Chapter 5 - Be Happy With Sports

Chapter 5 A Second Chance 2

When Jake opened his eyes he felt very strange, it seemed that his vision was better, his body smaller and he felt a vitality that lost much.

After calming down Jake realized that what the "will of the world" said was not a lie, he had returned to his body when he was 10, so he really went back in time, so Jake cried in silence for a while.

After he stopped crying, Jake realized that he was in his room in a humble neighborhood in the city of Miami.

When it comes to Miami, people who do not know think that everyone who lives there has a lot of money, this was far from the truth, the house Jake lived with his mother was a house that Jake's grandfather father's father bought when he was old.

When Jake's grandfather died he left the house for Jake's father who was going to marry his mother.

This was a house that left Jake nostalgic; after his accident, his mother had sold this house to pay for Jake's treatment and buy a smaller house, and after Jake's mother died he left that other house because they had many memories of his mother, he had even left Miami.

As he remembered that Jake was immediately anxious, the two things he most wanted and could not have had now, his legs working and his mother, Jake looked at his watch and saw in it was still early in the afternoon and his mother would arrive It was only after six.

So what he could do was run and remember the emotion that was when he had his legs working, so Jake ran out of the house, then began to run to the nearest park.

The more Jake ran, the more excited he got. Just having this feeling of running and knowing that he was going to see his mother already compensated for having gone back to the past.

In this neighborhood that Jake lived, basketball was not very popular. They did not have many blocks open and the ones that were open were occupied by the older boys and adults, and the schools had only a weak basketball team, which was one reason Jake had not discovered his basketball talent.

Plus the neighborhood had some parks, the bigger ones were used more by the adults, the smaller ones only had children, thus was born the taste of Jake by running.

After Jake arrived at the park he kept running, running until he fell and when he tired he collapsed on the ground laughing, the feeling of running was very good, plus Jake had only a body of 10 years so of course he had no resistance to it.

After resting Jake ran longer until it was late afternoon, so Jake came home, he took a shower, put on a good outfit, cleaned the house, made dinner and sat waiting.

Today was meant to be a day full of emotions for Jake, he had to calm down and talk to his mother that he loved very much and had not seen for a long time as if he had seen her this morning, otherwise she would think it strange.

After a while the door of the house opened and appeared a woman who looked 30 years older looked tired, she had black hair and more than 1.70 in height.

When Eve looked into the living room and saw Jake sitting there she opened a smile on her tired face, "Hi, son, did you spend the day well at home?"

When Jake heard his voice he could not stand it ran and gave her a hug and said crying "welcome back mother."