Chapter 3 - Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 3: The Saint Nazaire Tribe

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When Elvis appeared at the Saint Nazaire Tribe hugging Gu Mengmeng, it caused quite a commotion.

This was because Elvis had an eccentric hobby, he had a strong hatred towards the touch of females. The tribe’s most beautiful female, Nina, had frequently expressed favor towards him, but he had avoided her like the plague. This had resulted in him being single until now, while it also spread rumors of him liking males.

Today, he had actually showed up in the tribe hugging a female and it would be a miracle to attract no attention.

The female in Elvis’ arms looked as tiny as a cub, with her whole body covered by a hide that showed only her big eyes as she resembled a deer lost in the woods. She had an aura of innocence and purity, one so clear that it made everyone feel cruel when they failed to smile at her.

When they looked closer, was that beast hide not Elvis’ personal hide skirt?


What to do? The more Elvis tried to cover it up, the more curious everyone was.

“Elvis, where did this little female came from?” Someone asked, which led to a wave of echoes.

Elvis frowned and felt displeased, but right now the crowd was too overwhelming. Although it would be easy to break through the crowd, the people were nonetheless his fellow tribesmen who held no ill intentions. If he were to forcibly break through, deaths and injuries would be inevitable.

As he looked at those familiar faces, Elvis felt himself unable to do it and he could only stop and answer with a black face, “I picked her up.”

“Picked up?” The crowd burst into cheers. “Our Saint Nazaire has yet another precious female?! Great! That’s great!”

Gu Mengmeng’s mouth twitched and she was perplexed.


What a weird greeting?

Before Gu Mengmeng could criticize further, she was taken aback by a face that appeared right in front of her. Even before she could see who the person was, they had already bent forward and sniffed intensely. He then cheered delightfully and said, “The little female has no smell of other males on her, she is still an unmated female!”

“No mates, this little female has no mates!”

Gu Mengmeng could not bear it any longer. She stretched out her small, white hands and with all her strength slapped the man that had been sniffing at her.

Although Gu Mengmeng could not approve of their use of the term “female”, it was also the first time she heard the word “mating”. She felt a sense of shame, as if someone had made a broadcast that “Gu Mengmeng was a virgin” with a loudspeaker in the school’s radio room.

With her small face still flushed, Gu Mengmeng stretched out her tiny head from the hide and stared furiously at the man that had been slapped. “Didn’t your mother teach you that you would be hit if you molest a girl?!”


Ever since Gu Mengmeng stretched out her head, the air around her had visibly condensed and froze. Everyone turned and looked at Gu Mengmeng with expressionless faces.

Only then, did Gu Mengmeng feel the danger.

She was surrounded by strong, well-built men who had heights of at least 1.9 to 2.2 meters. Being only 1.7 meters, Gu Mengmeng felt like a child as she was hugged by Elvis with only one hand.

Gu Mengmeng could barely look in the eyes of the surrounding strong men even while being hugged by Elvis. At that moment, she felt a little regret. During times of huge discrepancies in power between her and the enemy, it would be unwise to infuriate them, especially when this was not on the metro where there would be a helpful passerby nor were there aunties from the neighborhood committee calling 911 for her.

Well… Would it be too late if she apologized now?

Just as Coward Gu was contemplating how to apologize without being beaten to death, the man that had just been hit, suddenly grinned widely. He gently touched the side of his face that had been slapped and he said, completely mesmerized by her, “Little female just touched me… She likes me…”


Gu Mengmeng was dumbfounded.