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The change in the attitude of the students and teachers made Lin Tian sigh with emotion.

As expected, strength was the most important thing. The improvement of a magical beast made people respect him.

What if he was the armored envoy?

Lin Tian couldn’t imagine how high the status of the armored envoy was in people’s hearts. At the same time, he began to look forward to the future.

“There are still two weeks before the special training. I can’t waste it!”

Lin Tian returned home and began to calculate. Two weeks was enough for him to once again raise the strength of Silver Wolf.

However, the Green Mountain Base was basically a place where humans lived in groups. If he wanted to raise his strength, he definitely could not do so in the base.

Lin Tian had made up his mind to leave the city. Only in the wilderness would he have a chance to become stronger.

Ever since the divine revival, the entire land and sea had been occupied by the magical beasts.

Hence, the humans could only unite and build a high wall and base to resist the invasion of the magical beasts.

The human base was an absolute safe zone. If the magical beasts wanted to attack the base, they would first have to face many difficulties.

It was indeed safe in the human base, but once they left the city and went out into the wilderness, it would be the magical beasts’ world.

Although hundreds of years of struggle had allowed the humans to snatch back a certain amount of living space, the land and sea in the wild were still the territory of the magical beasts.

The revival of the human race was still a long way off.

Moreover, after so many years of exploration, the humans also knew that not every place in the wild contained fatal dangers. This also allowed the humans to divide the wild into many regions.

The magical beasts that could expand their territory and occupy land basically had a very fast growth cycle. Their strength was terrifying.

And these powerful magical beasts’ territories basically wouldn’t be too close to the human base. As long as the humans weren’t too far away from the base, theoretically, it would be very difficult to encounter these powerful magical beasts.

Lin Tian naturally wouldn’t seek death to bring his Silver Wolf that was only black iron-level to provoke those powerful magical beasts.

The weaker magical beasts, such as rats and insects, were perfect for Lin Tian. If he found these targets, his Silver Wolf would be able to upgrade to a higher level.

Green Mountain Base, city gate registration office.

Lin Tian brought some food and arrived at the city gate of Green Mountain Base.

Every human who wanted to leave the city had to register. The registration included the level of magical beasts, the type of magical beasts, and their home addresses. All of them were thoroughly investigated for the purpose of risk assessment.

Lin Tian came to the entrance of the city gate. The staff looked at him with surprise in their eyes.

“Name, age, grade of magical beast!”

However, the staff was still very familiar with the procedures for Lin Tian. When he received Lin Tian’s personal information, he frowned slightly.

Under normal circumstances, the base did not encourage humans to bring magical beasts that were not even black iron level out of the city.

“Boy, the wilderness is very dangerous. I’m afraid you can’t handle it alone!”

Lin Tian met the conditions. However, the staff saw that he was too young, so they kindly reminded him.

“It’s alright!”

Lin Tian smiled kindly. Then, he took the certificate of exit from the city. After three safety checks, he successfully left the city.

Lin Tian couldn’t help but feel a little excited when he saw the wild world, including lush forests, wetlands, and swamps.

He calmed himself down a little and summoned the silver wolf.

“Xiao Hui, Attack!”

Lin Tian ordered Silver Wolf to hunt in the grassland around the base.


Silver Wolf let out a low growl after it came out. It turned into a silver bolt of lightning and pounced on the grassland.

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for killing an agile guinea pig (1 evolution point will be obtained for every 100,000 killed)]

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for killing a striped green mantis (1 evolution point will be obtained for every 200,000 killed)]

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully killing… ]

[ Ding… ]

Very soon, Silver Wolf had already found quite a number of prey and began to fight.

The silver-white light shuttled back and forth among the greenery.

“It’s a little difficult to level up!” Lin Tian confirmed the system’s pop-up window and said softly.

These magical beasts were about to level up to black iron level. However, as the Silver Wolf’s level increased, the experience points it could gain were greatly reduced.

Moreover, these magical beasts were not fixed in a fixed position like the slaughterhouse’s chickens.

After they killed off a small area of magical beasts, there would be a period before the magical beasts spawned again.

It would be difficult for Silver Wolf to continue leveling up.

Lin Tian chose to go deeper into the forest. In the end, he saw a group of people walking out from the forest not far away.

One of them was his neighbor, Li Feng. His strength was also black iron-level.

“Little Tian, why are you here?”

Li Feng was a simple and honest person. He had a good relationship with Lin Tian. When he saw Lin Tian, he took the initiative to run over.

“Li Feng, aren’t you going to introduce us?”

The others couldn’t help but look at Lin Tian curiously. After all, his Silver Wolf was quite eye-catching outside the base.

After a brief conversation, Lin Tian finally understood that Li Feng’s team was actually a cleaning team directly under the command of the Green Mountain Base.

The cleaning team’s job was to eliminate the magical beasts around the base, to prevent the breeding of insects and rats, which would cause a disaster.

“Little Tian, you haven’t told me yet. What are you doing out of the city?”

Li Feng said in a slightly serious tone. The wilderness was very dangerous. Although he was only in the vicinity of the base now, he might encounter some trouble. He had a good relationship with Lin Tian, so he naturally couldn’t let him get hurt.

“Brother Li Feng, isn’t the college entrance exam in a few months? I just want to come out to gain experience!”

Lin Tian said with a smile. He knew that Li Feng was doing this for his own good. For so many years, Li Feng had been helping him.

“Oh, how about this? If it’s only near the base, captain, can you let Little Tian to join our team temporarily?”

Li Feng looked at the captain of the cleaning team, Wang Hao.

“Little Tian, let me tell you. Brother Hao is a very nice person. He is also very strong. He is a bronze-level armored envoy.”

Li Feng patted Wang Hao’s shoulder and tried to cotton up him and Lin Tian. At the same time, he winked at Lin Tian.

“Brother Hao!”

Lin Tian shouted as well. On the surface, he looked calm, but his heart was already in turmoil.

Armored envoy.

He did not expect to meet an armored envoy. After all, when magical beasts reached black iron-level, humans could use magical beasts to cultivate their illusory power. Humans who possessed illusory power were able to comprehend and evolve.

By upgrading illusory power to bronze-level, the human body would be able to combine with the magical beast to obtain the magical beast’s power and skills.

The combined power of the two was definitely not as simple as one plus one equals two. It would allow the armored envoy’s overall strength to increase.

Lin Tian found it unbelievable that there was an armored envoy in the group of people in front of him.

“He called me Brother Hao, can I not agree?”

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