Chapter 7 - Be Happy With Sports

Chapter 7 Preparing for the Future 2

[Yes, Jake, I'm here.]

"Fate, if you were with me the whole time because you did not talk to me, I've been wanting to thank you for this chance you gave me, just to be able to walk and see my mother again was worth going back to the past."

[I did not talk to you because you did not call me, the will of the previous world already told you, I came here to help you, but I will not bother you with anything if you do not need me, I'm like a system only a part of what I was, but this is more than enough to help you, as to thank you, you do not need I already told you that the reason you take this chance now is that you deserved, what happened to you was a mistake that the world has committed, and as I represent the will of the world I have an obligation to correct this error.]

"Yes, you've said that before, but I want to thank you, as to why I come to the past, besides doing what I want you have some mission or rule for me?"

[No, as your personality has already been analyzed before we give this chance to you to go back to the past, we know that you will not do anything like destroy the world or make wars, in addition, this world in the next 30 years will have many bad things happening if you change that, only makes things better for everyone.]

"So I can do whatever I want? But will not that change the future? "

[It does not matter, when we see what happened to you, we find that the world is very distorted and many people have had their destinies changed like yours, none of them as serious as you, so when you were sent back to the past with me I already solved this, then the future has to be changed, but the most striking things that have happened are still going to happen.]

"I understand you told me it was now like a system, so I have a statistics panel or something?"

[you have, let it show you.]


[Name: Jake Smith]


[Height: 1.31 m]

[Weight: 35 Kg]

[Force 3]

[Agility 4]

[Resistance 2]

[Intelligence 45]

[Luck 99]


When Jake saw his stats was shocked, he did not even care what was written, he felt like he was in a game, once Jake was called by his friends to test a virtual reality glasses at a university near where he lived and the RPG game had a status window anyway.

More when Jake saw the data again in the statistics window he was intrigued.

"Fate, how are these statistics calculated?"

[With your body as a base, of course, when we go back to the past, I've integrated into your soul so to make an estimate of your body for me is easy, your strength you should know what it is, a normal adult human has 7 in all stats as a base, you are still a child then 3 strength is already good, the strongest man on earth must have 60 strength and has to do with many exercises and martial arts, agility is a mixture of body speed, speed of thought and a little dexterity, the world's fastest human must have 50 agility, endurance is the strength of your body, flexibility and how much your body can handle at maximum performance, resistance also has to do with speed recovery. energy in your body, the person with the most resistance in the world must have 45, intelligence is ability to think, speed of reasoning, memory, creativity and studies, this is the most difficult to measure, because it has to do with talent, te what the person has learned, what the person has learned, and some other things, the most intelligent person in the world must have intelligence.

[As I said 7 is the average for all adult statistics, only the intelligence is different 20 is the average, a healthy adult person has the average statistics of 10, an athlete is at least 20, and a good athlete has on average 30, 70 is usually the maximum that people can reach and 99 is the absolute maximum, plus that is just the strength of the body, this is fundamental only in fights in other sports, training, skills, techniques and many other things can make a person better than you.]

Hearing this explanation Jake understood everything else, the fate explained everything else and the luck?