Chapter 2 - Because I simply love you

Chapter 2: Serena

Somewhere in a dark, underground cell, a tall man was regally sitting like a king on his throne, coldly looking at his prey who was flailing his body against those chains that bound him. His piercing deep, black eyes sent a chill across that man’s bones.

Anyone who saw his face would understand what the true definition of fear is.

“I’m sorry! Please forgive me! I won’t ever betray you again. I was wrong! Please…please…please let me go…” The prisoner was sobbing hard with sweat, tears, and snot all over his face, his fingers and toes bleeding. He was in a pathetic state.

But the man before him was simply looking at him, very bored.

“This is not interesting anymore. You gave up too soon. I thought you have some spark. You will fight back. But I merely plucked all your nails, and you are already begging.” He tilted his head. “Weren’t you courageous when you tried to sell the company’s secrets to our enemies? Where is that courage now?”

The guards snickered.

“No, I was wrong! I will do anything, but please let me go. I will tell you everything about them!”

“I already know everything. You are of no use to me now. I just wanted to see if you have the guts to fight back. But you don’t.”

The man gave a signal, and the very next moment, a small hole formed on that mole’s forehead. He collapsed, without even knowing when he breathed his last.

At Natsukashi.

After recounting everything, the twins looked at Nana.

Nana was, no doubt, a beauty. Her skin had that pretty shade of cream color that accentuated her bright and clear dark brown eyes. She had long wavy hair grown till her chest, tumbling at her back with two short locks of hair at her front. She was not too tall, a medium height of up to 162cm, but which perfectly matched her slender figure.

Nana sighed, “I have already told you not to mind her. We still rely on Fei’s since they have rented their extra place to us for our restaurant. And Mr. Fei is kind enough not to charge the actual rent, which should be high. We should be grateful to them.”

This is because unlike Mrs. Fei, Mr. Fei is very good to her. He has always admired how hard she works.

“But Nee-chan..”

“No buts the both of you. Now take these chicken dumplings with you and apologize to her.”

“Okay…” The twins were disappointed but did as she asked.

When they came back, they found someone else already at their seat munching on their share of dumplings. They got the shock of their lives when they discovered their dumplings vanish into thin air..No..more accurately in some intruder’s stomach.

Before Serena could take another dumpling, the twins quickly snatched the plate.

“Hey! How dare you take away those dumplings!! Give them back! Didn’t my best friend teach you how to respect your elders and unhesitatingly offer your food to them?! Where are your manners? Such insolent kids!” Serena glared at them.

“Didn’t your same best friend, who is first our sister, teach you not to go stealing other people’s food? Don’t you feel ashamed doing that to someone younger than you? AUNTYYY.” Yukira complains.

Serena almost spat her dumplings. 

“What did you say, brat? I dare you to repeat that word!”


“Y-you You….How could you call me that!! I am only TWENTY-TWO!”

They shrugged. “You called us a kid first! Hmph! you deserve it oh ‘Recently-got-dumped-Serena-Aunty.'”

Serena nearly vomited blood.

Where is Nana? She is my only savior! Help your best friend!

The man in the underground cell frowned. “I will have to shower again to wash off this blood stench.”

He looked at his assistant. “The man that this mole worked for…you know what to do.”

“Yes. It will be done.”

A guard came up to him and said, “Boss, your call.”

The man picked it up, and an excited voice came from the other end. “Hubby! Where are you? You promised to go shopping with me today.”

“Hm, coming.”

“Were you busy?”

“Not much. One of my employees was facing some trouble with his work, so I sent him to a better place.”

“My hubby is such a great boss.”


“Anyway, you know the place where we’ll be going for shopping, right?”

“Yes, Chaowei street.”