for that two acres of land, he planted some of the commonly used herbs, also planted a little bit of precious medicinal herbs. The herbs’ area was very small. Before the hidden dimension had advanced a rank, he thought this would be it. And three acres of land were left; one field had planted on it a variety of fruit trees, one of vegetables, and the remaining acre was kept for the house. In the excess places, he planted some flowers, or some seasonings, and where there was spare space left, that became a small courtyard.

Bai Jing was pleased. Although he only completed less than half of his plan, looking at the sprouts of vegetables exposed inside the fences, the grass gradually growing taller, he felt as if there was beauty before his eyes. The growing stalks were increasingly more interesting.

But sometimes, the idea was always more cruel than the reality.

A week after leaving H City, this day, Bai Jing had just come out from the gym, having finished a shower and everyday essential things to do, he used his psychic power to explore the space, seeing the grass and vegetables thrive, even the herb heads sprout, he couldn’t feel more happy. Deciding to buy a few animals back to raise so that space was also lively, to add a little bit of energy.

He first went to the farmers market and bought two roosters and six hens. Because he did not have many things, he had the people put the chickens in the car, intending to put them into the dimension, and then went to another store to buy a duck. When the vendor saw the car, his tongue just froze, and then seeing the luxurious furnishings, his stiff hands did not know where to put them. His appearance carrying a chicken was alarmed and helpless. It was such a good car, such a clean and luxurious interior, and when he thought of the chicken staying inside, even if it was not his car, he felt distressed for fear of dirtying it.

Bai Jing’s eyes darkened. He had not thought things through as it seemed that ducks could not be bought here. His car was very conspicuous; he was conscious of that. Prior to purchasing the materials, people would consider him as a really rich second generation. But buying chickens, ducks and fish, it attracted too much attention, giving a sense of eccentricity as well as being eye-catching.

After the vendor left, Bai Jing drove the car to a remote area and opened the compartment, wanting to send the chickens into the dimension.

Huh? No movement!

Try again! Still no movement!

Bai Jing’s face was shocked white. Suddenly remembering, in his previous life, besides himself, it seemed other living beings could never get into the dimension. In his previous life he did not trust humans, not to mention animals, so that he would not get any mutant creatures into the hidden dimension; he was not that crazy.

Bai Jing’s heart sank. Then, what was to happen to the plan he had previously laid out. If there were no animals, he needed to buy more fresh meat, so the land had to be rearranged.

Looking around, Bai Jing did not give the chicken another thought, throwing it directly to the roadside. He stepped on the gas pedal, speeding to leave, only feeling his heart tighten heavily.

No, do not panic, there must be something else you had not thought of. Even if he had to buy more fresh meat, that was no big deal. Bai Jing set his mind, looking for a quiet space to think. If the dimension could not keep animals, his plan was useless; he must not panic.

Suddenly, Bai Jing’s mind moved, his eyes lit up. He was chagrined to remember even he himself could not enter the dimension currently. It was not strange then that animals could not go in, either.

It must be like that, Bai Jing kept telling himself, feeling slightly relieved. It seemed he needed to increase his psychic power as soon as possible. He also needed to store more meat, for he needed to be prepared for all contingencies.

At least he can harvest food, plant herbs, and lay down a home. There were clean springs that could be drunk from. In fact, compared to his previous life, it was a lot better. He should know contentment, as what belonged to him was his.

With such a thought, Bai Jing calmed down. He had lived through all kinds of consequences in his previous life. However, losing some rations would not starve him.