Chapter 9 - Banished to Another World

It is said that wisdom is determined by how much the cerebral cortex is functioning and the size of the brain. On the third morning since Yuan Zhan departure, Yan Mo patted the wooden needles, bone needles, several knives and obviously refined yellow and white bones from He Tu. Yan Mo really wanted to cut the heads of local indigenous people and have a look.

He believes that he does not have a small ancient people brain. What the ancients lack than the modern people is only the accumulation of knowledge. Their wisdom is no worse than the modern people. On the contrary, the advantage of modern people is only standing on the accumulation of human history for thousands or even tens of thousands of years, in order to divergent thinking and think about things that ancient people can't think of.

Nowadays, the things sent by He Tu make him suddenly think of the ideas of the ancients people. At least their ability and understanding ability is two or three higher than he expected.

Seeing the surprise from Yan Mo, He Tu smiled slightly and explained: "The shape of the needle you said, I used to think about it before. I always thought if there is something that can pass through fur, let me make it a fur into a tube, and then put a leather rope in the opening, I can give to Da He when he goes out, he can bring more things. Because things are hanging on the waist, will accidentally fall off. "

Yan Mo was surprised.

"I used to think of grinding a gap in the back of the bonespur so that the leather rope can be passed through the fur, but the leather rope is too thick. It is better to use a stone cone to make a hole, and then use a leather cord to pass through the hole. I didn't expect people's hair or horse tail hairs can be used as ropes, but these two things are not strong..."

"There is no twine and silk, and we can only used this instead. When I have the opportunity I will teach you how we can make and then use that thing on stitching a person is better than hair and a horse."

The He Tu nodded and silently remembered what Yang Mo said. "Can you see if this can be used? Can't I go back and get it again. Those salt... the salt of all three of us Add up, use water repeatedly to cook this, I don't know enough, but this is all we have, salt is too difficult to get."

"Enough, this amount should be used afterward there is still a lot of surplus."

He heard that the salt is enough and it has obviously brought some joy to her face. It doesn't matter if she owns her own house. Even if there is no salt to eat they can eat without salt. But Yuan Shan and the great eagle, if there is the remaining salt for them to use it is naturally the best.

Yan Mo looked at the six bone needles and six wooden needles placed on the animal skin, which was basically satisfactory. This satisfaction is of course based on today's hand-made production. He Tu is probably worried that she couldn't understand what he meant. The twelve needles were divided into different lengths and thicknesses. The thinnest one was made with fishbone, and the size was almost the same as the modern needle.

The most exciting is the few knives.

Yan Mo only painted the shape of the scalpel and some common medical equipment. I didn't expect He Tu to provide him with this. He didn't expect the other woman to grind a few plausible stone knives according to the size and shape of the knives he painted.

He Tu was still apologetic. "Little Mo, I can't help it, time is too fast. I, Cao Ting have not made what you want, the scorpion, clip, pliers you said." It looks simple, but it doesn't have the effect you said."

"It doesn't matter, there are too many of them."

Cao Ting came in from the curtain, and whispered: "Yuan Shan and my master have found the right place." My master asked me to come over and ask, can you send Da He to there?"

"First send all the things we need."

Cao Ting answered: "It has been sneaked away, and now only they're only waiting for him."

"Let's go."

Cao Ting heard the words and she immediately bent and picked up Yan Mo.

He Tu nervously asked Yan Mo what else to bring.

Yan Mo asked her to take the things she had sent, and then made her take the few peeled wood branches he had prepared at the door.

To be unobtrusive, He Tu took things first and went back to her tents. She and Da He would wait for a while before they set off.

Cao Ting closed the curtain and carried Yan Mo in the direction of the natural pit. It was hot, and it didn't take long for him to smell a urinary smell.

Crossing the pit, look at the left and right, Cao Ting carrying Yan Mo to the back of the mountain.

There are several large stones between the natural pit and the tent area. A man wearing a inferior leather skirt and a slave seal on his back poked his head out from one of the stones and looked at the back of the two people walking the grass. There is no solution, there is also a little excitement like what will happen if their secrets is caught.

She didn't know what kind of injury the new slave had suffered. She only saw that Cao Ting had put the slave back in her back. He had a good impression on Cao Ting. Unfortunately, Cao Ting belongs to her Da Ren. She herself is also a slave to other slave master. It is not difficult to make her want to be close to him.

He has already paid attention to Cao Ting and the new slave who has not yet been imprinted. Today, she felt that Cao Ting is especially sneaky, and she does not know what is going on, the thought turns so bad, when she sees Cao Ting back. When the new slave went out, he followed.

Cao Ting carried the new slave did not stop at the pit, but went back to the mountain.

Seeing this, the first thought in his mind is: Cao Ting was carrying her master intention to look after the new slave.

This kind of thing is not uncommon in slaves. Most of the masters don't care, especially those who have married their wives and have female slaves. They don't need female slaves to help them get children. Naturally, they don't care who the slaves go to sleep with. There are also many things the slaves exchange with each other.

But Cao Ting is different. Everyone knows that her master is very good to her. He heard that Yuan Diao even planned to wait to have a child with Cao Ting in the future, and asked the tribe to remove her slave mark so she can join Yuan tribe. He would have to pay a lot of food to exchange.

This is more exciting! If she catch them at the scene where the two were doing things on spot, she would have the power to threaten Cao Ting. If Cao Ting didn't want to be killed by his master or transferred to other warriors, she would have to sleep with him.

The man was about to keep up, and someone is coming here.

The man immediately retracted back to the boulders.

The other people coming were He Tu and Yuan Shan and respectively they each grabbed the two ends of a piece of animal skin, they were carrying the dying Da He across the natural crater, and He Tu carried a pocket of animal skin, following them.

The man once again poked his head, waved his hand to the flies that flew around him, looked at the back of the pedestrian, and his heartbeat gradually accelerated. Did he glimpse something secretful going on?

The groups were divided into two, and it is said that Cao Ting is carrying Yan Mo to the back of the mountain.

Yan Mo looked at the gravel forest from the foot of the mountain to the mountainside, and suddenly understood where the stone supplies from the tribe came.

Looking up, a piece of grassland, there seem to be a lot of people on the grassland, and after looking a little more he can see someone he does not know if it is Da He

"The back of the mountain there is the field used by the tribe."

"Field?" Yan Mo was surprised. Where? That grassland? There is a field in this dry land. The most important thing is that people here have already learned cultivation? Doesn't that mean they have food to eat? But why didn't he find a single grain at home?

"Well, some old slaves are planting and guarding. Every year, the harvest is very bad. When harvesting, there will be many birds flying to eat the harvest, and they will not be able to catch them. This glutinous rice is also delicious, it was planted for a few years, the land that was used to grow it will be sucked dry, and it will become a dry land with no grass. If it was not for the priests and elders wanting to eat the rice, these fields will not be planted." The town does not seem to put much importance in those field

Yan Mo knows why. Even if he has not planted crops, he also knows some common sense. If the cropland is not fertilized, some fields with poor soil quality will need to be rest every other year, otherwise it will cause the loss of earth nutrients and eventually become dead fields.

"Is the glutinous rice grown by the slaves only made available to the chiefs, priests and elders?"

"Of course. The wife of a 3rd Rank Warriors can also get some, but the amount is small, its not enough for everyone for the sake of fairness the chieftain did not divide the glutinous rice, and even he did not eat it himself, all of which were left to the priests and elders."

It seems that the chief here is not the kind of person who cares for selfish desires. In his memory, the patriarch of the Salt Mountain tribe is not hereditary, but is jointly recommended by the tribe. Usually, the person with the highest military value and the most convincing will be the new patriarch, and the original patriarch will rise to the elder position. Yan Mo don't know if Yuan tribe is the same?

During the talk, Cao Ting entered the rocky side, and Yan Mo did not know how she recognized the direction. After seven turns and eight turns, she turned to an open space.

The open space is hidden within a high-rise stone pillar, and the secret door is also hidden.

The small rocks and gravel weeds in the center of the open space disappeared and were cleaned out leaving a clean ground about a square wide

At a corner of the open space there was a temporarily dug fire pit, and a simple stone platform was set up. There was a stone pot on the stone bench and a tank of water next to the fire pit.

Cao Ting put Yan Mo down and ignited the fire to boil the water according to the instructions from Yan Mo.

Several people with He Tu carried the water, and Yuan Diao looked at Yan Mo, his expression was quite weird. After placing the Da He down as directed, he immediately walked over to Yan Mo and knelt down, pulling his face hard.

"You kid! Not only do you saved yourself, but you can save others. Yes, you didn't waste the two fat rabbits at all."

Yan Mo pressed his face with a painful face and looked at Yuan Diao.

It is a pity that his honest face can't portray the kind of effect he wants. Instead, he pushed Yuan Diao and pulled his face to the other side. Yuan Diao smiles and laughs: "Fuck, don't look at me with those kinds of eyes, I will want to fuck you, Yuan Zhan, when the guy gets back, won't fight with me!"

Do these fucking primitives have genitals in their mind everyday? Yan Mo turned his face and looked at He Tu for help.

When He Tu came up, she slapped Yuan Diao on the shoulder. "Last night, Cao Ting wailed for one night, and you still didn't have enough! Don't play with this idea on Little Mo. Yuan Zhan probably hasn't touched him yet."

Yan Mo mouth was twitching, big sister, if Yuan Zhan touched me, you mean I can just give myself to others casually?

Yuan Shan looked very loyal sulking on the side, scoffing and screaming: "Da Diao, my Wen Shang is very hard-working, if you want I can give him to you once and you can give me two big fists of fresh meat, and the bacon as a payment."

Yuan Diao, he got up and walked through Cao Ting who was busy beside the fire pit. He took her and went to a secluded place. He was telling others by action that he had used the ready-made slave.

Cao Ting pulled by him, but she refused.

He Tu glanced at them and didn't say anything. People here are used to this kind of thing

The young warriors were full of energy and their desires are strong. Sometimes they come back hunting after a long time. The women or slaves who is nearby are directly pressed down for sex. No matter whether there are people watching them or not, some people will be more excited when they are seen fucking their slaves or women.

Soon, after the stone pillar, there was a sound that should never appear on such a serious surgical scene.

Yan Mo laid on the fur and bite his teeth. He also looked at Yuan He with a smile that men understand. Then he looks at the natural expression. He takes over the grass-like activity and puts the utensils wrapped in the animal skin from He Tu into the boiling water. And holding a piece of wood full-time responsible for driving away the insects and other insects of the mountains, everyone was speechless for three minutes.

The life of primitive people is tragic compared to modern people, but at the same time they are simple and happy.

Yan Mo suddenly realized that perhaps he should be glad that he came to the primitive society and not the feudal ancient society that already had a complete cultural system. The godly doctor Hua Tuo would be locked into the prison until he died because of a craniotomy proposal in the feudal ancient society. An ordinary person wearing a soul dares to brighten a knife by boiling?

The feudal society was more feudal in the later period! It may be possible to do surgery in the early days of the ancients. This can be proved by the surgical knives unearthed in China. Later, even the hairs could not be cut off at will, how dare and how willing people having a knife slashed at their own. Even if the patient is willing to do so, his family, local government, and rulers will not be willing to let the healers do it.

Being tortured by being banished into the primitive society is bad, but it is by no means the worst.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and vice versa. Feudal societies that already had a complete cultural system may be more convenient and safer in terms of living standards than the Yuan society, but with more restrictions.

Although the primitive society is more dangerous, it also hides more opportunities.

Yan Mo couldn't help but think that in addition to his own medical skills, he should try to improve his own military value?

Finally, Yuan Diao still remembers that there is something to do, and when He Tu began to wipe Yuan He, he and Cao Ting came back one after another.

This is a very rudimentary operation. Even the hands-on doctor had to sit on the ground and open someone stomachs because of his own leg injuries.

Yan Mo first deal was with the wound in Yuan He abdomen.

He Tu rubbed his man over and over again, rubbing Yuan He and felt that his stomach has never been so clean.

Yan Mo told the proportion to He Tu, and let He Tu rubbed the area around Yuan He wound with salt water.

Yan Mo asked everyone to wash their hands as much as possible and dip them in salt water.

All the utensils were boiled and sterilized. Yan Mo picked up two pieces of homemade wood chips and handed them to Yuan Diao. "You stand ready. I will cut the wound on Da He and remove the rotten. When I ask you, you have to put these two pieces of wood into the place around the wound, spread the wounds side wide, without my instructions, you must not let go and let those skin close....understand?" Yuan Diao nodded, " Childish things."

Childish things, do not think opening the wound too simple.... You will cry when I do it.

"Cao Ting sister, you wash your hands, you are responsible for passing on the utensils and wiping the sweat on my face and also wiping the blood from Da He with clean hay."

Cao Ting is deeply inhaled, "Yes."

"Yuan Shan you are responsible for taking care of the mosquitoes and you must not let them close to us."

"Okay, you can rest assured." Yuan Shan wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"He Tu sister get ready to smash the leaves, and all of them are smashed and ground."

He Tu echoed, she was holding a big leaf like it was grabbing the life from her husband.

Yan Mo picked up a bone needle. He was able to make a name for himself in the medical profession. He even surpassed many old Chinese medicine practitioners and surgeons who were called saints. Besides, he learned the skills of Chinese and Western medicine and his knowledge is quite solidly, and from the combination of Chinese and Western medicine he made his own path by combining the best of both, and the virtue of his hand acupuncture.

No one knows where he learned acupuncture techniques. This is his biggest secret, and this secret probably accounts for a large percentage of his 100 million scum value

There is still a lack of the necessary thing to do surgery - anesthesia, any warrior in Yuan tribe can endure pain, he can not do the surgery on the body thats trembling with pain. In addition to reducing the patient's pain, the anesthetic is not only a mining at reducing pain, but also it is more convenient when the doctor is treating the patient, the anesthesia may reduce the accidental injury caused by the patients movements during the operation.

Without anesthesia, he can use acupuncture to make the patient experience no pain and be unable to move. Previously, he had used this method several times to perform surgery on patients who could not be anesthetized.

Does he want to stop the pain for Da He?

But he does not want to think about it. For this guy, he not only got shot with dream torture eight times, but also tried his best to save him.

So he decided not to stop the pain for Da He, only to puncture the acupuncture to make him unable to move.

Under the bone acupuncture, Yan Mo smiled in his heart, and he will ensure that Da Ren Da He remain consciously awake from the beginning to the end of the operation, so that he can understand how it feels when someone is being cut, scraped, punctured. A series of vivid passages.

This is a rare experience for him, isn't it?