Chapter 5 - Battle Frenzy

Chapter 5 – Simba is here!

Ah… Was it an illusion? Simba seemed to be stealing glances at him.

It wasn’t an illusion. The tiny Simba smirked in Wang Zhong’s hands.

This… This guy had actually tricked him into crying!!!

“You…” Wang Zhong tearfully muttered.

Noticing that Wang Zhong had seen through his deceit, Simba promptly sat up. “Cough cough. Wang Zhong ah. No, no. It was just a joke. You can see I’m already so miserable. Hey hey. We can talk this out, alright? Don’t pinch my nose you brat!!!”


Ten o’clock in the morning. The day after.

Wang Zhong was startled awake. He usually woke up at six in the morning, but his sleep seemed especially deep last night. He’d never felt this way before.

‘Simba? What happened to Simba?’

Wang Zhong scratched his head. Simba had started that demonic roulette all by himself and aside from the effects it had caused on his soul sea, Simba had shrunk into a palm-sized version of himself. He’d paid a steep cost to forcefully spin the roulette and now lay dormant. If they tried it again, it would likely cost his life. Wang Zhong could only look after himself from now on.

The crack on the seal had widened a bit. Even though his soul power had only risen to 50 grassos, its significance was completely different for Wang Zhong!

‘What’s that smell?’

There was a strange odor inside the house, which nearly caused him to suffocate to death. His bed sheet was stained with some demonic coloring, as if it had been soaked in sludge. Wang Zhong quickly opened a window. This definitely wasn’t him wetting the bed!

He felt refreshed by the breeze flowing in. Although his soul power wasn’t too stable at the moment, Wang Zhong could still feel his body bursting with vitality.

Excitedly opening the door, he let in the fragrant aroma of food. His stomach immediately rumbled in response to the smell, and he soon discovered that the table was already lined with a sumptuous breakfast, as well as a note.

“Little Zhong, you’re a real man from this day onwards. Do what you wish to do. There is no path in this world that cannot be walked by man. I brought your Aunt Shirley to go on another honeymoon. You understand how she is. She is simply too demanding to woo, and lately, I don’t even think my cooking skills are able to satisfy her. A wife is the most important aspect of a man’s life after all. Fight on! Young man, you are definitely a capable person.”

Wang Zhong couldn’t help but reveal a smile. Uncle Wang’s attractiveness wasn’t enough, so he’d needed to use a few days to supplement it. It had truly been hard on the two of them these past few years. Wang Zhong had to also do his best. He quickly wrote a letter in reply to them.

After finishing breakfast, Wang Zhong made a mad dash back to school. He treated this as tempering himself. In any case, he didn’t have any classes today, but still needed to think of a way to recruit more members for their Prodigy Society. As he made his way back to the academy, Wang Zhong began to notice that his perception of the world had changed drastically. His footsteps were light and quick, his surroundings clear, and it almost seemed as if he could perceive breathing coming from the vegetation he passed.

Unfortunately, Wang Zhong hadn’t looked in the mirror, otherwise he would have seen that his previously weak and muddy-looking eyes had become as deep as an ocean.

As soon as he arrived, he saw Ma Dong with a robust young man doing their best to shout out their recruitment slogans. It seems that this was the pitiful child who’d been deceived by Ma Dong.

“Barran, your idol has arrived. This here is the vice president of our society, Wang Zhong,” Ma Dong said.

Barran immediately walked over and bowed. With that head of his, however, it created a truly threatening atmosphere. “Greetings senior. My name is Barran Gestalt, the newest member of the Prodigy Society. Please advise this junior.”

Wang Zhong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He truly didn’t know who was supposed to advise who here. After seeing Barran’s stature, he feared that Barran should be considered an excellent student from the soldier department. Ma Dong winked at him from the side, as if to say, ‘Isn’t big bro here awesome?’

Despite the addition of Barran, they still weren’t able to pull the Prodigy Society out of it’s embarrassing state. In comparison to their simple and crude society, the other societies were like a hundred flowers in bloom. They had handsome senior brothers and beautiful senior sisters. They even had pretty recruitment presentations and rows upon rows of society achievements to show off. Only someone like Barran could be duped into joining a society like the Prodigy Society.

All of a sudden, all of the students bustled with noise and excitement as they all flocked towards the east. “It’s Senior Sister Natasha!”

“It really is Senior Sister Natasha! The two senior sisters from Black Rose, Natasha and Milami, have arrived!”

Wang Zhong and Ma Dong looked at each other in dismay, then helplessly shook their heads and forced out a smile. Natasha had been an influential figure from the very moment she had entered the academy, and was known as the genius of the commander department. Rumor has it that she was also the daughter of the academy’s president.

Black Rose was one of the four great societies. During her first year in the society, she had already took up the position as its vice president. Since the previous president had graduated this year, Natasha had now taken over the role as the president of Black Rose. With Natasha now in charge, the Black Rose Society seemed even more grand and magnificent.

On the popularity rankings, there truly wasn’t any society capable of competing with the Black Rose Society.

“Pah! What’s so amazing about them? Inevitably, the day will come when our Prodigy Society becomes the fifth great society!” Student Ma Dong bravely said these sour words. It could be said that the only reason he had founded the Prodigy Society was because he had been rejected by the Black Rose Society time and time again.

“Hey, hey, members of the Prodigy Society. This lady here wants to join your society!” A melodious voice called out.

Wang Zhong’s trio turned their heads simultaneously, and was met with the sight of a pretty girl with short blonde hair. She wasn’t too tall, but she was unusually well proportioned. Her large, spirited eyes blinked a few times. Ma Dong mouth gaped open… ‘Why did she appear here?’

The girl walked over with a smile. As she walked over, Ma Dong opened his arms wide, but she just walked right past him. She instead walked over to Wang Zhong and gave him a big hug. “Big brother Wang Zhong, long time no see. Do you still remember Emily?

Wang Zhong awkwardly put his arm around her. “Who could forget someone as cute as you, Emily? I’m just wondering why you’re here?”

Ma Dong unhappily pulled on Emily’s collar from the side. “Little girl, understand clearly that I’m your elder cousin. We’re related by blood!”

Emily gave Ma Dong a blank look. “You’re dishonest, Ma Dong Dong. Uncle already told me all about you and how I shouldn’t learn from your example!”

As soon as she mentioned his father, Ma Dong became terrified. He suddenly thought of a question, “Ah, why are you here?”

“You’re so slow. Of course I’m a new student here at the Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy. I was specially recruited!” Emily straightened her posture, sticking her non-existent chest out, making her seem very adorable.

“Heavens! With your soul power growth rate of 9.2 and your flame ability, you had actually ended up here. St. Mongul City is much better than our city. Your decision will make St. Mongul’s academy president cry in the toilet.” Ma Dong laughed. This could be considered a helping hand from the heavens. Every single Heroic Soul Academy would fight with their all for a genius such as Emily.