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August 23rd.

The weather was sunny and suitable for training.

Moreover, Jiang He’s VR glasses had finally arrived.

He carried a thermos bottle to the farm and found a relatively empty grassland.

After clearing away some of the tree branches and small rocks, it became a suitable training ground.


The Moonlight Elf lay quietly on Jiang He’s head. It seemed really comfortable.

Jiang He put on his VR glasses. After he turned it on, a light blue sci-fi interface appeared in front of him.

[ Mode selection ]

[ Historical record ]

[ Ranking list ]


[ Settings ]

Jiang He’s VR glasses only had two modes. First, it was the Dynamic Chessboard which corresponded to speed training. Secondly, it was the Unlimited Laser which corresponded to flexibility training.

“I think I’m going to try this two-player Dynamic Chessboard.”

Jiang He rubbed his hands together. He was looking forward to it.

The technology related to familiars in this world was very advanced. They actually combined VR games with training, making things very interesting.


Ziyue had no objections.

Based on the poop-shoveling officer’s current state, the VR glasses were clearly for himself, right?

After Jiang He confirmed his selection with the joystick, sixty-four squares appeared on the grass in front of him. It was similar to a chessboard.

The size and number of the squares could be adjusted using the joystick.

Jiang He had a rough understanding of the content.

Once the training began, each square on the chessboard would flash randomly. Subdued beasts needed to reach the flashing square within a stipulated time.

In the two-player mode, the subdued beast and the beastmaster had to complete it together.

Two squares would light up on the chessboard at the same time. Each of them had to occupy different spots at the same time. It was a way to build teamwork.

After selecting the mode, a difficulty panel would appear.

There were a total of four options. They were easy, normal, hard, and nightmare. Each mode was divided into ten levels.

Additionally, there was an endless mode that would gradually increase in difficulty and a random mode where the difficulty would be randomized.

“I’ll choose easy first to test the waters. Ziyue, are you ready?”


After confirming, a countdown of “10” appeared in the center of Jiang He and Ziyue’s line of sight. At the same time, two beams of light lit up on a chess piece not far away.


Jiang He and the Moonlight Elf had a tactic understanding. They ran toward the points closer to them.

Both of them reached the flashing point at the same time. Then, the countdown started again. Again, two new beams of light lit up.

“Haha! That’s it?”


The two of them repeated their previous action.

If anyone was looking, Jiang He and the Moonlight Elf would look like a pair of idiots running around an empty space.


Ziyue could handle this level of difficulty with ease. It could even reach Jiang He’s square after stepping on its own.

“We should crank it up.”

Jiang He paused and immediately chose the nightmare difficulty.

The light beam on the chessboard started to flicker rapidly. It was almost impossible to see with the naked eye.


“Ahem, my bad.”

Jiang He tried all the difficulties. In the end, normal was the most suitable for his current status.

Of course, this did not apply to the Moonlight Elf. Sometimes, when Jiang He was not able to make it in time, the little fellow would gracefully step on his toes.

“D*mn, I can’t take it anymore.”

After practicing for an hour, Jiang He became exhausted.

He felt a little weak.

Although beastmasters’ physiques were much better than an ordinary person’s, they still could not be compared to the Moonlight Elf!

After all, humans and beasts were built differently.


The Moonlight Elf’s cold eyes were filled with disdain.

‘So, this is all the poop-shoveling officer is capable of?’

“Don’t look down on me. I can still go on!”

Ten minutes passed.

“I… I… Can’t take this anymore.”

Jiang He panted.


This time, the Moonlight Elf acted cutely. Its sapphire-like eyes looked pitifully at Jiang He.

“Alright… Alright! I’ll accompany you for a while more. I’m going to break through my limits.”

Who could reject such a cute kitten?

Jiang He persisted for a while more. In the end, he collapsed onto the ground.

“Keep practicing on your own! I’m just going to meditate.”

‘I’m clearly training my subdued beast, but why do I feel like it’s the other way around?!’

Jiang He took off his VR glasses and let Ziyue decide the difficulty on its own. After that, he began meditating.

After taking a sip of the “Empty Mountain And Fresh Rain” that was stored in the thermos bottle, Jiang He’s mind became calm and he began meditating.

The Moonlight Elf had also found the suitable difficulty, hard.

There were only three seconds in each countdown, and the lights flickered instead of staying on.

Ziyue’s speed was astonishing. In Jiang He’s eyes, it was like a bolt of white lightning.

Time flew by and soon, the sky darkened.

Apart from drinking water and eating fish, Ziyue had been training for an entire day.

On the other hand, Jiang He was not as diligent. He spent more than an hour scrolling through the forums.

“It’s getting late. Let’s call it a day!”

The moon was already in the sky. At the same time, Ziyue’s forehead was emitting a faint fluorescent light. It was a beautiful sight.

Jiang He was mesmerized

The little fellow was indeed an absolute beauty.

“As expected of my subdued beast.”


The Moonlight Elf waved its claws, indicating that it was not tired and could continue training.

However, Jiang He was not reacting at all.

It ran to Jiang He’s side and waved its claws again in front of him.

‘Did he become dumb?’

“Ahem, I forgot that you have buffing skills.”

Jiang He snapped back to his senses.

Under the moonlight, Ziyue’s stamina and energy recovered quickly.

“Training must be done in moderation and proper rest is a must.”


The Moonlight Elf shook its head. Since it was full of energy, it wanted to train more.

Jiang He could not help but pat the little fellow’s head.

Why are beasts so obsessed with training?

“Alright, I’ll accompany you for a little longer! From now on, we’ll rest during the day and train at night!”

After all, the moonlight greatly increased Ziyue’s strength.

Pleasure points: 15%

A three percent increase.


The Moonlight Elf enjoyed Jiang He’s touch. It was very warm.

Although it had only been a few days, it had already gotten used to Jiang He and its new lifestyle.

The fishes were delicious and people treated it well.

If only its parents were by its side.

Upon thinking of its parents, the Moonlight Elf felt a little sad.

Anyway, it was becoming stronger at an incredible rate.

If it worked hard, it should be able to take revenge soon, right?

With a firm belief, the Moonlight Elf decided to try the higher difficulty.

The chessboard on the ground would flicker once every second on average.

As for the timing, it was not fixed. Sometimes it would be slightly faster or slower.

Looking at a square that lit up, Ziyue tried its best to rush over.

Just as it arrived, another light lit up in the distance.

It rushed over again.

As it ran, the Moonlight Elf suddenly felt that its footsteps were much lighter, as if a gust of wind was pushing it forward.

The moonlight energy in its body seemed to resonate with its footsteps!


The Moonlight Elf ran faster and faster. A sparkling white moonlight lit up beneath its feet.

“This is… Godly Speed?”

Jiang He, who was meditating by the side, opened his eyes when he heard the Moonlight Elf’s cry. He was pleasantly surprised. Ziyue had actually mastered its speed.

Pleasure points: 18%

A three percent increase.

When Jiang He bought the VR glasses, the fat employee had told him that his subdued beast had a chance of learning speed-type skills during practice.

Still, this happened a little too fast.

It had only been one day.

Ziyue’s godly speed lasted for two minutes.

Jiang He glanced at the book of contracts. The little fellow’s spiritual energy had been depleted.

There was also something else.

When Ziyue was training, the pleasure points had been increasing rapidly. It had already increased by ten percent.

“My subdued beast is really a training maniac.”

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