Chapter 8 - Because I simply love you

Chapter 8: These girls are not suitable for my Jianyu

A particular morning in the Silver Star Villa.

The sun was shining brightly in the sky, but dark clouds were looming over a poor assistant.

“Assistant Yao, what is the meaning of this? I had told you to bring me information on any potential girls for my Jianyu. But what are these!” A woman said fiercely. She was in her mid-forties but looked young enough to look in her thirties. One glance at her was enough to tell that she belonged to a prestigious family.

A thin line of sweat formed on the Assistant’s head.

“Mam, all these girls are from influential family backgrounds. Some have connections in politics, and some are even as close to Chen’s family business level. All the girls are also famous socialites who are trained in proper etiquette.”

“Enough of these hypocrite girls.” Madam Chen said. “Don’t you think I know how two-faced they are? They only know brown-nosing people. Behind everyone’s backs, they are just some scheming white lotuses. These girls are not suitable for my Jianyu.”

Precisely because Madam Chen also came from a noble family, she had seen closely how these rich heiresses usually are. She had met some really spoilt princesses. They only knew how to act delicate and innocent.

She sighed. “I don’t want those political or military or whatever connections. The background doesn’t matter to me as long as she is a simple, straight forward girl who will sincerely love my Jianyu.”

Madam Chen was anxious about her son. Chen Jianyu was already twenty-six, but there was still no sign of any wedding bells ringing. She wanted him to get married quickly and give her a grandchild to play with.

“Alright, clean up this mess now. And tell the maid to bring me my dinner…No wait! Call Jianyu and tell him that we will have dinner outside today. That son of mine only knows how to exhaust himself in work. When was the last time he came to the main house to spend time with me? Has he forgotten that he has a family as well?” She pouted.

“Tell him not to make any excuses this time. And also find a different place for dinner. I’m tired of eating the usual food. It has been a long time since we had a proper meal together.”

Assistant Yao wanted to cry. First, he got reprimanded for bringing all those socialites info, and now he has to find a suitable dining place. How should he know what kind of place Madam Chen wants? If he messed up again like his previous task, then he might as well say goodbye to his job.

Assistant Yao excused himself and started with his newly given task. While searching, he came across a restaurant – Natsukashi, which is very popular with the masses for its authentic Chinese and Japanese cuisine. It was recently featured in a popular food journal. He also read that it had a very comforting ambiance.

Although Natsukashi was located in the downtown area and did not quite match the Chen family’s status, he nevertheless chose it for their dinner. She wasn’t biased towards that class of people. So, all in all, he thought it would be okay to give it a shot.

After finalizing the dining place and making all arrangements, he called young master Chen Jianyu.

“Young master, Madam has told that she wants to have dinner with you tonight. So please keep your evening free. I will-“

“I have an important meeting. Postpone the dinner to some other day.” said the voice on another end.

Assistant Yao gulped. “I’m sorry young master, that’s not possible. She has specifically told for you not to give any excuses, or you will have to face the consequences.” Madam Chen nudged him from behind and mouthed silently.

“Also, Madam is feeling quite lonely these days. You know how Master and Old Master Chen are out for a business trip. She is really missing you. She complains how you hardly come back these days.”


After a few long seconds, he said, “Text me the address.” And he hung up without a further word.

In Chen Corporation, Chen Jianyu stood in front of the large floor to ceiling windows.

He was annoyed with his mother’s request. He already knew what the dinner would be all about – His marriage. After his cousin’s wedding, she became all the more determined and excited to get her son married as well. And till now, she is still at it.

“Sir, everything has been arranged for your meeting with Mr. Shen.” His assistant Bai Fan spoke from behind.

He sighed. “Cancel it. I have to go to dinner with my mother.”

“…Yes, Sir.”

Haish! A ‘request’ from Madam Chen can never be ignored.