Chapter 3 - Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs

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Chapter 3. Personal Interspatial Space part3

This kind of basket was relatively large and contains a lot of eggs. She heard the old aunt said that one basket of eggs weighs 45 pounds.

A pound of eggs cost her eight yuans, originally was eight point two. Ninety pounds of eggs in two baskets cost her more than seven hundred yuans because they are all free-range eggs. Even if she got a discount, they are still expensive.

Naturally, two baskets of eggs couldn't satisfy Lin Qing He, but it was still OK. She crossed the eggs out of the book.

At this time, the aunt from the breakfast shop called. Lin Qing He drove back to the breakfast shop. She gave the aunt a few positive comments. After the praises, she took away three boxes of steamed bun.

Although the size of this foam box wasn't large, the volume wasn't small. It can hold almost fifty in one go. Three hundred big buns were completely packed in six boxes and two trips.

However, Lin Qing He still wanted more big buns, so she straight out booked five hundred, and planned to come to collect it tomorrow morning.

Although the aunt didn't understand the reason behind the action, Lin Qing He gave a deposit of 1,000 yuan, so she readily agreed and didn't act nosy. She simply asked her to come over at this time tomorrow morning to get her buns. At that time, she would have it all packed up with the same foam box and not one less.

Lin Qing He expressed that they're a known brand, she naturally believed nothing will go wrong.

Then she drove away, returned to the market again. Because she had bought eggs here, and what's more two baskets. So this time Lin Qing He didn't dare to make such a big move.

At this time, the market has opened, and soon it became bustling with people.

Lin Qing He got her eyes on the pork. Her luck was pretty good because today ’s pork was all excellent and from local pigs. It's the type that has no taste and very delicious. Even if she didn’t like pork much, if she encounters this pork, she'll buy a little.

However, the price was a bit more expensive, but Lin Qing He didn't care a bit.

Originally she wanted to be low-key but seeing this kind of pork, Lin Qing He threw it out of mind. At once, she asked for a half side of the rib, pork belly, lean meat, oily fat and the likes she wants from the first pork shore. The same situation with the next few pork store.

This made the few pork stores' bosses puzzled and questioned what's going on?

"There are three relatives from my mother's family who have a happy event happening today. Initially, they already had it arranged with the pork store there but suddenly they sold it to others. This is an emergency ah, so they came to me?" He helplessly explained: "I won't talk more. Hurry, help me chop up the ribs. Don't need to bother with the pork belly and fats meat. Just pack them for me."

Although the few pork store owners didn't understand how the other pork store promised and then go back on their word? But there seems to be no other explanation than this.

Why else would they suddenly ask for so much pork?

Only weddings can use so much pork.

So without hesitation, they immediately chopped the ribs and the likes for her.

Lin Qing He settled the bill one store by one store. Altogether the ribs weighed 80 pounds or so and one pound was 25 yuan. The ribs cost more than 2,000 yuan.

There were also pork belly, lean meat, and fatty meat. Because they were already picked out and heard her say that it was for happy events, they were willing to give her leeway.

Just buying so much at once, except for giving her back a few yuans change, the price was not cheap.

Lin Qing He asked them to help carry them to the vehicle and transported all the pork away.

She drove the vehicle to a remote place. After Lin Qing He made sure no one was around, she immediately put the eight bags of ribs and all kinds of meat into the space.

Adding up the pork and ribs, it amounted to 5,000.

In addition to buying buns and eggs, she now has almost 45,000 yuan left.

She canceled the word meat off the list. With this much ribs and pork, it's enough to eat for a long time. As for other meat, chickens, ducks, fish, etc., forget it, she didn't have much money. She thought it through, even if there's a lot of money, the space only has ten square meters. It is very limited, can’t hold much.

She had to prepare some of everything for the just-in-case moments.

As for the market, she couldn't go there anymore. She drove to a pretty far large wholesale market in the city.

She began to order rice, brand name rice, and 50 full packs of it. Each pack was 20jin (aka 10kg) of top-quality good rice packed in vacuum.

The wholesale manager thought she was going to open a store by herself. As soon as he asked and found she wasn't, he wondered why did she order so much?

Lin Qing He explained that it was ordered by her workplace and was a benefit for everyone.

Besides the fifty bags of rice, she also ordered fifty bags of 20jin flour, also top quality.

Because it was a large order, the price was at the wholesale price, so it wasn't expensive.

On top of that, there was peanut oil. She bought a certain flower brand one. This brand was very expensive, but it was also very pure.

She also uses this brand of peanut oil. A barrel was 5.5kg, equalizing to 11jin. She looked at the wholesale price. After a moment of hesitation, she got five barrels. Even wholesale price, it was 100 yuan or so per barrel!

Five barrels were nearly six hundred.

The wholesale price of one bag of rice was 45 yuan. The retail price was 60 yuan. Meaning 15 yuan cheaper.

But fifty packs of rice also meant more than 2200 yuan.

The price of flour was similar to rice. Fifty bags also amounted to 2000 or so.

Adding all these, it's at the boundary of 5000.

Lin Qing He counted in her head and then appraised the space again. Two baskets of eggs, eight bags of pork, and six foam boxes of ready-to-eat buns were inside. This left five-sevenths of the ten squares space.

After putting these rice, flour and peanut oil, there were still about three-sevenths space left.

She asked the wholesale manager to call people to put all the goods in the minibus. But there were too many things and the minivan couldn't fit it all.

Lin Qing He decided to take half and send it to her workplace first and then came back half an hour later. The wholesale manager said that it was no problem and gave her a receipt.

Lin Qing He left fifty bags of rice and five barrels of peanut oil before leaving. Halfway on the road, she placed the goods inside the space.

And crossed out the words oil and rice in the book.

As a sales department manager, Lin Qing He was skilled at making maximum use of one day's time.

Halfway on the road, she changed direction and headed directly to the pharmacy next to the urban hospital. She visited this pharmacy once before, and their stock was complete. Just the price was expensive. One trip a few hundred was cut down.

But now Lin Qing He couldn't care about so much.