Chapter 2 - Back to the Apocalypse

 Chapter 4

“Young Master, where are we going?” Wang Xuebing asked with a smile. His face seemed to also hold some excitement, his shining bright eyes watching for cars, eager to drive.

“Just go out first.” Bai Jing closed his eyes, tired, and leaned against the backseat. The sunny smiling face of that man suddenly made his eyes tingle.

Wang Xuebing’s lips curled, curling out a big smile. He turned his head, gazing out the front. Stepping on the accelerator, the limited edition Porsche zoomed out.

On the road, Bai Jing slowly opened his eyes, pupils deep and dark, flashing a touch of thoughtfulness. Perhaps, before meeting with Xiao Sa, he can gather his team. Although he has the hidden dimension to rely on and material needs taken care of, in the apocalypse, zombies run rampant all over the Earth, so going solo is not possible.

“Gold Coast.” Having made up his mind, Bai Jing announced the destination of the trip.

Wang Xuebing’s face showed a trace of regret, then making a turn, they sped towards the Gold Coast.

Bai Jing felt amused. He did not expect to see that this man, who was always without hesitation, as strong as a mountain, could have such childish behavior. It’s only a car, Bai Jing thought, maybe he should give him the car later to have fun. Maybe he should send him to learn about mechanics. During the apocalypse, that would be the most welcome talent.

Arriving at the Gold Coast, Bai Jing did not get off, only tossing him the wallet. He kept his eyes closed meditatively: “Two rooms.”

Wang Xuebing lifted one hand, just catching the wallet. Reluctantly, he looked at the Porsche once more, then opened the door. His handsome face shows infinite resentment, and his heart could not help but lament that this really is a different life.1 His young master has an increasingly stern manner.

Bai Jing was too lazy to give a glance, for Wang Xuebing is trustworthy, a real man. Otherwise, at that time, Nanny Chen would not let him go escape on their own.

Only because Wang  Xuebing is not a person she can control!

Entering a room, Bai Jing asked for a bunch of snacks, and then he sent Wang Xuebing away. At present, the hidden dimension is the top concern.

Locking the door, without hesitation, Bai Jing took a glass of spring water, “Gulp!” “Gulp!” After drinking, he immediately went to the bathroom. But before he was at the bathroom door, his belly issued a burst of pain.2 Bai Jing was soaked with cold sweat , his body also quivering.

Damn, Bai Jing cried a curse, endured the pain, clenched his teeth and put out a pool of spring water, followed by a collapse as the sense of powerlessness came. His brain also sent waves of chills, and his whole body felt as if would be torn open, every part of the body creaking under pain that went to the very the bone. Beside his ear, he seemed to hear his joints go “pop, pop…”

Quickly removing his clothes, Bai Jing’s trembling body bathed in the spring.  Painful, so painful, but besides pain, he could not find any other feelings. Bathing in the spring, he knew all his worries were unnecessary, Even the desire to faint had become a luxury.

He remembered that once, to escape from the Institute, he hid in the hidden-dimension. After immersing himself in the spring water, he had lost consciousness. When he awoke, he felt as refreshed as a newborn. He never knew that a bath in the spring would be so painful.

Entranced, Bai Jing naturally circulated his internal forces. One round, two rounds, and with the flow of blood, operating his inner meridians, he seemed to enter a profound state. Thirty-six rounds later, he slowly, very slowly, opened his eyes…

Not yet even starting a mile, Bai Jing jumped up. He was disgusted and frowned. As if there was something dirty within it, that pool of spring water had become a dark mud. Sending out waves of a nauseating stench, even his body was stuck with a lot of dirt. His hands, body, face, especially the face, and furthermore, he was so caked in filth his eyes couldn’t discern the expression upon his face.

Bai Jing moved his body and found general weakness, but the state of his psychic power was good. Although there was no advancement, his brain is not hurt. His heart jumped in joy, and when his hand waved, the bathroom towel, toothbrush, and cup disappeared. Then, they reappeared out of thin air, just as if their disappearance was just an illusion.

Bai Jing was so happy he did not care about the nauseating pool of water. Draining the tub and turning on the tap, he tried the water temperature. First, he needed to shower off all the mud and then bathe in the water, but this time, he couldn’t use the spring. Although his endurance was tough, enduring that pain a few more times…thanks, but no, thanks.

Rubbing and rubbing from head to toe, all was washed clean. Climbing out of the tub, he casually draped himself with a towel, walked out the door, picked up the phone and directly dialed the next door’s number.

“Hey, young master, are you alright?” The moment the phone rang, Wang Xuebing’s anxious voice came over.

“Ah, nothing’s wrong. Bring me a set of clothes and food.” Bai Jing looked around, a lighthearted answer. Turning the phone on to see that, in addition to a dozen missed calls, there were a few SMS messages, and the display above showed the time was August 3, 2019, 11:53 am. Already three days passed, no wonder his stomach was so hungry.

“Yes, right away!”

Hanging up the phone, Bai Jing looked at his cellphone. Three unknown numbers, Nanny Chen five times, his father dialed twice, three from his father’s secretary, Zhu Ting thrice, and He Yong once.

Bai Jing gave a taunting smile then looked at the messages…Tend number 8028, your account…30 million has arrived, please check upon receipt…

Bai Jing twitched his brow. This was not surprising. As long as that woman was not involved, his old man had always been very generous to him.

Then, his slender fingers clicked, and he continued to look at the next one: Bai Jing, you have fifteen minutes. If you do not come, we break up – Zhu Ting!

“Ba!” Bai Jing tossed his cell phone away, his eyes flashing coldness. That woman, how in the world did he ever fancy her. If it wasn’t for her “I am the Queen” temperament, Wang Xuebing would not have been scratched by a zombie. Nanny Chen had Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei escort him to escape, but he truly from the bottom of his heart wanted to escape with Zhu Ting.3 Perhaps he was the only one that could not look at Zhu Ting clearly, Zhu Ting tightly arm in arm with the army. With a struggle, Wang Xuebing was injured. And the result, Zhu Ting did not go with him.

And then…

Wang Xuebing knew his time was short anyways since he had been scratched. He simply left everything behind, gambling his own life, letting Cao Lei take him to leave, and after, escape. Cao Lei uncaringly dropped Bai off alone. And then he met Xiao Sa.

To say that in this life Xiao Sa is his only obsession, then Wang Xuebing must be his guilt. If it’s possible, he wanted to live together with Wang Xuebing during the apocalypse, but if his safety or Xiao Sa’s was threatened…Bai Jing’s eyes darkened, not because his heart turned hard and cold, but within his heart, the extremely small, small capacity stays on only Xiao Sa…4

However, if it is Wang Xuebing, then that situation would not happen. Bai Jing gave a shallow smile. Perhaps all because of that moment when Wang Xuebing used all his courage to fight, or perhaps because he was stern and didn’t hesitate, but inexplicably, Bai Jing does trust him in some way, not for his feelings but for his character.

“Pon, pon, pon” There was knocking at the door.

Bai Jing wrapped himself with the sheets, opened the door, only to turn back…

Wang Xuebing eyes were motionless, a bit blank, but the lightly tinted face instantly burst red.

“Why are you stunned?” Bai Jing would not believe that, in addition to that guy Xiao Sa, others could be gay.  Taking the clothes from the hands of Wang Xuebing, Bai walked leisurely towards the bathroom.

Carefully looking in the mirror, only then did he find that his skin seemed to have become more delicate, his facial features more distinct. Because of that shower just now, his cheeks were flushed, revealing a crystal texture. His black jade-like eyes were clear and bottomless, a hidden luster flowed. Dressed in sheets, chest half-exposed with this wet-hair appearance, he totally melded into a very beautiful style.

Bai Jing brow wrinkled. He didn’t think the spring would hold beautifying effects. Changing clothes and parting his bangs to cover his lustrous eyes, he felt a little better.

Once out of the bathroom, Wang Xuebing seemed to have calmed down at this time, but now he looked stiff, with a firm poker face, eyes casting a glance at anywhere but Bai Jing.5

Bai Jing ignored him, opening the lunch box himself and began devouring everything. Now, the time was still early, and there should still be enough time for him to hit the stock market after the meal. He told his father he wanted to invest in stocks. It wasn’t a lie, for he knew the movements of the stock market this year, which stocks would rise, which stocks would double. Although his father gave him enough money, that still was not enough.

In Wang Xuebing’s mind, there were some surprises, such as how the young master looked. He actually did not seem to have eaten for a few days. If he remembered right, the young master should have already bought a lot of snacks before. Otherwise, just by the young master not exiting out of the room for a few days, not answering the phone, Nanny Chen would have already asked the hotel staff to break into the room.

In fact, he did not know that Bai Jing was afraid of Nanny Chen being a busybody, only buying some food to deceive the public. From entering the room to the present, he really hasn’t had a thing, except of course, a glass of spring water.

After the meal, Bai Jing couldn’t wait and had Wang Xuebing drive directly to the stock exchange.

Wang Xuebing looked at him strangely, somehow feeling that the young master was not the same.

Bai Jing’s mind was very clear. If it was in his previous life, he would never have gone to see stocks or the like. It was normal for Wang Xuebing to feel this was odd.

Arriving at the stock market hall just right at 1:30pm, because Bai Jing is a high ranking customer, he was directly invited to the VIP room.

Finishing all the procedures, Bai Jing deposited 20 million, to buy several familiar stocks that he remembered, and the remaining 10 million he intended to use to collect materials. If he was short, he would take from the stocks.

Later, he had Wang Xuebing drive him to D City’s largest bookstore, not only to buy some recipes, Chinese medicine textbooks, herbs, a compendium of Materia Medica, handmade machinery, agricultural science and technology…Even the most popular fantasy novels he bought in large quantities. He bought so much that it would fill a large room entirely.

Wang Xuebing was stunned. His young master didn’t swap personalities, did he? When did he ever like to read? And what is this, this mess of books. Could the young master even read this?

  1. Wang doesn’t perceive that time has reset. He is noticing that Bai behaving radically different, as if Bai is leading a new life. 
  2. Get that guy…a Tums. 
  3. Yeah, blame the girl for your own failings. 
  4. On a personal note, it’s this part of the narrative that disturbs me, Obsession is never healthy, folks! 
  5.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)