Chapter 2 - Banished to Another World

Chapter 2: Cruel reality tells him that this is the world to be expected from the whole Tribe

He had a pain in his neck and a pain in his right leg.

He was very hungry and very thirsty, but he does not dare to move or dare to climb out to find food, even if he wants to climb out it is impossible, his two wrists are tied to a pole his current posture is like a long-lived long-handed man lying on the ground.

This is an unusually simple grass shed. The top of the shed is simply covered with a hay, outside were so sparse that one can see the sun outside.

The grass shed is not too big. After the visual inspection Yan Mo thought it was about forty square meters. It is divided into two rows, one in the middle, and one in the sides

The two rows are not all humans occupied, but has some living animals. Yan Mo doesn't know if this is the reason why this hay straw shed has a very unpleasant smell, which can make someone want to vomit.

Yan Mo thought that he was saved, but he woke up to see the scene, so that he no longer had this idea of being saved to end up here was better than dying .

Just half an hour ago, there was a dark man on the wooden stake that was two feet away from him. The man was also injured and looked bigger than him. His head was bleeding and he was always in a coma never been awake.

Soon after, a strong man with a slightly protruding belly came in. The strong man walked around the straw shed and finally stopped at the unconscious man. He slapped him and saw that he had no reaction. He walked over and removes the ropes holding him and then he just dragged him out with one arm.

Yan Mo just nearly fell asleep on the other side of the straw shed and woke up when he saw the scene outside the shed.

There is a small square outside the grass shed. There is a big wooden stake in the center of the square, and an axe was drove in the pile.

There were people working in the square, some were weaving weeds, some were cooking or pickling.

When Yan Mo saw that the strong man came in, he wanted to ask for a glass of water. If he could get to eat a bowl of food it would be even more beautiful. But after seeing the behavior of the strong man, he closed his mouth shut wisely. The eyes of the man swept over his face without even a little pity.

The strong man dragged the comatose man to the center of the square, put the man's head on the stake, and pulled up the axe on from the stake.

Yan Mo's heartbeat suddenly became faster.

The strong man raised his axe, and he didn't hesitate. Just like it was a normal day, an axe fell down and took the man's head off.

A lot of blood spurted out.

The men and women who lived around the square only looked at the scene casually, and no one reacted much about this scene.

Yan Mo, a doctor, was used to bloody, and he almost cried out when he saw this scene.

What happened later made Yan Mo keep quiet without saying anything, and he even held his breath.

After the brawny smashed the head of the comatose man, the man body fell on the ground next to the wooden pillar, and the dead man was dismembered with an axe. His body was cut open and the strong man pulled out the unwanted internal organs.

Finally, the coma man was cut into pieces of meat, which were divided into three wooden basins, which were taken away by different men and women, and the intestines and other internal organs that were inedible were carried by the brawny in a weaved basin and thrown to those carnivores that were still alive.

Yan Mo resisted the desire to vomit.

1]..... Uuugh god...I need to vomit....

He felt that his neck was particularly painful, and even his head hurts, it was hurting to the point that he could barely bear it.

Apparently Yan Mo's eyes made the brawny man not very happy. When the strong man walked past him, he deliberately kicked his injured right leg.

"Ah!" Yan Mo screamed, the flies and mosquitoes that landed on him also flew up because of his movement, but they did not go away.

The brawny man did not take pity on him and went straight out of the straw shed.

Outside there were shouts from the brawny, it seems that they were drinking.

Gradually, Yan Mo could no longer feel everything from the outside world, and he fainted again.

Yan Mo had a dream the he was standing near the fire, the dream was long, very real, and Yan Mo couldn't even tell if it was a dream or something that happened in the past.

But he knew that it was definitely not something that happened in his past life. It should be the old memory of this young man body when he was wearing in his brain.

1].... Right so he died and transmigrated to another person's body

Perhaps he had accepted this physical weird reason, the memory belongs to the original body memory, as if he had passed away two times.

It is not a comfortable thing to integrate the memory of another person. Maybe Yan Mo should be grateful that this boy is not old enough. His memory is only a short fourteen years. If Yan Mo got an old man body it will be a huge number of hundreds of memories. Memory he does not know whether they will cause his brain to collapse. Even if he does not collapse, it will greatly affect his original mature personality and point of view.

The fusion of memories is very useful, at least it will let him have a general understanding of this current environment, the most gratifying thing is that he can understand the language of the nearby tribes, as long as he can understand, finding a way out is only a matter of time.

Unfortunately, the teenager does not know much.

In the memory that belongs to him, the boy's name is black, this is not a jealousy here, but a kind of auspicious animal that predicts the harvest of the grain. It is said that as long as the animal named 狡 appears, where is it? Will get a great harvest.

Blackbird was born in a tribe called the Salt Mountain tribe. Hearing the name of the tribe, Yan Mo knew that the tribe's place of residence is likely to be somewhere where they produce salt.

Because the tribe has a salt cave, its trading is not bad compared to other tribes. The tribes are basically not going hungry, but because of this salt cave and important commodity, they were targeted by many tribes. They defended the cave several times, but lost to another, more powerful tribe, five days ago, and he finally fled with the rest of the tribe.

Blackbird was bitten by wild beast on the way when the tribe was moving and looking for a new place to settle. He was abandoned by the tribe because he was infected with fever, and his parents and older brothers were among those people.

However, this kind of abandonment is not criticized in this society. It is already a matter of fact that his people did not take him as a contributing member of the tribe and left him off.

The localities here are poor and their customs are also rampant. Within the scope of the blackbird memories it seems that there is several large tribes in the vicinity which have the custom of eating people. Some powerful tribes will even attack other weak tribes in the winter when there is an extreme lack of food. Most of the people caught will be made into bacon, and only a few members of the tribe will be left as a slave.

In addition to the tribes, there are also cities where the super-large tribes are merged. They are divided into upper, middle, and lower thirds, but this teenager has only heard of them. He has never been to these cities. It seems that the teenager has not even stepped out of his own tribes.

After incorporating these memories, Yan Mo stared silently at the shack for a long time.

A large hand flicked the flying fly, and grabbed his hair.

Yan Mo's expression changed immediately, from a stiff facial expression to pleasing, even if his scalp was pulled and hurt.

"So you're not yet dead?" The fierce man face was astonished.

He glanced at the teenager's right leg. The wound there looked more and more horrible. The worms had already covered half of the legs. The pus and blood were mixed. The exposed skin was bitten mosquitoes. Rotten smell and urinary smell, no one here will heal a near dead for reserve grain, and naturally no one will help him clean it up.

Yes, this life is awful. Yan Mo was also very surprised. He roughly figured it out. It took about two days from the injury to the present. If it was on an ordinary person, the injury is so heavy, and there will be an infection. In the absence of medical treatment, he is 100% heading for the dead men chopping board. Even if he is saved he will have to cut off the injured leg.

However, when he woke up again, he noticed his own wound. The surface purulence was very serious, but the layer of pus was removed from the surface. The flesh inside was still fresh, and there was no spoilage. The blood in the legs also flowed normally. Although the edges was a bit black, the wound is not serious. As long as it can be properly treated and used, it is hopeful that he can recover.

However, because the wound is always in a fresh state, he has to always feel the pain that he can't ignore, even in a coma.

But these words he can not say to the fierce man, he can only express his gratitude with sincere face: "Thank you for saving..." When the words were not finished, the man pulled his hair and pulled him out of the straw shed.

Yan Mo felt pain being dragged like that but he was unable to resist and he did not dare to resist.

"No... don't... kill me... I beg you!"

A rhetoric shouted and stammered. Although he could understand what the tribesman said, to speak fluently he would needed some practice.

The man stopped and threw him to the ground, stepped on his chest with one foot, one hand on his lap and he bent over. "I didn't see you yesterday. The fat dog said that you were slaughtered this afternoon. I was going to save your heart before the fat dog started chopping you so as not to waste, I didn't expect you to come over."

"I... I can... do a lot... things, beg you... don't kill me, I..."

"What can you do?" The man stretched his foot and looked his shrunk child roots(penis) - his only straw belt and straw pocket were also pulled down.

"Your right leg is already rotten. If you want to live, you must cut it. A slave with a broken leg? I would rather have a 40-year-old wife. The sunlight is not the same as the fire. She can still do things you can't."

Yan Mo hated doing this with his full heart but he pleaded with his mouth: "Don't... cut off, I understand... herbal medicine, I will... treat myself, I will... get better, I beg you..."

"Do you know herbal medicine?" The words and the expression says unbelief.

"Really, I know it!"

"Which tribe are you from?"

"Salt Mountain." Yan Mo licked his lips, his throat was already thirsty, and it felt terrible than hunger. But fortunately, he didn't eat anything, otherwise he would not only sleep in his own urine, but also had to stay around with his own feces.

"I know the Salt Mountain priest and also know his disciples. You are not one of them." The man sneered.

"I really understand!" Yan Mo pushed the rest of the body and hugged the man's thigh, pleading: "Give me... seven days, I can... make the wound... get better, if not, you...can cut it. all right!"

"Do you want me to take care of you for seven days? Don't you know that winter is coming soon? If you lie, I have to waste seven days of food for you. More than that, I will have to take you out to find herbs. "The man is obviously not willing to even.

"I will... Repay you! I swear! When I am fine... I can do a lot of things..."

The man grabbed his hair again.

The child's face is dirty, but the face is not dead before, maybe after taking care of it for few days, it can really support himself?

The man was hesitating. He has only one slave quota. He gave it to the kid. Before he climbs to the 3rd Rank fighter, he can no longer have another slave. If there is a tribe behind selling more beautiful and healthy men and women, he will eat a big loss, although this kid does not want money, but before he was injured, he has to post it, and he was hurt like this. In the short term, he will not be able to do even the most menial of work.

But if no one has sold slaves in the near future? The tribe does not seem to have a war going on, if there is no war, naturally there is no slave who does not want money. And he wants a slave that belongs to himself for a long time. The appearance of this kid is also quite good for his appetite(*_°). Just needs to put a little meat in those bones...

1].... Homo primitivus have sexual needs too

Yan Mo is also desperately searching for a chance to live. During the time the man was thinking, he turned around the straw shed over and over again.

There are indeed some weedy plants on the ground and under the wall, but most of them he don't even know! He doesn't know if I know the plant that he saw.

Here.. The first day he came here, Yan Mo was skeptical, but because he saw few creatures, such as flies, mosquitoes, and the likes, he was even more suspicious, so he was doubtful. Still he tried to think in a good direction.

But now he has not found a herb he is familiar with, which is too strange. Herbal medicines, basically as long as they can grow from the ground, will have certain medicinal value, and he has been studying herbs for many years, and dare not say that all the herbs are recorded and known to him, but even the generally used and relatively special, he can recognize them.

Is it really not the same earth here?

And many more! What is that?

In the back of the straw shed, a wild grass figure was exposed.

Finally he saw a matching herb with his own memory! The more Yan Mo sees the wild grass, the more he likes an herb he knows.

The man looked at Yan Mo and was about to tell Yan Mo his decision.

Yan Mo had already called out: "Look there! That big plant!"

"What?" The man's gaze looked in the direction of Yan Mo's fingers.

"Yes, a kind of herbal medicine that can eliminate inflammation and stop bleeding, reduce fever and . Can you take me to look at it? If it is, I can use it now."

This sentence Yan Mo said while he was stuttering, but looking at the man's expression it was like he understand it.

When Yan Mo pointed to a wild grass and shouted it can be used to stop bleeding, many men and women working on both sides of the square looked in the direction he pointed.

The man lifted Yan Mo and pulled him behind the straw shed.

"You said this?" The man threw Yan Mo to the ground again.

Yan Mo, who was tortured by broken bones, took a breath of cold air and bite his teeth tightly, to preventing himself from fainting again.

Hold up his upper body and he drag his legs close to the weeds.

The edge of the leaf is tooth-shaped, and the tip of the leaf like a sawtooth a needle tip. It has white silky hair, and the stems and leaves are alternate...

Yes, this is the cirsium plant.

Behind the shed, there was more than one plant, and the scattered ones grew a small parts.

Yan Mo reached out and touched the blades of the circium plant and spit out a long breath. He also worried that this was really a desert area. Even if the place where people lived was sand, it was okay, and the plant grew up, indicating that the soil and water here is not really bad to the point of it being only sand.

"Knife, fire, pot, clean water, I want to deal with... a little... wound." Yan Mo stared at his right palm and his eyes solidified.

——Identify a type of herb, the scum value is reduced by -1, and the total scum value is 99999999 points.

The book-shaped light appeared in the center of hipalm recorded this sentence for five seconds, and then closed up, showing a line of cursive characters on the cover: The Guide to Banishment!

Men don't really believe in teenagers. They also have priests in their tribes, but they have never told them that weeds of this shape are useful. On the contrary, because the weeds are toothy and the leaves are sharp, they all classify them as thorns. Cutting the scrubs in the tribe generally causes the slaves to remove the weeds.

However, watching the surprise expression on a teenager it seemed like this was not a lie.

Or he should let him try this weed, if it is really useful, it is also good for their tribe, if it is useless, it is also his own failure.

"I will give you this opportunity, but you will only have this opportunity. If you dare to lie to me, I will take care of you as a live meat, and cut a piece of meat from your body every day until you cease to breathe." The man slowly said.

Yan Mo quickly regained his gaze on his right hand. He bet that this is definitely not meant to intimidate him. This person will definitely do it.

Unconsciously clenching his right hand, the teenager raised his head and piled up a grateful and flattering smile. "I swear, I am telling the truth. Can Master give me a drink first?"