Chapter 10 - Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 10: Meeting a Pervert

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No matter how badly Gu Mengmeng wants to fling the clothes off her, throw it on Elvis’s face powerfully and say “To you!”,

She could only look at the ‘surefire’ bikini that was supposed to attract the senior’s attention and a thousand alpacas ran across her head.

This bikini had looked stylish in the swimming complex, but why did it look so embarrassing when it was changed to being in the cave?

Gu Mengmeng pulled her collar up and tightened Elvis’s hide dress around her. Although feeling guilty, she held her head up and questioned, “Do you not have any other clothes to wear?”

“I do.” Elvis answered in his ever sincere tone.

“Then why can’t you take any other piece and wear it?” With puffed cheeks, Gu Mengmeng complained about Elvis’s selfishness and ungentlemanliness inside her mind, but it remained a small rant within herself, the current situation could not let her be so demanding. After all, Elvis was a wolf, he was being rather polite by not eating her up.

“But I like this one,” Elvis’s eyelashes fluttered and a thick shadow scattered beneath his eyes, adding some ambiguity to his simple words out of nowhere.

Yes, he liked this hide skirt because it had her fragrance on it.

Gu Mengmeng let out a sigh, she had no other choices as the clothes belonged to Elvis, anyway. So she settled for the second best and asked, “Then could you let me wear another one? Once I find something suitable to wear, I can change out and return it to you.”

Elvis was deep in thoughts. He did not answer her, but slowly walked towards Gu Mengmeng step by step.

Gu Mengmeng moved backwards instinctively, her head buzzed alarmingly.

Is… is he going to eat her? Just because she wanted to borrow a piece of clothing? He is that selfish?

“Well…” I will not borrow anymore, alright?

Before she could finish her sentence, her entire body had been locked within Elvis’s arms.

Elvis’s left hand circled around Gu Mengmeng’s shoulder, right hand around her waist, and he rested his chin on Gu Mengmeng’s head with his advantage of being tall. “You are so skinny,” he murmured.

Gu Mengmeng smiled wryly. If she was in the modern world, she would be so happy hearing this compliment, yet she could not feel any joy now.

This had to be a remark on food…

“Haha, so sorry for being this skinny…” Gu Mengmeng clenched her teeth and murmured.

“It’s okay, it is not your fault.” Elvis was filled with heartache thinking about Gu Mengmeng’s apology. It must had been tiring for her when she was by the Beast Deity’s side. After all, one must go through so much hardship and tests to be able to serve the great Beast Deity.

But everything will be alright now. Now that she had come to his side, he would take great care of her and fatten her up.

Gu Mengmeng did not know what Elvis was thinking, she only felt that this conversation could no longer go on.

Oh please, still so picky, nobody is begging you to eat me up! Have you considered my feelings of getting eaten?!

Just as she was about to refute, Gu Mengmeng felt her shoulder lighten. The hand that was resting on her shoulder had moved to her butt.

Gu Mengmeng exploded on the spot. She felt a rush of blood to her head, her face must have been so red by now.

What the heck! This must be the real sexual assault, right?!

The first time she met a pervert in real life, and it was a real wolf!