Chapter 5 - Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 5 – Qi Gathering Powder

“Ahem.” The white robed elder cleared his throat and stood up. Putting his hands together, he smiled: “Clan leader Xiao Zhan. The reason we came here for today is because we would like your help for something.”

“Of course, Ge Ye, if you have any problems just let me know. If I can help you solve it, then I definitely wouldn’t dare say no.” To the visiting elder, Xiao Zhan did not refuse but since he did not know what the request was, he did not make any promises either.

“Hehe, Leader Xiao, do you know her?” Ge Ye smiled lightly and pointed to the girl next to him.

“Umm… I’m sorry, this girl is…” Xiao Zhan looked over the girl and awkwardly shook his head.

When Nalan Yanran became Yun Jun’s student, she was only 8. After studying in the Faction of Misty Clouds for 5 years, she had changed quite a lot. Before she was only a child but now she is a blooming teenager!

“Huh…Her name is Nalan Yanran.”

“Uncle Xiao, I haven’t come to pay my respect in a long time. It’s my fault that you don’t recognize me.” Nalan Yanran sweetly said.

“Hehe, Yanran, I heard that you’ve become a student under Yun Jun. At the time, I thought that it was just a baseless rumour, but now I realize that it’s actually true. What incredible talent you must have…” Xiao Zhan complimented.

“It was just good luck…” Smiling lightly, Nalan Yanran began to feel uncomfortable and lightly tugged Ge Ye’s robe with her hand under the table.

“Hehe, Leader Xiao, the request that I have relates to Yanran. In addition, this was assigned by our faction leader…” Ge Ye kept his smile but when he mentioned the faction leader, he subconsciously lessened his smile and his face grew serious.

Like Ge Ye, Xiao Zhan stopped smiling. The faction leader of the Faction of Misty Clouds was one of the most important people in the entire Jia Ma Empire. Xiao Zhan, who was a small clan leader, wouldn’t dare to provoke her. But with her power, what would she need Xiao Clan to help with? Ge Ye did say that it was related to Yanran, is it that?

A wandering thought crossed Xiao Zhan’s mind causing the edge of his mouth to twitch slightly and his firm hand to start trembling, thankfully his hands were covered by his long sleeves. Taking care to push down the thought, Xiao Zhan shakily asked: “Mister Ge Ye, please do tell me what is the faction’s request?”

“Errr…” Ge Ye hesitated but he thought about how much the faction leader adored Yanran and thus, he clenched his teeth: “Leader Xiao, you know how strict the rules are in the faction. In addition, faction leader views Yanran very highly, in fact, faction leader is expecting Yanran to be the next faction leader. However, due to a special rule, future faction leaders cannot have a relation with another male before they become the official faction leader…”

Taking a breath, Ge Ye continued: “When our faction leader asked Yanran about it, she realized that Yanran and the Xiao Clan had a marriage proposal, therefore, faction leader asks for Leader Xiao to… to cancel this marriage.”

“KA!” The jade cup in Xiao Zhan’s hands turned into a fine mist in an instant.

In the main hall, everyone was silent. The three clan elders were shocked by Ge Ye’s words but soon afterwards, the elders glanced at Xiao Zhan with plain glee and ridicule.

“Hehe, how will you respond to this?” The three elders thought sinisterly.

A couple of the younger kids didn’t know about the set marriage between Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran, but after asking their parents about it, their faces brightened! Their glances towards Xiao Yan were full of ridicule and distaste…

Looking at Xiao Zhan’s dark face, Nalan Yanran lowered her head and squeezed her fingers together.

“Leader Xiao, I know that this request is a little over the top, but because faction leader requested it, please cancel the marriage…” Helplessly letting out a breath, Ge Ye lightly whispered to Xiao Zhan.

Xiao Zhan’s hands curled into fists. A faint green Dou Qi slowly creeped over his body and finally, it formed a illusory lion’s head in front of Xiao Zhan’s face.

Xiao Clan’s secret Qi Method: Furious Lion’s Rage! Level: Middle Xuan!

Looking at Xiao Zhan’s reaction, Ge Ye’s face became serious. He moved to place Yanran behind him and within his eagle claw like hands a green Dou Qi gathered. The Dou Qi released small but sharp illusory swords.

Faction of Misty Cloud’s Qi Method: Green Wood Sword! Level: Low Xuan!

With the release of Dou Qi, the weaker youngsters within the main hall became pale and felt their chests tighten.

When Xiao Zhan’s breathing became more intense, the three elders yelled out! Their voices were like lightning that swept through the hall: “Xiao Zhan, STOP! Don’t forget, you’re the clan leader of Xiao Clan!”

Xiao Zhan stiffened and the Dou Qi on his body disappeared slowly…

Xiao Zhan fell back into his chair and emotionlessly watched the lowered head of Yanran. Finally, he said is a raspy tone: “Nalan, you have some guts. With such a daughter, I’m really envious of Nalan Su.”

Nalan Yanran twitched: “Uncle Xiao…”

“No! Call me Clan Leader Xiao from now on. I don’t deserve to be called Uncle; you’re the future faction leader of the Faction of Misty Clouds. In the future, you’ll probably one of the most important people in Dou Qi mainland. My Xiao Yan only has modest talent, he doesn’t deserve you…”

“Thank you Clan Leader Xiao.” Hearing Xiao Zhan’s words, Ge Ye’s face brightened. Apologizing, he says: “Clan Leader Xiao, faction leader understands that today’s request is quite disrespectful. Therefore, she asked me to bring something, please accept it as an apology from our faction leader.”

Ge Ye touched a ring on his hand and suddenly a completely pan-green jade box appeared in his hand…

Carefully opening the box, a fragrance swept through the entire main hall. Anyone who smelled it felt relaxed.

The three elders’ curiosity got the better of them and they poked their head to see the contents of the box: “Qi Gathering Powder?”